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IntroductionThe following articles are a combination of both stories and teachings for
The CrystaLoveLight Process! 
                         The 'writings' come from conscious years of Channelling this process and I now share these stories with you!  
Caring for Life’s Journey’s
The title for this “channelled” article came out of the park in Hong Kong, opposite where I was living and holding private sessions for over fifteen people during the month long stay in Sai Ying Pun.  While most sessions were three hours in duration, several returned on more than once occasion over a four week period.  Others however participated in “back to back” schedules, lasting six hours, reflecting the “retreat” style of The CrystaLoveLight Process and “Soul Travelling The Creation Web”.  Assisting souls move through all that is possible with an integration period in between.
I began to connect with the “park” consciously a few days after arriving in Hong Kong as Esther and I enjoyed an ice cream, taking a few minutes to walk the entire area, starting from the gate or entrance across the road from her apartment building.  Several large “old trees” lined both sides of the park with one becoming rather significant with the “community work” that was beginning to unfold by the end of the first week.  However, all had been activated several months earlier, right back in January when Esther had sent an email to me, also discussing over the phone of her move to the area.  
The park consisted of a full size soccer/football area, a small school for children who were approximately four to six years of age and one other public area for children in which they could climb.  Also a gathering place for mothers’ or helpers to take the babies and toddlers once the older children were in school.  The other significant building in the park was a shed, revealing nothing much above ground except that it was possibly the entrance to a construction site for a new MTR or railway station.  Therefore, one could only comprehend the activity below the surface!  Besides the usual logo for the MTR’s in Hong Kong, the message that I finally began to connect with on the wall of this building was the phrase, “Caring for Life’s Journey’s”.  I realised after a few weeks that the phrase was going to be the title of my next article, believing I would begin to write while in Hong Kong, however, the “bigger picture” was yet to unfold and be completed until well into the fourth week.  The final week of a month long visit!   

The apartment in which I was living and holding private sessions gave me an “overview”, a “bird’s eye view” of the park from the twentieth floor, also of the harbour a little further away caught in between several tall buildings, each a spectacular “light” show at night.  The park was the gathering place for many local residents some moving in as dawn broke, preparing for the daily ritual which seemed to be the practice of “tai chi”.  The largest group consisted of approximately thirty to forty people, at one end of the sports field while others from four to a dozen gathered in various areas around the park.  Individuals were all participating in various forms of exercise as well, however, one man was a regular who just sat and enjoyed taking in food each morning.  Another younger woman was caring for an older woman and I wondered what the relationship was, “a helper, daughter” or both?  The daily activities brought people together, except when the weather disrupted the events as occurred with a day of torrential rain. 

I arrived in Hong Kong as a typhoon was in full flight some two hundred k’s closer to the Philippines!  The effects still felt, for one moment the calm clear conditions changed to howling winds and rain.  A challenging time making one’s way home, by foot or any other means of transport!   Other than a couple of “rain storms” the weather for most of the month was hot, humid and therefore I ventured into the busy public swimming pool on three occasions, mostly to integrate by moving the “energy” quickly before returning to the busy schedule.  I also found myself at the beach on Lamma Is!  The first day was a necessary trip on my own, beginning to tune into all that was to unfold for the conscious “water healing” day with a group, followed by the Full Moon Ceremony. 

On that first visit I also was not aware that another private session, a “water conscious healing” day would be held towards the end of my fourth week.  By then, I would be inviting those who could hold the “space” and all that was needed for the soul with whom we would be assisting through this conscious session over several hours.  My visit to Lamma also gave me the opportunity to purchase three new sarongs, necessary tools for consciously working with the “light’ in any session. 

Arriving on a Thursday night, the first day of private sessions began on the Friday and Saturday, while Sunday afternoon was dedicated to a more physical conscious “soul travelling” session, visiting the Crystal Shops at Yau Ma Tei.  A “gifted” session assisting me and those who were participating begin the month long journey of “travelling” through various vibrational frequencies, known as Songlines and other conscious pathways of “light”! 

However, it was the final hour of a private session of six hours with Sylvia, four days later that began a significant journey in which the park across the road would be a story to tell.  Sylvia and I have been working together for several years and after five hours, believed the guidance to walk through the park was simply a time of integration.  Ensuring Sylvia had grounded sufficiently while still in my vibration, otherwise it would take much longer and be challenging to “hold” her expanded “energy” once she had left to return home.  Not only once did we walk around the park but two and a half times, during which I had noticed the circular area with a large tree in the middle and thought, "we will be going in there at some stage" and we did, sitting at one of the small round tables. 

Around the base of a large tree was a green hedge, a hand span in height and a circular seat as well.   There were several other small tables with two seats in the same area and while sitting I felt the sharpest pain on the right side of my chest.  I shared this with Sylivia and asked “is this mine”?  During sessions I “feel” everything that is “channelling” through me and wondered if it was “energy” from the session or if it was a “collective” memory coming through.  I asked to be given a moment to tune in, waiting for the clue and the word I heard was "people".  I began scanning the young people playing on the sports field, those exercising that I had become aware of and who were, in turn, conscious of us both, but no one resonated. 

I waited quietly once again and within seconds the building behind me on the other side of the street, the main road going from east to west!  The name, High Street was well known in the area and the building had a history.  Someone was trying to get my attention and they certainly did, but this time it was not human but from the “spirit” worlds.  The consciousness of what was now a “community centre” was not even a consideration to be pondered at the end of a six hour private session.  Since I began writing this story, I opened the email Esther had sent in January which described her new space:  “The new flat has a beautiful view from the 20th floor that looks onto a big park, has great light and it's almost like the landscape cradles the flat. I actually wanted another apartment on the street higher from where this flat is, but someone beat me to it and this one is a bit cheaper.

The weirdest thing is, the apartment is diagonally across from a very "haunted" ex-mental hospital/old government building/ex Japanese execution site that was converted into a public space and I am totally spooking myself out over it because I didn't even realize until I looked again after the contract was signed.  So I'm just trying not to scare myself because I live by myself and I'll have to walk by it probably everyday!  So I guess this means I'll be doing some work surrounding this?  Sai Ying Pun is one of the oldest areas of HK actually.

Anyways, the view of the park is great and I'm just wondering what this is all about! I've just been following my intuition and seeing where it leads though it is scary renting an expensive apartment in an area I've never lived or known about before. It feels very adventurous though and it's almost like I feel I have to propel myself forward towards this sort of lifestyle change/renewal ... and that I have to start living a bit more and enjoying myself and my space. I really wonder where all this is going to go!”
My response to her move was exciting for I knew Esther’s old area well, having worked there during my previous visit to Hong Kong, two years prior.  However, what had been activated in the consciousness was also the beginning of something in the deep subconsciousness as I asked Esther to “email me the exact address.  I will have a look at where you are going on Google map”.   The guidance I hope would assist Esther, also emailed back to her in January 2014, was in relation to the “fear, superstition and the collective of both”, all very real.

“Regarding the ‘energy’ around you with the ("haunted" ex-mental hospital/old government building/ex Japanese execution site) there are areas in cities as well as out in the country which are obvious in what they are possibly still holding and this could be one of them.  Those that are not so obvious can be more challenging.  I suggest you begin with your own new flat, again all part of your learning and be totally guided.  Set your intention with it all before you even move in.  Once in and any physical cleaning that may need to be done, even if spotless, it is about putting your ‘energy’ into it all, then be guided as to which crystals go where, in every room.  It would be challenging to work with such an ‘energy’ nearby, so therefore necessary to anchor your own vibration in the dimension your physical body is holding. 
Only then can you be guided how and when to work with outside “energies”.  It is similar to situations when living next door or near a cemetery.  We create and assist both the physically living and the dead find their way to the ‘Light’.  Lost souls have become separate from their spirit, ‘living or dead,’ therefore “portals” need to be opened so they can ‘travel’!  This will not happen fully in your first working with this, but all ‘spirits’ (living and dead) will be attracted to your LoveLight vibration, just like bees to honey or a magnet effect, so they will need to have somewhere to go.

Any fear you may be holding in regards to this ‘conscious energy’ nearby will be re-patterned as you do the work in your own space.  I recently worked with a memory “if I was ready for who may walk through the door” and that was regarding souls who are still in the physical.  Who and what was going to be asked of me?  So I understand a similar energy coming from such an old institution!  Also from what I have seen in movies and documentaries regarding the Japanese during the Second World War, they were brutal with no regard for prisoners on any level.  Hence, why the need to work with your own space first!  When I lived in Bangalow in the early days of my ‘channel’ opening, I was very conscious of what I was doing with assisting the ‘spirit’ world, not so much where I am living now except when a “spirit” comes in for the a client.  The soul or souls who may need assistance may be in either the physical or in the ‘etheric spirit’ world.

Anyway for now, I hope this has assisted you be a little more conscious of how to work with it all?'

During the following week in Hong Kong I began to research beyond what I was continuing to hear through Esther and it seems that every taxi driver knew about High Street as the place of the “haunted” building.  So I checked out several internet sites:   “Tales of ghostly sightings were spread since it was abandoned in the 1970s. Therefore, it is known as "High Street Ghost House" or Haunted House in High Street.  This building became the haunt of curious teenagers and drug addicts who used the methadone clinic nearby before the reconstruction, because the building remained unoccupied for 20 years from 1970s”.  (Wikipedia)

Did I really want to go there?  The pain in my chest said “yes”, while other parts of me were saying “no”!  Even the internet had the building rated as one of several around the world with such a reputation.   Over the weeks I also noticed people burning fires in the street and a brief comment from Esther regarding the practice I immediately disconnected from taking on any of the “collective” fears, beliefs and superstition regarding the “spirit” world.  I also became aware through my net searching of the school next to the Community Centre and on further investigation discovered its history as well.  The word that caught my attention was “orphanage” with the sign still on the street indicating this even though it no longer existed as a place that also would have held huge stories and memories of “separation”.  This was the community surroundings in which I was connecting and working with “energies” on many levels of consciousness as well as what was still held deep in the subconscious!   


Community Service Work


Entering the park with the intention of completing a six hour session soon became “service” work and once  Sylvia and I walked through some of the 'energy' of the session, physically, all was ready to be taken to another level, simply because we could.  Before I felt the sharp pain in my chest, leading me to being consciously tuning into the “Community Centre”, I had a sense the tree in the circular courtyard was a “portal, a gateway”. Usually with no other reason than to open it both etherically and consciously through the physical!  The souls from the spirit world had got my attention that I could not ignore. 

“Service work” assists re-patterning any memory, but in particular “the abuse of power”!  Held through the conscious realms, starry, earth, water and eventually all three!  Whatever type of “service” work is undertaken in the consciousness, there will be something sitting in the subconscious, for as a “channel” one leads to the other.  Whatever a soul is drawn too will have some element of “healing”, not only for the children, animals, the elderly, the environment or more, there will be much learning to come as well. 

As a teacher for almost thirty years in various government and catholic institutions, I have pursued through my own “inner journey” of healing the story of my own “power abuse”, both towards me and in relation to others, in particular “the children who were my students”.  The “orphanage” was very much in my consciousness as a child and teenager, as such an institution was in my community and all the local catholic children attended the school up until the age of twelve.  The “abuse of power” is also not only personal, but “collective”!  Regarding a hospital for the mentally ill, there would have been an imbalance of “power” between the doctors, nurses and patients.  Also the Japanese army would have had all the “power” in relation to their prisoners until the end of the war.  Why would these circumstances throughout history have anything to do with me and the group now consciously connecting to and engaging in such “service work”?

Sylvia had three small crystals and I guided her to place them on the seat around the tree.  The gateways began to open with my sounding and our intentions, enabling the souls to begin "travelling" where needed.   The three crystals all had a particular door to open, one in particular etherically taking me into the building!  The windows were being opened, but not in a calm easy way but were being shattered, ensuring that they never be closed or even locked again.  The etheric “light” began entering the building!  I am aware that this was all occurring in a dimension that would not have been worked with before and the time frame for our work was one hour.  Finally I asked how to “see” and understand what was occurring and saw all etheric souls or spirits as angels, on the move.  I sensed it was not complete as we were only working consciously with the "light" and would be the initial stage of any session, short or long term.  The activations, set in motion, would have been enormous on this scale regarding the physical area in which we had begun the work. 

The initial stage of the “journey” throughout the weeks to follow as my own vibration continued to expand through the 9th dimension, enabling myself and others hold all the LoveLight necessary as a very conscious door was opening.  The group sessions in the day and weeks to follow would reveal who could and wished to take this story to it completion.  Work commitments were to be considered, but also other levels of consciousness and what was held in the subconscious would hold both a “personal and collective” story!   

The following morning, after the private session, I was standing at the gate on the street of our apartment block, speaking with Esther before she headed off for the day and she indicated that there was already a different energy around the building.  While I could not “see”, through my "knowing" I was aware of the beam of “white light”, streaming through the top of the building and etheric “spirits” where hovering around the area.  Waiting, as some would have been apprehensive of moving through the “portal or gateways of light” until the "love" could be held, all in “divine time”!  

Over the next two weeks I had tuned into the park as well as the Community Centre but with no resonance.   During those weeks however, I was searching the internet to gain another level of historical facts as well as the “energy” of others writing about such places.  Into the third week of my stay in Hong Kong, I had yet another brief window to “catch my breath”, integrate, which meant washing, ironing, catching up with emails and meditating.  The morning therefore disappeared and by the time I decided to go to the pool for the necessary as well as essential exercise with all the “energy” work, it was 4.30pm.  The pool closed for an hour at 5 so I was told to come back at 6pm.  I knew I only needed thirty minutes in the water but had to “let go” of that happening so began walking back up Eastern Street, towards High Street.  The walk as usual moved the “energy” enough and I began wondering if I was now being guided to connect physically with the Community Centre.   I had been avoiding going into the building, also because my schedule was very full, but now it seemed to be the time! 

I continued to walk past the Centre, checking out consciously the methadone clinic at the end of Eastern Street and across the street was the school, right next to the Community Centre.   I walked up High Street and found the main entrance into the Centre and the older façade was impressive.  Having been destroyed by fire, twice, the internal structure was completely rebuilt.  I “felt” into the energy and it all seemed “light”.  A second time I walked through the building, out onto the street and came to the school and clinic from a different direction.  At that moment I saw the sign, “the diocesan school and orphanage”.   Initially a school for girls, then became an orphanage for boys! Owned and run by the Anglican Church, my thoughts considered the reputation of many such institutions around the world as places of “abuse” on all levels.  Although I had found no information to justify my thoughts and “feelings”!  

Following the first conscious night’s work in the park, I spoke about the work with the Community Centre in the group sessions, raising the consciousness as well as activating all that was necessary for those who would be able and ready to assist, once the time was set.  While several were able to connect from a distance, there were four, Wynnie, County, Esther and myself who would hold the physical space in the end.   Stephenie, the owner of a vegetarian café just down a couple of streets, called “living light”, also was very much connected to the “energy”, having worked together over several years, on one occasion a weekend live-in retreat.  We were generously provided with free food which was taken back to the apartment, for once I had sustained myself, also assisting with grounding my energy, the “doors would begin to open” and I would receive the messages, insights of how the night would unfold.  Except for Esther who was still making her way home from work, Wynnie, County and myself meet at the café at 6pm to collect the food.  Stephenie told me she would also be playing mantra sounds in her café until she closed at around 9.30pm.   

 A matter of co-incidence how it was all coming together, all part of the “flow”!  Those assisting in the consciousness of the “service” work with me for the first time were discovering how I work as a “shaman and earth mother”.  Fully in the “zone of my channel”, for the first time in the park as well as two group sessions on the beach, I was not concerned for those assisting me being watched, at times with “superstition”.  This had been a factor with other outdoor work in the past and another level of activation occurring.  While I knew about the building's history, and the common knowledge that it was "haunted", this was definitely not in my consciousness as I entered the park on that Thursday in my first week.  I simply got the message while finishing an extensive long session, "go to the park"!  Trusting this guidance in how I would be completing the hours of work with Sylvia, indeed as on previous occasions, shown to me once out of the space where the initial session had taken place.  The period of integration I had anticipated was definitely not how I expected what eventually unfolded that night and throughout the weeks to follow.  

On the Wednesday of my final week, the night chosen for our gathering to complete the “community work”, the weather was a challenge and I wondered if we were going to be asked to venture out into a “rain storm”, but again remembering to “trust”!  We began the session indoors, in the apartment following our delicious food!  Esther returned home and through sounding from each soul as well as the sounds of the “drum” for around twenty minutes, all reflecting and “remembering the heartbeat of the Mother”.   To my surprise when I opened my eyes at the end of the sounding, I discovered the clouds were parting and the sky clear.   As we began the session I kept “seeing” the Japanese soldiers who had occupied Hong Kong and remembered the building had been a place of execution.  However, I shared with the group it was not necessary to go into the “horror” story but to hold the LoveLight for the souls we were now assisting!  The drama and emotion can be so easily “hooked” into, therefore taking up unnecessary time as well as “pull” any participating individual out of their “channel” if holding any part of the “separation” story we are connecting too!  All being supported and moved through because of the “group consciousness” in working with the “collective”! 

No doubt the word “torture” could also be a factor on many levels where the “spirit” disconnects from the heart, implying that many, living and dead are “tortured souls”.  Not just the prisoners of war but the “separation” of many crystal bodies or parts of a mentally ill person!  Whether drug or medically induced, even held in the genetic line, there is a fine line between being psychic and having this fully grounded, integrated or psychotic where the gifts open to fast too soon!  I did hear a story from someone that many of the patients in the hospital were “trapped” for they were considered “mad” when in fact it was not the case.  Just “gifted”!

The history of the Community Centre, initially built in 1892, did not become a mental hospital for females until 1947.  It was the only one of its type in the city when the population in Hong Kong was one and a half million.  Now it is just over seven!  The building continued to function as such until the Castle Peak Mental Hospital opened in 1961.  Over the next decade until 1971 it was switched back to a day treatment centre for psychiatric out-patients.  The building remained unoccupied for another two decades, fell into disrepair until the government decided to restore it in the 1990’s.  

The final stage of our “community work” was to take place in the park itself, however before leaving the comfort of the apartment, I asked, as I do in all sessions, if anyone wanted to share or ask a question!  Esther responded, “how will we know when the work is complete”?   My “channeled response to her came in these words, “when we are not activated by all that we hear, feel, see and know from people in the community”!  While we can shift and re-pattern our own CrystaLoveLight Body through several vibrational frequencies and dimensions, lifting beyond where deep subconscious “fears and beliefs” held by many people, personally, it is indeed another bigger “playing field” to be working with the “collective consciousness”.  The confirmation comes when I can hold the LoveLight within myself!  Therefore not being “hooked” into the lower dimensions and pulled “out of my channel of light”.  Possible when the CrystaLoveLight has been fully birthed, anchored and integrated in the I Am Body.  Through all vibrational frequencies within the dimension held by all etheric bodies and the most conscious door of all, the physical!    

Assisting souls who are “in spirit” only, whatever the circumstances of their death and why they are unable to go to the “light”, is about working with the “unknown, unseen”, two of the Gifts of the I Am!  Therefore, the etheric crystal bodies, the spiritual, mental, emotional, disempowered feminine, held in this story through the mentally ill, as well the disempowered masculine of many prisoners of war and some women, all “stuck” in multi-dimensional realms, unable to move or “travel”.  Hence the nature of The CrystaLoveLight Process, being able to “soul travel” and assist one go, wherever needed, all due to the “group consciousness”.  In turn, I and other souls are able to “soul travel” and reconnect to Source, All That Is!    

Guided to take Esther, Wynnie and County into the park, something I never thought possible due to the weather just one hour earlier, describing the rain as “torrential”.  Taking one crystal each, we reached the entrance to the park and I asked Esther and County to walk to the left, while Wynnie and I stepped off to the right, meeting at the “portal”, the tree.  Reminding and remembering that the “light” was now anchoring through our “feet”!  The “dolphin gateway”, the “spirit/breath” reconnecting through the “Crystal Heart of the Mother”, Gaia!  Each of the crystals were placed at four points, representing the directions, north, south, east and west!  The CrystaLoveLight was coming together and was fully anchored through the Songlines, having travelled through the starry “spheres” and now into the Lei Lines through the physical roots of the tree.  The group holding the space now reconnecting through and becoming “One” with the “portal”, a very large tree in the physical, but “etherically”, the tree as well as the group were now fully expanded beyond the circular area in which we were standing!     

The consciousness awakening can be one of empowerment or continue to hold an element of superstition, fear and beliefs surrounding working with the “spirit” world.  Why was I on this journey with this group of people!  Initially I was mostly working in the subconscious around and within a culture I found myself during this particular month.  Witnessing people burning small fires in the streets, initially, as I was on my own thought it was someone burning rubbish or papers!  Discovering that it was a Chinese tradition during the lunar month of July, was also known as the “ghost month”!  Again, was it such a co-incidence that all this was focussed around the Full Moon in the western month of August?  In the process of planning my trip to Hong Kong, encouraged by Esther to hold a beach session at Lamma, followed by a ceremony, I immediately checked the date of the Full Moon and was not conscious at the time that it was to be yet another “super moon” for the year.  What a “super time” and I thank all who walked with me through this amazing time frame of consciousness! 

Working with the “spirit” world is not for everyone.  Three reasons:

  1. The dimensions in which the “spirits” are unable to move beyond or stuck in, is being “hooked” into by the very people trying to move them on to the “light”! 

  2. Those who “think” they can work with these “lost souls” from the “spirit worlds” because they are “light workers” or are part of the culture, religious connections or more, however, have not fully  birthed, anchored nor fully integrated the “LoveLight” of their I Am Body, necessary to “hold” both. 

  3. Opening “portals” or gateways is being able to “unlock” the doors necessary for all to “travel”!  A  personal journey for all souls but in the end is very much part of the “group consciousness” leading to the Oneness of All That Is!  The “Source” from where my soul initially birthed and to which I can return!   

I Am Because of All That Is!  Yet some level of “separation” is experienced by all souls in both the “spirit” world as well as those physically walking the “earth” also “lost” and stuck!  Hence my own “inner journey” continues, only then can I consider assisting another! 

My journey with the Community Centre in Hong Kong, as well as with Esther and the others involved consciously, including those from a distance, all represented as well as assisted the “collective” of what was held in this very “water conscious” island.  The “fear  and beliefs” of a deeply ingrained culture that the younger generation are moving away from, mostly because many are working with and bringing through a “new consciousness” within new dimensions birthed and anchored in their I Am Body.   Of course this is happening in every country with those, young and old who are finding new ways of working with “old school belief” systems that do not serve nor sit in the new consciousness.  Therefore the “teachings” cannot hold the same “energy” as in other dimensions! 

Speaking about the “Oneness” is not a concept that can be tossed around as other terms have been in the past, “the spiritual path or unconditional love” for example.  But to truly embrace all that is “separate” on whatever level of consciousness begins with my own personal journey of “awakening” and when in a place where I can hold the CrystaLoveLight both, the “collective” is able to be moved through!  Opening the “etheric” doors is about opening the “physical’ to the “Love” and the “Light”, working with both through Sacred, Sound, Writing and Drawing Codes, all assisting to open the “Channel of LoveLight” through various levels and stages of consciousness. 

However, where does one begin?  Firstly, opening the blinds in our own “heart”, house & home!  All that can be “seen, felt, heard and known” is not possible for many souls because the ‘heart (love) is separate to the spirit (light)’.  The memories or stories of the “earth, water and starry” realms hold much deep in the subconscious, however, it is with the consciousness that one begins.   Assisting another “open the door” implies it has already been “unlocked”!  Only then can the windows be accessed, “letting in the light” as well as the air, the “breath of life”, necessary for any mother in the birthing of a new born.  Through The CrystaLoveLight Process, all the Gifts of the I Am birth and a “Channel of LoveLight” is born!  


Remembering “The Mother” on Mother’s Day!


Australia officially celebrates “Mother’s Day” this weekend! The reflections I share with you may not be all that new, but more of a reminder and possibly activating as on previous occasions through these “channelled articles’!  The various layers of consciousness, the teachings of The CrystaLoveLight Process have been part of my life for more than a decade now.   Awakening more and more, the ‘Soul Travelling’ experience!

Remembering and birthing the Gifts of the I Am Body, the sum total of All That I Am.  The etheric “doors”, opening in various dimensions, enable the “love and light”, both, birth fully through the physical!  The psychic feeling gift, clair sentience, primarily allows and is a key for this profound experience to be felt in the body. The “process” of which I have experienced and now assist others, is understood more fully in relation to the natural conception, birth and journey to follow as a soul remembers, striving to reach the potential of all their gifts.  The beginning, middle and end of the journey throughout life is symbolised by the mother, holding her new born!  Holding the LoveLight for another soul is indeed the “key”!  
The ‘celebration’ of the ‘mother’, recognising on one day of the year, may or may not remind the general population of her dedication and commitment.  Once ‘motherhood’ is embraced, it expands a lifetime.  However, through “The CrystaLoveLight Process”, the term “mother” honours not only those women who have given birth to one or more babies, but has come to mean something much broader and inclusive of men as well as women.  The term “mother” basically refers to the “female parent” and the consciousness around this meaning is changing in modern day family terms. 

The ‘mother’, through the feminine is mostly associated with the woman, therefore the primary ‘nurturer, protector, teacher and guide’, especially in the initial years.  The etheric bodies, one of several, including the feminine and masculine, must be opened if a soul has become disempowered through one or more.  Whatever the gender of the parents, the flow of LoveLight is possible between parent and child.  

Compassion is a genuine concern and care of another, an empathy that feels what it would be like to go through any of these stories that activate and cause continued pain or hardship.  The feeling gift may be interpreted as carrying the burden or weight of another.  Taking over the load, possibly believing that this is what is necessary to be able to fully understand what another soul is experiencing.  Assisting a friend, relative, student and client, may have the ‘energy’, therefore be coming from a place of child/adult relationship as a soul remembers their gifts! 

Asking a mother to “let go” of her child’s pain, as has occurred in numerous sessions over the years, is almost an impossible request!  However, to hold this over a period of time for another, will eventually be felt for both the mother and child, through the ‘heart’ initially then the ‘spirit’ to follow.  Relationships can be complex, however, the connection between mother and child, firstly the biological mother, possibly a foster or adopted mother, than any other soul who comes along who may take on this ‘energy’ for another. 
The “separation” story from the “mother” was truly activated in my conscious experience with the passing of my own mother from this earth in 1986.  However, it was to be another fourteen years before I began to understand the significance of this experience in relation to my own ‘healing’ journey, an awakening that began in 2000.  Opening the “heart to love” enabled the “channel” gift to follow consciously in 2003 when the “spirit, the light” began to flow and birth.   However, the term separation” does not necessarily imply a negative aspect, but initially, a way for moving through what is necessary more consciously and eventually forward.

A baby has a timeframe for being in the womb of the mother!  Once having arrived on the planet, a soul moves through the growth and learning necessary.  A unique soul’s journey may be over in a matter of hours, weeks, months, or continue on through several decades.  A soul may leave home to take up work in another city or country, to marry, escape a “war torn” country, seeking divorce and death, all hold various layers of challenges but for a ‘new beginning’.  Embracing another stage of the journey as a soul continues to find the LoveLight through feeling, knowing, seeing and hearing. Assisting others with ‘travelling’ beyond the consciousness is indeed a gift, coming from ‘intense inner soul travelling’, working with and through one’s own personal memories or stories.  All held in several vibrational frequencies within various dimensions and if such an “awakening” is to take place in this lifetime, be assured, it will, whatever path we choose in between. 

In 2004, the term “shaman” came into my consciousness.  I discovered that the stories of disempowerment in the etheric bodies, had previously been in my consciousness prior to the year 2000.  As a “wild life” carer over a three year period, the woundedness of my own soul (heart and spirit) was reflected through these animals, often broken and usually not surviving.  I ended my volunteer work as I was unable to continue watching and dealing with wounded animals, realising four years later, they reflected my own “brokenness”!  Shattered “spirit” and therefore a lost soul!  I also realised that I had become a “wild life” carer, with an intention of assisting animals and supporting others in this field, consciously, however, in the subconscious, all was a reflection, a mirror and I was trying to “heal” myself. 

The “new age consciousness”, awakened in me through each of my three mentors, who also ‘channelled’ their own teachings, beyond the 5th dimension.  The totems or animals reflected within  my own consciousness, ways in which they were wounded, trapped, unable to move in the water or on the earth, run and fly!   The totems were the etheric crystal bodies within myself, also broken, crushed and shattered in the 7th , 8th and 9th dimensions.  Through the “separation” of all or parts of these bodies, I understood they symbolised the gifts of “knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling”, unable to hold the “love, light” or both.  Parts of the crystal body were dead! 

Each totem also became a conscious “doorkeeper” for a particular gift, for example, “feeling”, and once opened, the “soul travelling” journey began.  A soul has no physical boundaries in “soul travelling”, therefore, the consciousness is beyond the realms, universes, solar systems, moons, suns and galaxies.  The Creation Web CrystaLoveLight, may be viewed as “eternity”, infinite and the soul will choose through conscious intention where to ‘travel’.  The rest is about “trusting”!

Understanding more fully the disempowerment of the soul, through the heart, spirit or both is in relation to the “psychic” gifts, therefore, beyond the conscious reach of many who have not been able to see, hear and know.  A ‘sense or intuitive’ feeling comes first, but often doubted, nor able to be believed, therefore, unable to be ‘trusted’.  How is the term or phrase “a lost soul” explained in etheric terms or the “psychic” world?  The crystal bodies, beyond the physical, seen as dolphins, eagles, a bear, unicorns and more have become “separated”!  The reason they are not seen, I believe is due to the vibrational frequency, a particular colour that is holding the story and unable to be moved through.  Also, the dimension is beyond where a soul is ready to travel, embrace the part and continue with the “process” that follows, primarily through the physical.

The ‘process’ is a conscious birthing through  the heart of  “The Mother”, the “Love”, then through the “Light”, to Source!  Activated by stories in relation to “the mother”, possibly reflected or mirrored, therefore, may not be conscious in the connection or disconnection with the biological mother.  However, beyond the earth consciousness one can ‘travel’ through the consciousness of the ‘water - the Golden Mother Whale - the songlines, the crystal water pathways of LoveLight!  Through these “sound frequencies” a soul activates the parts and the journey begins.  Travelling the spheres of the starry realms as the Great Grandmother Spider, weaves LoveLight, connecting through the ‘inner etheric earth realms’ of Andromeda, Atlantis, Lemuria, Venus, Syrian, Orion, Pleiades and beyond!

During a ‘soul travelling’ experience, the journey over three or more hours maybe conscious, but mostly is deep with the subconscious.  During ‘sleep time’, a soul travels and the learning may be recalled through dreams as one returns to consciousness, able to interpret the learning that is coming through the subconscious.  Therefore, another journey is required!  The final doorway with “feet”, placed firmly on the earth, in meditation!  Simply honouring all parts connecting through the “Light”, giving oneself time to bring all that has been sitting “out there” in the etheric water, starry and inner earth realms, an opportunity to return through the most conscious door of all, the physical body.  The body that is of solid matter in the cells, organs and systems, requiring real time to be re-patterned while sitting in the vibration, until all is grounded and integrated!  Otherwise it is too easy to be pulled out of alignment through various other energies of vibration and dimensions. 

Hence, the “channel” the LoveLight is anchored and birthed through the Heart of Gaia, our Earth Mother, through the feet!  An earth consciousness and through the “dolphin gateway”, etheric!  A key for ‘soul travelling’ multi-dimensionally, connecting to Gaia through a serpent, and like each of the etheric mother energies of the earth, water and starry realms, each weaves the LoveLight and become “one” as the I Am Body births in a particular dimension, the 7th , 8th  or 9th !  In the end, the consciousness of travelling through all mothers is a journey into the “Oneness” as they too merge together in one tube of “Light”.  

Being grounded is simply all That I Am within All That Is, coming into alignment, beginning above the physical head, feeling the Love, the power of the Light as the “channel” opens through the gifts held in the eyes and ears.  Moving through what could be considered a small physical doorway, etherically one of the larger and significant areas, the throat.  To be able to move through the memories held in this gift of ‘sounding and speaking’ Light language opens the door to the chest, the heart.  As the “light” returns, so does the “love”!  

A soul understands more fully through their gifts in trusting and believing, or, if there is more “inner soul travelling” required.  In particular, knowing, wisdom/knowledge and seeing.    A significant key is feeling and for many this ‘energy’ is interpreted as “overwhelming” with a sense of panic instead of focusing on the breath.  Or, some “think” they feel the experience of LoveLight coming into together, when it maybe simply a shift in a particular vibrational frequency and not the frequency of the I Am Body.

The expansion of a soul occurs when the “heart” (love) and the “spirit” (light) merge, braid and align through all etheric bodies coming into a place and space of “Oneness” through the physical body.   Some ‘feel’ this like never before and therefore believe it is the I Am when in fact it is just one door opening, either the emotional, spiritual, masculine or feminine body and therefore the mental body “thinks” or believes that they are truly connecting to All That Is.   “Feelings” that have never been felt before in this way, due to the expansion coming into and through the physical body has to be understood for what it is in ‘energy’ terms, a “flood gate opening”.  Taking time to adjust with the incoming LoveLight requires equal “inner meditation” time with a balance of physical movement that pushes the heart rate, bringing through the necessary conscious breath work. 

The self empowerment of this “process” is about learning the “lessons”, through their own “knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing” regarding one’s physical abilities.  What is relevant for a particular age and practice that has been embraced over the years is unique and maybe a form of yoga, tai chi, swimming or an intensive work out in a gym.  Just like filling a balloon with air, the breath, (Light), is finally not separate to the (Love), but if not grounded could go flying off!  Dizziness or a lightheaded feeling may cause one to fall over, or bump into something, even be a concern if walking near traffic or driving a car. 

A soul can simply, yet profoundly, “BE” in the stillness, allowing one to hear the guidance, learning and teachings that will come beyond the consciousness.   The primary purpose for all activations is to enable a new stage of the journey through all three realms and once the ‘process’ has been completed, including an integration period of days, weeks or months, the activations will begin again.  In between time, the confirmation of a particular memory may be shown and therefore, if other people or situations continue to be a ‘trigger’.  The confirmation may also show one’s new ability to “let go”!  A theme that could be an article in itself!  Consciously, one can assess if more work is required, or ask “am I giving enough time to sit and simply, "BE" in the stillness.  Not necessarily in a quiet room, but walking in the park, connecting to the trees, discovering and finding the “stillness” within!   Allowing the ‘heart’ to open in all that I feel, know, see and hear in “love” also unlocks the doors for the ‘light’ to enter, merge and braid. 

The power of these gifts in total, opens the “channel” and this Gift also has its own stories of disempowerment, another stage of working with all the fears, beliefs and doubts that requires full trust when working with the “Sounds of The Mother’.  The LoveLight language, coming from beyond the consciousness, assists the rediscovery of the keys and unlocking the etheric doors in remembering All That I Am.  How can all this be confirmed in the day to day living, interactions in relationships, health and my choices in all that motivates as well as inspires me? 

I may sense or feel uncomfortable when I hear something that does not resonate!  Am I confident that I know I can hold the LoveLight both, firstly within myself than for any soul in any given situation? One gift may be the conscious power tool, eventually in combination with two or more.  A full and open channel is trusting one gift totally, however, to believe and work with all four is “the gift of channelling”!   Be conscious of all that is right there, if one can see the “divine” in all, including plants and animals.  Coming to a place that I know and feel that all past hurts are able to be “let go” and forgive.  To be “free” from being “hooked” into gossip, negative thoughts coming from a soul who is lost, angry and holding karmic or genetic patterns of abuse for themselves as well as others.  Understanding that all is possibly far beyond the consciousness of this lifetime!

The gift of hearing, clair audience, may be activated through the sounds of the birds, a gift of the  “mother”.  Yet stories from children, as well as their parents expressed over and over by a soul, reflect the “separation” of the heart, (love), spirit (light) and can become tiresome, like a stuck record.  The ability to hold the LoveLight for a soul to be able to come to a place in the telling of their own stories!  Coming to a realisation that everyone has been listening to and hearing, therefore feeling their pain, over a period of years.   Waiting with, than walking through the door with another soul is why the “inner soul travelling” is necessary, “raising the bar” so to speak, beyond the vibrational frequencies and dimension of where all has been held in the past.   
The personal stories held in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions are assisted by many therapists and the ability to “be a mother” is possible.  However, beyond the 6th dimension, is a consciousness that becomes “collective” as well as personal.  The “bigger picture” comes from a more expanded CrystaLoveLight Body, unable to be connected too previously.  The bigger the tree, the deeper the root system required that is able to support both the leaves, branches above, the solid trunk, (physical body) and below.  The flow not only moves from the top of the tree down, but also comes from the root and earth below.  Soul travelling far below into the depths of the earth or diving into the subconscious realms of the etheric oceans is necessary for the reconnection with all ‘mother’ energies in the etheric and physical together.  The Crystal Heart of the Mother, is the doorway for birthing the potential, therefore, to “BE” All That I Am!  The ‘Divine Universal, God’ connection, however, seen, felt, heard and known reflects the consciousness of All That IS!      

 The Gifts of the I Am - The CrystaLoveLight Body

                                        Walk gently and slowly among the flowers!                                             
  See and know their beauty, as Light!
Walk gently, slowly among the flowers!    
      Feel and hear their breath, as Love!
                                            Walk gently and slowly among the flowers!                                                                 
           Remember from where they birthed……
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers then sit and honour “The Crystal Heart of the Mother”!
BE honoured as the “channel” to Source, the Oneness, opens.
“Because of All That Is - I Am All That I Am”!      

The CrystaLoveLight Children
Over the years, various terms have described the Children of Light including “indigo, rainbow and crystal” children.  These terms have attempted to assist adults, in particular, parents, understand more fully the new consciousness in souls arriving on this planet.  Some indigo children are said to be as old as thirty or thirty five years, however, this article began to take shape several years ago, so now sense and from my experience believe that many are possibly in their early forties. Those of you in this age bracket simply need to ask, then ‘feel’ and ‘know’ if this consciousness resonates with you.  These younger adults were even considered to be the “scouts” for the children birthing at the time. 

Embracing the roles as teacher/parent, it is crucial that support for the children and all adults who are significant in any way for these babies and teenagers be assisted on every level.  The honour and responsibility through The CrystaLoveLight Process, for all souls of various ages and stages, comes with a consciousness that extends far beyond what is comprehended by parents, teachers, guardians and those involved in or practicing “energy” work through specific modalities.  The reason for this new awareness is the dimension in which the I Am Body is not just a physical birthing from day one in this incarnated lifetime but etheric, therefore, the major component is held in the subconscious. 
The gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience, not to mention the “knowing”, or the wisdom, often beyond their years, must be equally acknowledged and nurtured in any child as with any gift that has a potential to blossom.  Thus, allowing children to be fully present in their physical body on the earth while reaching another level of fulfillment through these psychic gifts, often seen as exceptional and special.
Children are choosing parents and families who will assist them on their path as they discover and learn “how” to be “All That I Am”.  Significant adults are at times, overwhelmed and at a loss to understand just where most of these children are coming from, referring to them as “being from or on another planet”.  Indeed a reality and far from the idea that it is all just “science fiction”, yet is an  expression, as well as an ‘energy’, possibly following these children throughout their teenage and young adult years. The children, through their gifts are so evolved, yet the challenge for them is to be fully present, hence, the question of behavior and labeled as “naughty” and more.
Like so many adults, children also are taken out of alignment or the I Am Body very easily.  The behavior of children throughout the sessions, over a day or two, is understood to be activations or triggers of the parts separated from their crystal body.  However, in other situations within their own home or at school, can be placed and labeled with ADHD.  Those with autism develop their own unique way of escaping, while a supersensitive child, may be simply fearful, a lost soul with a nervous energy.  All children therefore have the same right, as any adult to feel safe on the earth, both physically and etherically!  It is indeed a surprise for a parent or grandparent to watch for the first time and participate in activities, ‘soul travelling’ through various vibrational frequencies, possibly new dimensions, finally coming to a place where a six or seven year old finally moves into a sleep state. 
Following a number of sessions, the final, soul travelling experience may last for an hour and a half to two hours.  All participants finally “let go”, as many parts of The CrystaLoveLight body, once separated, are embraced and reconnected.  The soul has travelled in previous sessions through several vibrational frequencies and etheric bodies such as the dolphin, mermaid, eagle or unicorn bodies and the I Am Body will birth, possibly in a new dimension. Several adults as well as children are consciously in the 9th dimension and the challenges for holding the LoveLight is both profound as well as challenging.       
While various children have not experienced an earth incarnation before in this lifetime, they do come from earth realms that are not in the consciousness of most adults.  Some readers may know these as Atlantis, Lemuria, Andromeda and more.  However, some children hold an etheric energy of an ‘earth mother’ or ‘shaman’ with a confidence reflected in the gifts of knowing and feeling.  The consciousness of this will begin to open around nine or ten years of age.  Still, the power of Light and Love, all that is “divine” is a Source or God connection and when the vibrational frequency and dimension are able to be held for these children within their own home environment, they comfortably express through crystals, code drawing and sounding “light language”.  The subconscious is awakened naturally as with other gifts in sport or the arts, as many parts of their own crystal body, lost or separated, return as the heart opens and merges with the spirit. 
Drawing codes, with the help of a wide range of colourful stickers for children, are placed within a circle, representing the door and the journey, the “soul travelling” experience begins through various inner worlds.  The purpose is to remember the gift, shut behind an etheric door or within a particular body, for example, the feminine.  However, to unlock THE DOOR, a journey is embraced in each session as various vibrational frequencies or “light pathways” are embraced, activating several etheric bodies and become the conscious “door keepers” along the way. 
A wonderful session introduced over the past months, which came to me as “channeled” guidance, “make candles with the kids”!  A subconscious connection to the “light” for any child or adult unable to ‘see, hear, know or feel the power of the light’, yet an experience of fun and excitement in the consciousness.  With an added engagement in the “process” as the child chooses the colour and the fragrance of their candle which will be taken back to their own home.  However, all that is necessary is being activated in the subconscious and the journey continues. 
Once the candles have been poured, left to cool and set, the child, along with all the adults participating, spend time in the pool, or in a park on the swings, preparing for the final session when all will ‘soul travel’ beyond the consciousness.  To fully know, feel, hear and see the light is to “BE the Light”!  Within a few minutes as the child is comfortable on a mattress, with one significant soft toy to also assist the soul travelling journey, the final door is opened through sounds and before after just a couple of minutes, the souls are “travelling”, moving through The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight.  The “Sounds of the Mother” are a key connection beyond the consciousness through all realms, “water, starry or earth”! 
Necessary indeed in enabling the feminine or any other etheric body, travel and move beyond the consciousness of what can be a very controlling mental body! Equally, for other travelers, the despair can be held and blocked in the emotional body, or the disempowered feminine, with an inability to respect all that is creative and dis-honouring of the mother on all levels, reflecting the ‘separation’ story.  The masculine body, within traditional cultures is the protector and provider, now has become the main perpetrator in a power struggle, in particular towards women and children, the lost “spirit” also reflected and held in the spiritual body.  On another level, possible within a different dimension, a soul may believe that various “religious” practices, automatically connects one’s “spirit”, when the reality of a “lost soul” is the separation of heart (love) from the spirit (light).  Therefore, understanding the term “power” is to fully see, hear, know and feel the LoveLight both.  If one or more of these “doors” or gifts are locked and blocked, the impact affects all. 
Abuse of power comes when the LoveLight both are absent!  While it may be expressed that we do not live in a perfect world where the vibration and dimension of the I Am Body is unable to be held at all times for both children as well as adults.  The key learning is to “know, feel, see, and hear” and therefore, the “channel” returns through the heart.  Opening to ‘love’ through each of the four gifts, as a flower does in the sunshine, allows the ‘light’, the spirit merge, braid and align to the ‘Source’ connection.  Returning all parts of the crystal body, broken, crushed or shattered are awakened in the subconscious realms of the ‘mother’, through the Crystal Heart of our Earth Mother, Gaia. 
Through the I Am Body, therefore, All That I Am, including the physical, the most conscious of all bodies, is fully birthed and anchored.  If the memories or stories do not enable the LoveLight to be “felt, known, seen and heard” as one, it is possible that the mental body “thinks” all that is necessary can be held for myself, when another door is in fact shut.  The emotional body is unable to “let go” of all the grief or the spiritual body is locked in “old school” belief systems and fears.  The re-patterning “process” for the Spirit, is the “weaving of Light”, reconnecting, therefore, embracing all parts of the unique crystal body that have been separated, possibly reflected through self blame, guilt, negativity of oneself and others, therefore not being able to “forgive”.  A child will be connecting to all! 
The CrystaLoveLight Process is an expansion of LoveLight both, initially and intensely ‘felt’ personally in the physical body.  However, this gift has to be understood, as with all gifts, including the “gift of channeling”, how the memories or stories are also held in the “collective consciousness”, therefore, reflecting pain, illness, anxiety and basically the lack of flow.   Parents, teachers, peers, extended families and wider communities, all hold what is ‘collective’ in a small child’s life.  An overwhelming thought indeed!  Unless someone can consciously work with the patterns of anger, despair, hopelessness and more, the subconscious fears, beliefs and superstitions already held in parts of the crystal body simply continue to multiply.  Across all inner ‘earth, water and starry’ realms, through various vibrational frequencies and multi-dimensional etheric bodies, all hold the memory behind “the separation story”.  However, it is possible to embrace these parts, bring them home and “be” in the Oneness of All That Is.
A possible indication or awareness of the many layers surrounding any reference to “etheric energy”!  Often unknown, usually unseen, however, mostly felt, which have the ability to lock several doors for an entire lifetime.  Therefore, the assistance offered to parents, extended family members and teachers is about understanding more fully their own CrystaLoveLight Body.  Adults awakening to a new consciousness are aware of their own “psychic gifts”, knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling, even working professionally as a clairvoyant, readers and channels through any modality pursued.  Once these doors have been activated and begin to open during early or later adult years, possibly taking many more to grasp the learning possible through all the memories held in these four gifts.  The potential for finally opening the gift as a “channel”, is extremely possible, after  all, the majority of the children are already there! 
The purpose in assisting these children, teenagers and adults, is not so much opening these doors for alternative modalities to be learnt, while these courses may hold necessary learning about “energy”, a sense of self empowerment comes with choices.  The ability to choose whatever career path, in any profession!  Relationships that reflect the same or a similar vibrational frequency, held within the dimension of the I Am Body.  In finding a “soul mate” who may become a partner, wife or husband, a soul will know, feel, hear and see the LoveLight as these gifts birth the potential to be All That I Am!  A “light” frequency, assisting the physical body with healthy decisions that resonate with the ‘love’ as all the gifts play a significant role in the care and nurturing of The CrystaLoveLight Body. 
Therefore, the patterns regarding beliefs and fears held by the grandparents, as well as significant adults in the lives of these children are ‘felt’, although not yet fully awakened in their consciousness.  Hence, a primary purpose in awakening the adults is because The CrystaLoveLight Children are already born with this new consciousness.  Birthing physically and etherically in dimensions already destined for in this incarnated lifetime.  However, this may not be the soul’s journey for the significant adults in the child’s life!  Hence the teaching role in some areas is reversed.  What is essential for the flow of LoveLight between mother and child, mother to father, finally child to father.  Immediately, the stories of “separation” spring to mind! 
Whatever the age of any soul, all are indeed CrystaLoveLight Children!  Searching to know, see, hear and feel the “love” more fully by the conscious work on my own CrystaLoveLight Body.  However, to “be” the love, is not separate to “being the light” when birthed and anchored in the I Am!  The CrystaLoveLight Process is “channeled” guidance and combines various conscious activities using Sound, or Sand Play Therapy, Art and Water Therapy, providing a variety of sessions. The activations necessary, for children and adults, begins an awakening of all parts broken, lost and more.  The doors open and the “soul” travels, both etherically and physically.  Walking, swimming or in what may seem a ‘sleeping’ state, the activations begin long before a child or adult come to the CrystaLoveLight Centre.  Children often take half the time, or even less than adults to ‘let go’ and ‘travel’ where needed. 
The gift of “channeling” assists the doors to open in speaking what the heart or spirit of each unique soul requires.  Mostly, through “light language”, there are times when the separated parts are spoken too more consciously for a soul to awaken.  Trusting the ‘process’, initially, is a place many mother’s in particular have experienced profoundly.  “Letting go” only comes with a realisation that they, along with the father, often hold all that the child expresses in their behavior.  Therefore, the earlier sessions on or the day before, are purely activating, through various activities.  Without the necessity of speaking so much, especially when the souls gift for an individual or a group regards “hearing” the “light, love” or both!  While an individual or a group have not yet moved through the particular vibration where the memory of not being able to “hear” the “love”, the “light” or both is held, they will be unable to “hear” anything necessary until the place and parts holding the memory are reached.  All that may occur is further activations and the trusting of one’s gift of channeling can be truly tested when a mother and child are taken to unknown territory.     

Assisting children regarding the layers of vibrational frequencies is about working with ‘colour’.  Clothes, soft toys, colourful stickers, are indeed activating in the subconscious through “channeled” sounds of the voice, instruments or both.  “Soul travelling” through various shades of green, red, blue, purple, pink and orange, one will emerge as the vibrational frequency of the I Am Body, the unique “soul signature”.  In the I Am or total CrystaLoveLight Body, soul memories will be held in both the heart and the spirit, for in the end, they are not separate.  The “trust” necessary for any parent to embrace this ‘process’ is a gift, reflecting their commitment to the ‘bigger picture’ that will assist not only their own children, but all who are touched and possibly activated in the years to follow.  Holding the LoveLight vibration, within the potential of the I Am Body for myself firstly, flows or ‘ripples’ out for any soul, lost, alone or in despair and unable to unlock these doors themselves, let alone move on through. 
The Great Mother, the Star Weaver of the Web, maps or creates the pathways necessary, expanding the LoveLight of All That I Am through All That Is!  These children may or may not follow in their parent’s footsteps as doctors, politicians, teacher’s and more, however, the consciousness unfolding will play a significant part as they too one day become parents for the next generation of CrystaLoveLight souls!  Primarily, offering the opportunity of changing patterns held as karma, genetic and the collective for all souls, beginning with the significant adults in a young child’s life.
The internet, social media and instant around the world news stories, all contribute more than in previous generations to the “collective” and the conscious but mostly subconscious connection, despite the physical distance, there are no boarders or boundaries for the etheric ‘energies’!  By discovering and therefore awakening the ability to birth the spirit, fully with the heart, there is a profound connection possible.  Through the “channeled” language of “Light”, children and adults both, can embrace a soul connection that just IS and all can simply, yet profoundly “BE”  CrystaLoveLight Children.   
               It is not what I DO that defines me, but All That I Am!

A Shamanic Journey

Ten years ago, I discovered my gift as a “shaman” while participating with thirty other people over a two week retreat, facilitated by my second significant teacher and mentor.  I began working with the consciousness of the earth and water, so my office moved outdoors, in the bush, on the beach and public swimming pools. 

Books written on “shamanism” could fill a city library, yet my experience, indeed, for each soul who embraces this title and work, is unique.  While spiritual in nature, shamanism is not affiliated, nor held within the boundaries of any particular religious denomination.  Nor is it specific to any particular indigenous culture.  My unique journey has also brought through a conscious connection with two more titles closely associated and enhancing shamanism.  The first, “spiritual midwife”, also, “earth mother” and believe that any title reflects not so much “what I do”, but defines “who I am”. 

The term, “spiritual midwife” came to my consciousness during this awakening period.  At the time I understood the expression spiritual midwife to mean, assisting souls also birth and awaken their gifts, then “letting them go”, as they discovered the potential through their own learning.  A step into discovering the power of their own self! However, the term “earth mother” dropped into my consciousness some years later as my own “channel” opened more fully through these gifts of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling, not just the “light” but “love” as well, for, with one major ingredient missing, the cake is not complete.  The journey for myself has been a series of constant activations, re-patterning and reconnection regarding both the love and light, expanding my own vibration through several dimensions, birthed, then anchored. 
The healing practice of shamanism is a powerful gift for people of today as it has been throughout history.  Indigenous peoples around the world have struggled to hold onto their traditions and teachings, yet, like all major religious of the world, come under one umbrella.   A shaman has a broad approach and while the tailored needs of an individual are being addressed, there is the “bigger picture”.  The consciousness expands beyond the earth, through the water, possibly holding memories or stories of separation from the tribe, family and wider community. 

Shamanism opens the conscious mind!  What may have been missed previously, therefore, not able to be seen, known, felt and heard, even though it has been right under my nose, is now awakened.  The challenges thrown my way are able to be perceived in a new “light”!   Knowledge and insights for a shaman come through Gaia, “the earth mother”, who has been my primary teacher over the years.  Through all her gifts, the plant and animal kingdoms of the earth and water have assisted my soul’s conscious connection to “spirit”.   Being able to recognize and embrace these as gifts is another story!

The disconnection from “the mother”, a deeply personal experience and indeed for the souls I have assisted over the years, it is about the spirit as much as the heart.  Half the power is missing when part of my soul is lost and separated.  My vehicle (the physical body), normally functioning fully on two cylinders is reduced to one.  The heart (love) and spirit (light) make up the sum total of a fully functioning soul.  Therefore, the expression sometimes used to refer to a person as a “lost soul”, has many layers and levels to consider in the healing process. 

The use of “sounds”, expressed through the voice or instruments are basic tools “channeled” by a shaman.  By activating the “sounds of the mother”, my journey began as I remembered my spirit and therefore, the awakening I speak about, was to assist my heart open.  So when my first teacher/healer kept reminding me to "get of my head and into my heart”, I was puzzled, for I thought I was in my heart.  Discovering some years later just how right she was, however, not being able to hear, see and in particular, feel.  I had to come to this realisation myself through my own intense “inner channeled” guidance. 

A soul, born in the feminine gender, may assume that all this comes naturally and flows into being a “mother”!  Therefore, how much more challenging for the masculine, all those men, especially the father’s, holding the ‘energy’ of a shaman, struggling to be the providers, hunters and protectors in their tribe.  The cultural and conscious shift asks both parents to be an “earth mother” as well, a “shaman”.  By bringing through all the gifts, every soul can equally see the love and the light both, for in the “oneness” they are not separate.  The same applies to feeling, hearing and knowing the LoveLight together.    

To “be all that I am” involves the activation, re-patterning and reconnection of both the feminine, (through the mother) and the masculine, despite the gender one is born into or feels ‘at home’.  By connecting more fully to the earth mother, “Gaia”, I came to understand that to “birth” my gifts more fully, must be through The Crystal Heart of this Mother.  Therefore the physical body is an essential door and any meridian, chakra, organ or system locked, must be opened.  The gradual ‘process’ not only requires ‘travelling’ through the “pathways of light”, but also integrating the expansion of new vibrational frequencies.  All part of the journey, a lifetime path to ‘self empowerment’!

The child, I believe, who hears the sounds of the mother, while in the womb and as a new born, will connect more fully to the “light”, their spirit.  The mother’s “love”, able to be held within her, and for the baby, also holds the “light”, for in the “oneness”, there is no separation.  Any mother who has birthed in the physical will know the necessity and importance of the breath.  So too, the breath is essential in reconnecting the spirit through the heart, a merging processTherefore the love braids with the light, mother with child, masculine/feminine and the physical with the etheric. 

The final outcome is the channel opening in the color frequency of my "I Am Body", therefore, holding the greatest potential for and within my soul. The flow begins as the “pain”, be it emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and more is transcended through “all that is”, The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight.  The journey of a shaman “awakens” all who are ready to embrace their gifts through a new consciousness, the same path as the earth mother! 

The challenge for all, as I have found throughout my conscious journey during the past decade, is re-patterning all that is held in fear, “old school” belief traditions and possible teachings.   "Letting go" of all that does not serve me, a challenging ask when mostly held deep in the subscious.  My vessel of LoveLight, my I Am or Crystal Body (including the physical) is able to hold all that is potentially possible!  The ability to “hold” the LoveLight for both masculine and feminine, in time, allows me to move forward, into the “oneness”. 

The journey in awakening all that is conscious regarding my gifts as a shaman, are equally birthed through all that “I Am” as an earth mother.  The sounds of the earth, assist me to remember the sounds of the mother, birthing all the gifts more fully, seeing, hearing, feeling and the wisdom of just knowing, I Am Light, I Am Love!    
Teaching The Gift of “Channelling”

Motherhood & Children
Since 2007 I have been consciously working with children, through all stages from birth onwards and while mostly with the mother on board, there have been occasions with both parents ‘soul travelling’ together.  However, for the first time recently, I had the new experience and learning when a dad brought his seven year old daughter for an overnight “live-in” retreat.  The sense of responsibility on my part with souls of any age is enormous, also is the total trust for all participating as necessary activations begin the “soul travelling” journey. 
The intensity is felt as a significant etheric door opens, in particular the emotional body and therefore the ‘feeling’ gift or clair sentience as well.   While it is relatively easy for most people to feel the love around babies and children, The CrystaLoveLight Process activates the deep subconscious parts of the crystal body, unable to feel the love, therefore, missing the full potential of feeling the power of the light.  Hence, the first conscious understanding of the “separation story”!  Many participants can relate to this story through divorce or splitting up from their partner.  However, deep in the subconscious there are many more layers, activated in the most unlikely circumstances and often when least expected.  All part of the soul’s learning for this lifetime!   
A high percentage of parents have a great desire and work very hard in giving their children the best, on many levels that will assist them as they find their way on the planet.  The nurturing, guidance and protection is a lifelong commitment for a son or daughter, who ‘never really leaves home’, whatever the circumstances, for indeed, the “heart of the mother” is far beyond the consciousness!  The responsibility in assisting a child become independent, allows them to reach the potential through all their gifts, awakening  talent that may be in their DNA, within the community and their conscious physical environment in which they live.  Discovering one’s gifts is rewarding and has a sense of achievement.  However, to be encouraged and supported in all that one aspires to, may be clouded by experiences or memories which do not allow one to move forward, whatever the age! 
Through The CrystaLoveLight Process, I have come to recognise that everyone is my “son or daughter”.  The lifelong dedication, like any parent, mother and father, through this “process” is beyond the conscious physical birthing.  A tremendous privilege and honour indeed, holding the love as well as the light through the very broad term, “motherhood”.  However, I too share the challenges as many parents experience, all part of the journey, for some beginning within the first hours of life outside the womb, others who are 60+ and many more in between.   Age is no barrier when discovering and working through all that is held regarding the memories of the “inner child”.  Almost a decade ago now, while on a ten day retreat, the term or role as a “spiritual midwife” came into my consciousness.  The point being, that souls would birth the gifts necessary to assist them on their life’s journey.      
While coming from a formal ‘teaching’ career, I am reminded that the primary and initial teacher is ‘the mother’.   The knowing gift that is innate and the intuitiveness, held in the mother for her baby is often disregarded, dishonoured, therefore, not acknowledged and may become a disempowering experience. The instinctive ‘knowing or feeling’ is just part of the potential in opening the “gift of channelling”.  The Gifts of I Am, seeing and particularly hearing, are very challenging in connecting with fully because of the numerous distractions, often imposing from all directions.   The time frame with regard to the care of young children, work schedules, social engagements, including social networks and the overuse of the internet, all add up to possibly ‘missing’ the signs along the way of what I need to ‘know, see and hear’ NOW.  Then, even if we do know, feel, see and hear, the memory of distrusting the messages or believing is another possibility.  The balance comes with the flow between the heart and the head and assists the gift of feeling for adults as well as children.    
There are several women who I have assisted throughout the past decade that have not physically birthed in this lifetime, nor have they adopted or fostered children, yet hold the gift of “motherhood”!  However, the challenge for any woman, whatever the circumstances around children, myself included, may hold a memory of “not being able to birth”!  The memory goes far beyond the physical reality indeed!  Within my own family, I am aware that in years past, I have been looked upon as lacking the experience of all that is natural and unique in the physical birthing process!  There was a sense in my young adult years that I was missing something very significant in relationship with my own mother.  A link from mother to daughter, through the grandchildren, as both sisters shared the experience and often dominated all conversation with our mother as they birthed their own children. 
However, that has changed and now the consciousness of my “inner channelled” work for more than a decade, has shifted greatly among the mothers and fathers in my family.  I do believe there is still a perception that more compassion and understanding may be offered to a soul simply because the experience has been shared.  Life experiences are the stories of a soul, held in the consciousness!  My own experience, through The CrystaLoveLight Process, has given me the ability to sit with another sharing their story, whether I may or may not be able to relate fully through personal experience.  The re-patterning necessary through all bodies, etheric and physical, enables one to not only hold the ‘love and the light’ both for another, but assist a soul, broken, shattered or crushed through the heart, spirit or both.  Only then can a soul move through all the multi-layered and multi-dimensional aspects of the ‘separation’ story’. 
The re-patterning “process” takes place “within”, through intense dedicated “inner channelled” work, lessening the potential of being hooked into the drama of another soul, their emotions, mental excuses around time and other people in regards to blame, guilt, shame and more.  Also fears and old school belief systems, often held in the spiritual body are keys for a therapist/healer becoming very tired, a feeling of heaviness and a sense of being drained as the ‘hearing’ gift is constantly bombarded by a ‘cracked’ record, stuck on the same track.   The “channel” is not fully open, therefore, “letting go” is challenging!    
Sessions with women, who have birthed children in this lifetime, may also hold deep within their subconscious heart, or spirit, that they “cannot be a mother”.   An unbelievable and surprising memory for some mothers, especially as the opposite is observed and perceived to be the case in the physical consciousness.   Where does this sit in the physical body and how has it manifested through her children, circumstances and other significant adults?  The “separation story” or memory held by most mothers is the fear and belief that they will “loose their child or children”.  If any part of this memory is held within the subconscious, it will be activated every time the media reports a missing child.  Those who I am currently assisting and have walked the path of the court system when a mother is seeking custody of a child or children and to what percentage will be decided. 
These are very real stories occurring on a daily basis and the emotional body is locked in fear and disbelief that their children are being “separated”.   An overwhelming  feeling of death for parents who are shattered, broken and crushed have the extreme physical experience regarding anyone of their children, whatever their age and circumstances.  However, there is an etheric element that the child and parent are unable to relate while living physically together in the same house.  The sense of both physical and etheric must be considered through all that is manifesting and ask, “where it that coming from”?  The relationship with the child, their health and ability to find and walk the path that brings through the potential of all their gifts, is the wish, desire and intention for the majority of significant adults in a young and not so young life. 
Throughout the years I have also assisted a number of men understand their own separation story from the mother.  Therefore, another separation story, from the feminine!  Every soul has some level of this story within, however the relationship may or may not be conscious in regard to the biological mother, nor their partner.  Understanding more fully the term “earth mother” is equal to and means one and the same as “shaman”.  However, “earth mother” does not imply that THE MOTHER connections are conscious and of the physical, but also held in the ‘water and starry’ realms.  The great cosmos, eternity and All THAT IS!  The ability or gift to ‘travel’ through all that pertains to “the mother”, eventually leads to the ‘oneness’, The Source or God connection in which I Am All That I Am.  The physical birth of a new baby is the next stage of a journey to BE “All that I Am” on this earth. So too, through The CrystaLoveLight Process, the ‘channel’ is opened with potential of “remembering” all the Gifts of the I Am. 
The ‘spiritual body’ may hold a belief or teaching that “God is masculine”, therefore hold much fear for many women through their disempowering experiences.  However, the sense of Oneness is the coming together of the masculine, feminine and all other etheric bodies, therefore there is and can be no “separation”.  The alignment coming in as a vibrational frequency of my soul,  is the ‘channel’ of LoveLight both, finally birthed and anchored through the physical body, the most conscious door of all.     
Individual souls who are able to sit comfortably with the gender of their own physical body, have a balance and flow of all etheric crystal bodies, equally holding what is understood as ‘the mother’ energy.  The etheric bodies of the masculine and feminine, also the spiritual, mental and emotional are to be harmonious, therefore working together within each person, man or woman.  The balance is one sided when the feminine is dominant over the masculine and vice versa.  Furthermore, grief and despair may be held in the emotional body, fears and old school beliefs in the spiritual body, and the mind so disconnected from the heart, usually at the throat, then I know there is more “inner channelled” work to be done.  Possibly reflected or mirrored in ones partner and whether the relationship is heterosexual or of the same gender, it is not relevant.  What is important is the balance within me, allowing All That I Am through which the ‘channel’ of LoveLight flows through all relationships, impacts on health matters and the sense of fulfilment in my life which assists all who are unable to reach this place themselves.
The ‘channel’ opens through various doors and the conscious tools to assist this “process” are ‘sacred sound and codes‘’.  Also, ‘crystals’ and ‘light’ through several frequencies of vibration are all physical as well etheric!   The children with whom I have been assisting intensely over the years, take to all this and more very easily, therefore very quickly.   Playing various percussive instruments to activate the codes (made with stickers), also crystals, the doorways for ‘soul travelling’ the “inner worlds” of the earth, starry and water pathways of “light”.   The soft toys which fill my space activate the higher conscious crystal bodies, multi-dimensional in nature and “door keepers”, keys for unlocking a particular gift or more in seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling.  Once one door is unlocked and opened, the journey begins and eventually, their gift of ‘channelling’ the LoveLight is not something they need to think about or analyse.  
Indeed, to be like a ‘little’ child is the learning they bring to the planet where all just IS when they too can hold the LoveLight both fully and ‘channel’ their own I Am Body!   The power of the Love and the Light is their gift coming from Source, All That Is!   Just because they are children, they are no less powerful souls in their knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing!  The learning continues through these souls as they have the gift of being able to “let go” and ‘channel’ from beyond the consciousness.  It is from this place, the void where memories through each gift are held, feeling lost, alone, unsafe, an inability to know the light and more, all that fails to serve them through their parents, grandparents and the “bigger picture”, THE COLLECTIVE.  In writing about the children, I connect with all that is possibly still sitting and held deep with my subconscious that pertains to my own ‘inner child’.   
Last year I wrote a story for one of my young children, Jack, to assist with the memory of not “feeling safe” on the earth and in conversation with his mother on the phone regarding Jack’s behaviour, in particular with other children, I saw the memory.  The story I wrote came from this phone call and was read to him on several occasions as a bedtime story.  My young client is very much a “shaman” therefore holds all that pertains to “the mother”.  The story, “Crystal Garden” can be found on my website! Click on “Channelled Articles”.  The power of “writing” is a significant part in the Teaching “process” for the Gift of “Channelling”!   

The Cycle of Life

January 2014

My service to the people of Cairns, in far north Queensland, opened a door for writing articles for the Connect Magazine. 
The following reflections were "channelled" for the February edition.  The theme - "Education"!

A young child, embracing their first day at school is yet another stage through life. While preschool, prep, kindergarten and even child care may possibly be a preparation for the big day, no one can envisage what will unfold in the years to follow.  The teachers and friends become part of the jigsaw puzzle, preparing students, piece by piece and stage by stage for the ‘bigger picture’.  I speak from experience, being a music teacher for almost thirty years and while working in catholic system, I also taught religion studies.   Memories of my own teachers, also in a catholic environment, are significant and memorable times personally.   Particularly during the initial seven years of primary school!  Our community and school were part of the local orphanage which had approximately sixty children in residence.  My siblings as well as other children from the village and surrounding farms attended the school.  The influence of these years had a profound effect on my future ‘life’ choices!  

Harry Chapin wrote a song in the late 70’s called “All My Life’s A Circle” which I sang often, accompanying myself on guitar.  However, twenty years ago, Elton John and Tim Rice wrote “The Circle of Life”, the opening song for the musical production, “The Lion King”.  The song reflects the journey through life as expressed in the lyrics, “from the day we arrived on the planet, and blinking stepped into the sun, there’s more to see than can ever be seen ” and as well, more to know, feel and hear.  The story of the young lion cub’s journey represents my own in this incarnated lifetime, a mixture of both “despair and hope”, of finding the path and “moving into faith and love”. 

The learning development of a child, outlined by the education system, spans across three significant stages with each year potentially assisting a student awaken their gifts.  However, the circumstances of this happening are determined by the parents’ principles regarding education, social and genetic lineage.  The principal and teachers, contribute profoundly through their own abilities and skills to inspire, as well as empower when able to recognise the gifts of a student, at whatever level or degree.   
I too followed the path of teaching, in a traditional sense, yet all changed when I turned forty seven years of age.  I felt and knew there was more! Yet feeling lost I sought the assistance of a ‘new age healer’.  I soon moved from being the client to becoming the therapist, also developing my gifts as a ‘spiritual mentor’ and my ‘teaching’ role had a complete flip.   The doors opened and after a decade of understanding memories held in the ‘spiritual body’, the ‘separation’ story of the heart (love), and the spirit (light) became a significant key.  I began a journey that felt like I had taken on another university degree.  The stages of working through several new dimensions found a potential as I ‘remembered’ all The Gifts of the I Am, seeing, knowing, feeling and hearing.  Each stage of the ‘process’, required soul travelling, anchoring and birthing through the most conscious door of all, the physical body.  Embracing the intense ‘inner work’ is essentially significant for reaching the full potential for ‘The Gift of Channelling’!  Truly, a path to self empowerment, firstly, how to ‘heal’ myself’ from within, in seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the LoveLight both.  
The journey begins in the consciousness, yet moves way beyond.   Gifted and talented children are accelerated in schools, yet it is a genius who is believed to be born with an extra ordinary potential in some area of science, arts, physics and more.  However, their abilities may lay dormant unless discovered by someone who is able to open the necessary doors.  I have two nieces who possibly have the opportunity of competing in the Olympics, one in the forthcoming winter games in Russia. The path of these girls began with gymnastics because their mother also competed at these levels, however, due to injury, did not compete in any Olympic competition.  Physical injury seems to be part of the package for most sports and can make or break an athletes’ heart, spirit or both.  What possible memories could these girls hold in their subconscious, connecting to their mother?  

The profound effect and influence on either of these girls regarding their health, in particular to injury, may be patterns held deep in the subconscious.  Through my own experience, I too recognise the impact on the physical body through memories held in the emotional, feminine, masculine, mental and spiritual bodies.  There are many souls, who are in the right place within their family, community and environment, providing them the opportunity to ‘remember’ their gifts, enabling them to reach their souls potential.   All in ‘divine time’ as the destiny of a child is predetermined with their choices in their formative stages which may be at times, a little ‘out of the box’.  Pursuing dreams can take years or a lifetime to fulfil!       
The conscious awakening provides one with lessons to be learnt, assisting a soul move forward through the opening doors.  If unable to be learnt, core memories or stories of the heart, spirit and therefore soul fall into the same patterns, the cycle continues.   Hence, the ‘need’ coming through a particular addiction impacts on choices regarding health, relationships and career opportunities.  The “need” may include being “accepted, honoured, trusting, supported, safe and part of a community or family”.  The young and older soul’s who are confronted with a serious illness, manifested in the physical, will find it necessary to reach ‘outside’ to find a cure for what began as a broken, crushed, shattered heart, spirit or both.  While the consciousness can be dealt with, even with the best that money can buy, the far reaching consequences are held deep within the subconscious, shaped in those formative years and beyond.
While some countries are preparing for the new school year to begin, in particular those children who are attending ‘big school’ for the first time as well their parents, guardians and teachers.  However, ‘big school’ for children is also the ‘bigger picture’ for those who find themselves moving into a new place of residence or ‘home’, those adults who are embracing new courses at whatever level and medium.  Career changes for those moving into a new work place and possibly taking on new responsibilities through promotion.   “New beginnings” and like a small child, taking one day at a time and then the consciousness expands very quickly into a week.   

“The Gift of Channelling” opens my eyes, ears, knowing and feeling to what may have been missed previously!  The months roll into years as a soul expands in wisdom, knowledge and all that is there for the learning!   Walk through the ‘rainbow’, feel, know and see the vibrational shifts, then sit in the stillness and listen to the “heart of the mother”!    In time we will ‘sing’ the “Sounds of The Mother” rising within, as the pure milk has time to sit, the cream eventually rises to the top! 

Gossamer:  Teacher for “The Gift of Channelling”, assists any soul, any age! Residing on the Gold Coast, Gossamer offers Live-in Retreats, a profound awakening as doors open and the path is embraced.     

Crystal Garden

 A Story for Jack, who at the time was five years old.  The 'channelled' story assisted Jack with a memory of "not feeling safe on the earth"!

All sorts of wonderful creatures live in the sea!  Some we know and call ‘fish’, than there are others known as ‘mammals’.  The difference is that fish lay eggs, while mammals feed their babies milk until they are old enough to catch their own food.  All the whales and dolphins are mammals and their babies have so much milk to drink that helps them can grow very large and strong.   The strongest and biggest is the ‘blue’ whale, much, much larger than an elephant! Dolphins do not grow as big as whales, but can move very quickly, with great speed in the water.  They travel so fast, even keeping up with a high powered speed boat, travelling beside it and sometimes in front, leading the way! 
The ocean has many creatures and two in this story are what some people would call ‘mythical’, which means that they are not ‘real’ and therefore, do not exist.  While some people have seen them, especially sailors, there are lots and lots of people who have not seen them, so they do not believe that merpeople really exist, despite the many stories and pictures that could fill several libraries.   These creatures are part fish and mammal together in one body.   They have a tail just like a dolphin instead of legs and the top part of their body can be either a man or a woman!  Mermen and Mermaids however, do not think about themselves as half fish and half mammal, but more like, half fish and half human!  
Like the dolphins, mermaids and mermen can swim very quickly through the water, it is because they have a tail, just like a fish.  Flippers, which attach to the feet of a deep sea diver, helps with travelling through the water at a much faster speed which they could not do with just their legs.  There is another piece of important and necessary equipment that someone would need to wear before entering the water.   Swimming and diving deep down into the sea for a long time.  Can you guess what this equipment would be?  The answer of course is about ‘breathing’ underwater!  While a diver needs good, reliable equipment to go deep into the ocean, the merman does not require anything except a good pair of lungs, for he can hold his breath just like the dolphins and the whales.  They only need to rise to the surface of the water, take a big breath, than travel all the way back down to the bottom of the ocean.   

They are indeed happy and very much at home, so Gavin, a merman,  with his good friend Miranda, travel up to the surface quickly, take a breath, then return all the way back down to the bottom.  Miranda has long beautiful golden hair and you are about to find out why Miranda is so happy way down on the bottom of the ocean.  However, this is not so for Gavin, he is always ‘sad’!   The further one travels deep down into the sea, the darker it becomes because the sun cannot shine all the way to the bottom of the ocean.  Miranda and Gavin have a beautiful ‘crystal garden’ to look after and care for, while Gavin thinks he helps, he really is no use as all.  Just as well they can swim and move through the water very quickly, for the garden is so BIG and expansive that you cannot see where it begins and where it ends.  In a place deep in the ocean that is usually dark and not easy to see where one is going, the ‘light’ of the crystals helps all creatures ’see’ better.  There is so much ‘light’ coming from the ‘crystal garden’. 

The ocean is so deep in some places that it is just like a forest and mountains with caves deep in the watery canyons.  The ‘light’ helps all the sea creatures, who could very easily bump into each other or even get lost among the tall sea weed.   They can ‘see’ as well as ‘know’ where to go and find the best food that the ocean has to offer. ‘Good morning’ says Mrs Turtle, stretching out her neck as she passes George the ‘sea snake’.  Everyone is happy and very friendly here, except for Gavin!   Mr Seahorse is taking Peter to school, so they are not stopping to chat to anyone as they make their way to the coral reef to join all the other children! Best not be late for school!
Many people on the earth have gardens, and maybe you have one as well that you look after!  If the house is very small with no place outside for a garden, then some will have boxes sitting on their windows or are in pots.   Flowers are very colourful and really like lots of water so they can grow, be healthy and help people ‘feel’ happy.  Sometimes people make others ‘feel’ special when flowers are given as a gift!  Flowers need the sun and the rain as well to help the seeds pop out of the ground and grow into a beautiful flower or plant. 

However, deep in the ocean the ‘crystal garden’ does not have the sunlight like most ‘earth’ gardens, nor does it have the rain that is so essential for a good healthy garden.   Some plants cannot grow in the ocean because of the ‘salt water’, but seaweed can!  So how do the crystals glow and produce a beautiful coloured ‘light’ deep in the ocean where there is no sunlight?   The secret is with Miranda and Gavin, the merpeople!   Although it is not really a secret for creatures of the sea, they have known for a very long time, just how important it is to ‘sing’ to the crystals.  So instead of ‘watering’ the flowers like you would do on the earth, in the sea you can just float around all the crystals, ‘singing’.  “Too easy”, you may ask? 

Miranda is very happy and sings a lot, yes, she can sing while swimming in the deep waters of the sea.  You now know that sound can travel much further in the water then on the earth.  So the whales, dolphins and merpeople are very unique creatures who can hear each other, even when they are a long, long way apart.   The colours of the crystals are sometimes pink, some blue and others are orange, yellow, all colours of the rainbow.
When Miranda sings to the crystals, something very special happens?  Can you guess what it is?  They change colour!  Yes!  From dark blue to a lighter shade, sometimes they change colour altogether, so if the crystal was pink, than it may change to violet.   What a wonderful ‘gift’ Miranda has that when she ‘sings’, her very ‘special sounds’ can change the crystals from one colour to another!  However, that is not all, the crystals not only change colour, but they grow bigger and brighter as well!  She only stops singing when she needs to travel from the bottom of the deep ocean up to the surface so she can take a big breath.  While she is doing this, the crystals just stay the same colour and size, just as she left them! 

Gavin does not help Miranda with the crystals!  Just like you may help your mother sometimes look after the flowers, Gavin does not ‘feel’ happy most of the time, so he just sits on a rock wondering what to do.  He has been like this for many years even though some of his friends try and encourage him to play ‘hide and seek’ in the deep caves and behind very large rocks.  But, he is just not interested in anything really!  He certainly does not want to sing!  All he does is swims to the surface, takes a breath and then just sits on his rock listening to Miranda sing. Gavin can ‘hear’ her, even if he cannot ‘see’ where Miranda is for the ‘sounds’ travel through the water for a very long way.  

One day something changed!  Gavin travelled from his rock to the surface of the ocean to take a breath and heard voices that he did not recognise, nor understand.  He had never come across anything like this language before!  There were children playing on the beach, making sand castles, than they would enter the water to wash the sand from their bodies.  Gavin ‘felt’ something shift within him!  At first, he was curious and was not in such a hurry to go back down to the bottom of the ocean and sit on his rock, listening to Miranda singing.   Instead, he stayed some distance away so that he would not frighten the children. 

However, the sounds of the children playing made Gavin move a little closer, wondering why the children were so happy, but he still could not understand their language.  The sounds of their voices were very strange indeed!  There was a part of Gavin that wanted to ‘feel’ happy and realised that all he did was sit on a rock at the bottom of the ocean being ‘sad’, and ‘alone’ as well.  Miranda was happy, the children were joyful and everyone was having fun, except Gavin! Miranda had finished singing a beautiful song to the crystals and travelled to the surface of the water to take her necessary breath.  She noticed that Gavin was not returning to the bottom of the ocean but swimming around on the surface, joining a pod of dolphins that were passing by.  Gavin ‘knew’ that the dolphins were sending and receiving messages from another pod, some distance away.  The news was out that a large school of very small fish were close by!  Indeed, a wonderful feast for all the dolphins as well as large tuna, and the birds that were diving into the water from the sky.  So the dolphins were moving along, also not stopping to speak, so Miranda and the other merpeople returned to the ‘crystal garden’ on the bottom of the ocean.  Gavin was left all alone yet again!  

“Two worlds”, thought Gavin!  “I live in one and the children playing on the beach are in another!  I do not ‘feel’ as if I belong in the sea”!  The realisation made Gavin ‘feel’ not just sad, but ‘angry’ as well!  Gavin knew the world beneath the surface of the ocean, after all, it had been his home for many years, yet something was calling him to be more like the children and part of their world!  However, there was a very big difference between Gavin and the children, he had a tail and the children, well naturally, humans only have legs! he time past and Gavin decided to return to his rock on the bottom of the ocean, ‘feeling’ very sad and now he also felt angrier than before.  He sat there with his hands in his head, not speaking to anyone, even Mr Seahorse with Peter who, returning from school wanted to stop for a chat.  Gavin just wanted to fight, not talk!  Miranda saw all this happening and decided it was time to help Gavin, if he wanted to of course, she had never asked him before!  However, before speaking with Gavin, she closed her own eyes, than choose a special crystal in the garden.  The crystal was ‘pink’ and shaped like a rose!  Firstly, she sang to the ‘rose’ which grew brighter, lighter and bigger, then it opened and inside was another crystal.  A ‘heart’ shaped crystal which was light blue! 

Miranda thanked the ‘rose’ crystal for the ‘blue heart’ and she just ‘knew’ that it was going to be given as a gift for Gavin!  All alone, upset and now angry, Gavin had forgotten that his best, possibly his only friend was Miranda.  “What if she does not want to be my friend anymore”, he thought!  Miranda began to sing again while swimming around the rock that Gavin was sitting on!  She held out the light blue ‘heart’ crystal to Gavin, who looked at it, turned away, than looked again!  Gavin ‘felt’ something that he had not been familiar with before!  It was a very strange ‘feeling’ indeed!  It was as though his deep sadness was moving out of his heart and all the way down his tail.  “A gift for you Gavin, from the pink rose crystal” said Miranda, “it will make you ‘feel’ better”, she continued, “Also it will help you ‘see’, for it is like a key”!  “A key” replied Gavin?  Looking at the crystal! 

Miranda continued to swim around the rock Gavin was still sitting on.  However, he was not moving from this position so Miranda began to sing again!  The crystal began to glow, grow bigger, than it changed from blue to yellow!  Gavin noticed this change and his ‘eyes’ were also feeling strange.  For a brief moment, he could ‘see’ then his eyes would become blurry and Gavin used his hands to rub them.  “What is happening to my eyes” he called out to Miranda?  The singing stopped and taking Gavin by the hand, Miranda said, “come”!   Gavin willingly let Miranda take his hand and within moments they had travelled to the surface of the ocean!  Gavin questioned Miranda, asking curiously, “Why did you bring me here?  We did not need to take a breath”!   Miranda explained to Gavin, “when crystals begin to change colour they take you on a journey that may help you with ‘seeing and knowing’ why you feel so sad, alone and angry”!  “One crystal can do all that” Gavin cried out?  “And more” continued Miranda, “but just what you need for now is to ‘see’ what you have not been able to ‘see’, even with your eyes open”!  “I do not understand” said Gavin!  So Miranda went on with her explanation, “some people are blind from birth, others have accidents or an illness and over several years are able to see less and less.  Then there are those who have very good eyes, have not had an accident or no serious illness, yet are not able to see the ‘light’ or the ‘love’.  Like this heart crystal, many are unable to ‘see’ the ‘light and the love’ that is deep within it.  To most, it is just a pretty stone and therefore do not realise just how special and even more how it can help when we are ‘feeling’ sad, alone or angry”!  

The sounds of the children were now beginning to take the attention of Miranda and Gavin!  However, it was time for Miranda to offer the ‘heart crystal’ to Gavin, which had been blue when he first saw it, changing to yellow on the way to the surface of the water, and now it was violet.  Firstly a deep shade and turning to a lighter one!  “Place this crystal on your heart”, Miranda said with a soft but firm voice!  “Close your eyes and tell me what you ‘feel’!”  Gavin closed his eyes and Miranda waited!  The children’s voices became clearer!  Gavin could ‘hear’ the names and understood what they were saying.  He heard the names “Mary and Jack” being called out as they were throwing a beach ball to each other!  Gavin began to ‘feel’ more connected to his own heart through the crystal and wanted to leave the water and walk on the earth!  “What is happening to me Miranda”? Asked Gavin with an anxiousness in his voice!    “I ‘feel’ very strange indeed” to which Miranda explained, “you feel love Gavin, something that you thought you had but was missing, therefore you were alone, sad and ready to fight anyone who tried to share their love.  You pushed them away!  You were not able to ‘feel or see’ what was right in front of your eyes!  All the ‘Love’ in the water and particularly with our sea creature friends, as well as all the Light in the Crystal Garden!  “But what do I do now?”  A little excited, Gavin was holding tightly onto the violet crystal heart, and then he yelled even louder, “something is happening to my tail”. 

Miranda, now with her hand on the back of Gavin’s heart, said to him, “Sing”!  “Sing to the crystal in your hand”!  Gavin exploded in a very loud voice, “I cannot sing”!  Miranda waited, and waited!  What seemed like a very long time was really only short before Gavin began to sing!  Immediately the crystal that Gavin was holding shone like the sun, with rays of white light coming from it and going out through the water.  They both moved closer to the beach and the children also had noticed Gavin and Miranda.  They stopped playing with their beach ball and called out to their mother, sitting under a beach umbrella, fully occupied with the book she was reading.  “Mum, mum, come quickly”!  Jack called!  Even though he knew his mother’s name was Jane and how other adults also called her by this name, his friends called her ‘Mrs Greensill’.   Jane looked over the top of her book and then placed it carefully in her beach bag.   Making her way to the children, Mary met her mother and they held each other’s hand.  Mary was just four and Jack was two years older!    “What sort of fish are they”? Mary asked!   “They are not fish Mary” replied Jane in a very calm and ‘knowing’ voice!   Jack was also standing next to his mother and listened intently but did not speak!  Jane continued to explain about the creatures now clearly visible with their long tails half out of the water.  “They are called merpeople”.

Gavin was still singing and the most amazing physical transformation began to take place.  His tail began to change into legs and Miranda ‘knew’ very well that this was possible!   Miranda also ‘knew’ when it was time for Gavin to stop singing and just breathe, something that mother’s know also when giving birth to a new baby.  They understand just how important deep breaths help the process, making it much easier for both the mother and baby.  What Jack and Mary did not know was that their mother, Jane, knew very well what was happening for she too had once been a mermaid and left the water with her parents when she was eight years of age.  Now Jane felt that Gavin was possibly a long lost brother, if this were so, she hoped that he would be ‘coming home’ at last to join her. 

As Jane could now see and understand what was really happening with this very strange sight for both her children, she dropped Mary’s hand and turning to each, asked them both to stay on the beach.  Jane walked into the water, up to her knees and said ‘hello Gavin’!  He looked surprised, firstly that he could understand what she was saying, but more so that Jane knew his name.    Miranda encouraged Gavin to take a deep breath than kissed him on the cheek and said ‘goodbye’ with her tail coming right out of the water, making a huge splash then disappearing out of sight.  ane put out her hand, inviting Gavin to take hers while speaking gently, “take my hand and try standing on your new legs”.   Jane had a large towel over her shoulder and wrapped this around Gavin as he stood, a little unsure, but with Jane holding both hands now could ‘feel and see’ the sand under his feet.  Then Jane encouraged Gavin more, “walk slowly, one step at a time onto the earth”!   The request was like ‘music’ to Gavin’s ears! 

Jack and Mary were very quiet as this man, who just a few minutes earlier had a huge tail, was now standing in front of them with legs.  However, they knew and trusted their mother enough with many stories told to them in the past that Jane understood all that was unfolding.   One story in particular she had told them many times over about a huge earthquake which had erupted beneath the sea.  There were lots of earthquakes at the bottom of the ocean, yet the story that Jane told them was about one particular large quake where many merpeople, especially several merchildren were lost.  The water currents were so strong that some were swept away and so could not find their mothers.  After the earthquake when everything seemed to settle and be normal again, some merpeople decided to leave the ocean and live on the earth.  They never wanted to return to the sea!

Jane and Gavin stood in front of the children, all now on dry land and Jane said, looking at Jack and Mary, “I would like you to meet Gavin”!  “Hi” they both said in response, and then Gavin handed his crystal heart to Jack and said “this is a gift for you, a special crystal that lived on the bottom of the ocean.  It has lots of Love & Light and will help you also when you may be feeling sad and alone.  Jack said, “I sometimes do not feel ‘safe’, lots of things happen on the earth, are you sure you want to come with us?”  Before Gavin could answer, Mary, in her sweet voice and happy smile said, “Oh, it is ok, we have lots of crystals as well and they all help us.  Whatever we need them to do, they just help in every way.  They are like special keys which can open any door when we ask them and then you must sing as well!”  Jane then told the children there was something else that was very special about Gavin.   Again they waited for their mother to share with them as she explained, “Gavin is your long lost uncle”!  “Uncle!” said Jack, almost disbelieving!   Mary clapped and in a very determined request asked, “Please mummy, can Gavin come and live with us?  We don’t have any uncles and it would be such fun!”  Jane looked at Gavin while speaking to the children, “Gavin will be able to come home with us and stay for as long as he wants, then he can choose to leave any time he wishes.  He could return to the sea and visit all his friends, or travel across the earth and learn all about the people, the plants, not to mention all the animals that only need water to drink, not to live in!”

Many years later, when Jack was playing football with the big boys, just like many teenagers do, Gavin returned to the sea to visit Miranda, George the sea snake, Mrs Turtle, Mr Seahorse and Peter.  All were wondering what great adventures Gavin had experienced on the earth, but, he did not stay for very long in the sea.  All the sea creatures said ‘goodbye’, knowing that they would never see Gavin again.  After so many years of feeling ‘sad and alone’, just sitting on his rock, Gavin looked forward to all the fun and excitement on the earth with his beautiful sister, Jane, the children, Jack and Mary.  Their father, Brian and all their wonderful friends.  One truly big family indeed! 

Butterflies, Flowers & Trees
6/5/2013 - -  Edited 19.10.2013

Retreat Preparation

Over a period of three days I recently facilitated a retreat with an amazing woman, a dear friend since 2003.  When we met, on a two week Mystery School retreat, Jannine had already been an alternative healing therapist for fifteen years.  Jannine has worked with assisting others and still continues mainly through the gift of clairvoyance, readings, and mediumship. A few hours before Jannine arrived and the retreat would officially begin, I drove to the supermarket to buy some supplies necessary to sustain us during the days and nights.  The intense soul travelling experience usually has no time frame in regard to the hours required for a morning, afternoon or evening session.    

While at the supermarket, I noticed some flowers and immediately thought how nice, especially the bright yellow ones in among the purple and white.  I approached the selection only to discover that there was a butterfly, attached also to a long stem sitting right in the middle of the bunch.     
On my way home from the supermarket, I decided to have a quick swim in the ocean, ensuring I was in a clear space to begin the retreat.  Firstly as I opened my back door, a spider dropped out, it surprised me as I was not expecting such a large creature to appear.  Also it had only three legs on one side and one on the other.  So must have been caught in the door on a previous occasion.  It dropped to the ground and seemed to be well and truly alive as it made its way into the gutter under the car.

As I was about to enter the water, with body board in hand, in haste, due to the big sea, I  put my flipper on and broke the rubber strap that sits around my heel.  All this happening before the retreat, I began to wonder what was coming over the next few days!

Day One

The retreat ‘process’ began with activations, very much in the subconscious prior to Jannine’s arrival, now beginning to become more conscious.  The first night in my Retreat Centre, my home for the past six and a half years, Jannine enjoyed a restful night’s sleep, even going back to sleep in the early walking hours where she would normally be ‘hitting the floor’ and on the move.     

The first full day on retreat began with an ‘ear candling session’ and lasted for approximately three hours.  The gift of working more consciously with clair audience, being a significant start to the retreat. The gift is about ‘hearing’!  Jannine began to travel and connect with the totems, parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body.  While there are twenty four in a particular dimension birthing and anchoring, the main ones showing themselves in this particular session included a unicorn, spider and butterfly.

The soul travelling experience throughout the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight depends on the conscious intention or intentions reflecting a soul’s health, relationships or career.  The pathways of light, the songlines are mapped and while there are many parts, one is also travelling or shifting through several frequencies.  The butterfly or dolphin is of a multi-dimensional nature and therefore may have many parts to this one aspect. 

There are many souls, I certainly was one of them, unable to birth and anchor these parts through the I Am.  The most conscious door being the physical body, however, if the mental, emotional or several other bodies are holding deep core memories, than these are very challenging to open!  A butterfly and many other totems may be seen through the woundedness of what I imagine is similar to their experience in the physical consciousness.   Explaining why, many years ago now, I could not continue to be part of a group of people who were volunteer wildlife carers.  I was very activated by the woundedness, as well as the death of most animals not surviving their injuries, therefore discontinued this work.  My own woundedness had been activated when I began to work with my first mentor and therapist, yet it would be a few years before this understanding became even more conscious.    

Day Two

The second full day of Jannine’s three day retreat included a trip to a huge crystal warehouse.  The primary reason was to purchase a crystal for her friend’s birthday, being celebrated in the weeks to come.  Several people had given Jannine money towards buying a gift.  Of course I knew that this was just a doorway for yet another soul travelling session.  The Earth Crystal shop, as it had been on previous occasions for those working over three or more days with me, also have experienced an amazing journey.  The size of the shop or warehouse holds an enormous collection of crystals, all shapes and sizes. 

We were a couple of hours in this shop and within half an hour I had received a message that Jannine needed some assistance in moving through the mental body.  She had obtained the booklet from the shop owner, checking the prices as she had a set amount of money with which to purchase the birthday present.
How I was to get her past this head space and into her heart consciously was both a challenge but of no surprise how it all unfolded.  I asked Jannine to stand in front of a tall cupboard with several shelves, two of them had crystal butterflies and through this consciousness the journey through the stars began. Her openness to the ‘process’ was one of great trust and honour to herself as well as for me. 

In the basket on the floor where large crystal trees and others, although slightly smaller with a variety of colours, were sitting on the very top shelf, however, Jannine did not see the trees at first, only the butterflies.  I mainly saw the trees and not so much the butterflies.  I could see as well as know where we were heading, but the process was ‘soul travelling’ through the stars, represented by the butterflies.

All the beautiful butterflies activating the higher consciousness with their beautiful colours began a shifting as well as a journey through several vibrational frequencies.  Jannine, being a very starry being herself, travelling quickly and easily out of her physical body.  Therefore, the first conscious assistance for her was returning Jannine just as quickly, anchoring her new vibration through her physical body and into the earth.  Hence, the teaching and consciousness that was about to come through the trees! 

Eventually, approximately five minutes later, Jannine connected with the trees in the basket and then noticed the smaller ones on the very top shelf.  Consciously working over a period of five to ten minutes while standing in front of the cupboard, doors were opened thanks to the butterfly crystals.  In the etheric CrystaLoveLight Body, that is exactly what these bodies are, pure Light & Love, birthing and anchoring as one!  The confusion and an overwhelming sense is often an issue for the mental body!  How to move this ‘energy’ is not only through the vibrational shifting, consciously working with the colours but the breath as well, even if I am the only one able to focus on working with it!

The butterfly is the doorkeeper for the consciousness in bringing through more fully the gift of the I Am Body in seeing the light in the starry realms.  The soul travelling experience is part of the CrystaLoveLight Process which also includes the activation of these parts, who are then able to journey wherever they must to begin a re-patterning of the heart, then with the breath, the love and light both merge with the spirit.

There is a phrase that has been expressed by many souls, ‘they are off with the fairies or on another planet’!  My experience and understanding of the CrystaLoveLight Process is to bring these parts that are ‘out there’ and therefore separated from the I Am in, through the Heart of the Mother, through the stars, journeying through the water consciousness than into the earth.  In the end, the butterfly is not only about seeing the light in the stars but also feeling, knowing and in particular for Jannine, hearing the LoveLight as well.  In the Oneness of All That Is, the Love & the Light are not separate! 

Crystal Tree

The tree consciousness for Jannine became a key, for as the leaves of the branches, in this case, the small crystals attached to the limbs in the top of the tree, all represent parts of the CrystaLoveLight or I Am Body.  The butterfly is one of these small crystals, however, Jannine connected with several, all representing the vibrational frequencies as well as the multi-dimensional aspects of her soul. 

The memory for her conscious butterfly part may have been held in the heart, spirit or both!  The soul travelling experience was the beginning of a journey that would take her through inner worlds, starry, water and etheric inner earth realms where the spirit and heart would become one!  However, it was not necessary to focus on all that we needed or wanted to know at that stage, it would continue to unfold in the days to come.  There was still a crystal to be found and bought!

Through the consciousness of the tree, the ‘energy’ of these parts or small crystals which look like leaves, begin to travel down through the higher limbs and through the trunk of the tree.  The physical body is the trunk, solid, strong and a conscious clear pathway for the re-connection with the Earth Mother, Gaia, through the roots, therefore, the Crystal Heart of the Mother!

The day before we were working in the crystal shop, I had taken Jannine to the beach following the ear candling session.  However, before walking and swimming we spent time in the rainforest.  An amazing space, a large hill, a headland which meets the ocean, right in suburbia!  The highest point is a lookout which has a magnificent view to the south, as well as out to sea! 

Many of the trees that came into Jannine’s consciousness through this walk, especially as she had sat on the huge roots of one very large tree, now became a significant part of our journey in the Earth Crystal shop.  While standing in front of  the display of butterflies and trees in the cupboard, I reminded her of the size of these trees from the previous day’s walk in the rainforest. In particular, the root system of one enormous tree in particular, where she sat for a few minutes on the first full day of the retreat. 

The CrystaLoveLight Process   

While I never fully understand, see, hear or know it all in the moment, what is fully coming to me, right back to the day when initially buying the flowers in the supermarket!  I just go with the ‘process’ trusting that all will be revealed in due time!  Or perhaps ‘divine time’!  Trying to work it out is just a mental exercise with the heart not necessarily being connected. 

Why I was guided to buy flowers, prior to the Jannine’s first day of a retreat, something I had never done before for other souls coming for a line-in retreat, is about channelling! The Gifts of the I Am, the knowing (wisdom and higher consciousness) as well as the feeling, (clair sentience), both activating deep within the subconscious, all that Jannine and myself would bring through in the days to follow. 

The CrystaLoveLight Process began consciously for me in 2003 when I was living on a rural property.  Through sacred sound as well as working with crystals, drawing codes and consciously connecting to all the wildlife animals that were coming into my space, these among other experiences became my deepest awakening.  Some animals were seasonal so they would come on the odd occasion! However, others were around all the time and it was the bird life that often caught my attention due to their singing, or in the case of the crows, their squawking. 

The amazing awareness came when I realised that a particular soul, whether a live-in retreat, or a session lasting just a few hours, would often bring a particular animal in my space that I had never seen before.  Particularly birds and I would refer to the three bird books I had in my possession to find out more consciously what the possibly message was that would come through a higher conscious knowing

Through the conscious activation of all that was etheric and physical, I birthed and anchored parts of my CrystaLoveLight Body.  Soul Travelling through the starry spheres, portals or doorways began to open.  Songlines, activated by sacred sound, speaking or singing the light language, also assisted me to connect through the water consciousness.  All parts of my CrystaLoveLight or I Am Body, separate for so long, were returning through my physical body, into the earth.  By travelling through the lei lines or meridians of the Earth Mother, Gaia, the multi-dimensional understanding is that the physical earth is not separate to the stories or memories held in the inner earth realms.    

Day Three

The final day of the retreat arrived! Jannine and I began consciously working together at 6.30am with another soul travelling journey.  However, the sleep or lack of, in Jannine’s case was an indication that much was taking place in the subconscious.  The first stage of the session was approximately two and a half hours, some of the time sitting in a comfortable chair, then laying on the sofa/lounge.  Finally completing this stage of the journey, I asked Jannine to sit back in the comfortable chair with both feet firmly on the floor. 

What then unfolded was a full channelled message for Jannine, revealing her core memory, to which she replied, as so many have said to me in previous sessions, “yes I knew that”!  Why had it taken four years for Jannine and many other souls to be able to finally come to a place of being able to ‘feel, hear, know and see’

I understand the ‘process’ assists a soul not only reach the  awakening and consciousness of the deep core memories, but further birth, then fully anchoring the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body within a new dimension.  If any part of me is not allowing the I Am to come through then there is no clear flow or channel if the mental, emotional, physical or other etheric bodies are shut. 

While the emotional and mental bodies were necessary doors for Jannine to open, allowing the flow of LoveLight through all other bodies of the I Am, this also includes the other higher multi-dimensional bodies of the unicorn, spider and butterfly.   Jannine’s inability to feel like and eat some food was not possible at this stage of our journey on the last day.  I knew that something else was coming and by laying her on the massage table I could assist the physical body with all that had come through the etheric.

The emotional and mental bodies were finally opened and the feminine was still coming.  The I Am Body, coming into the 7th dimension and higher, holds the ‘collective memories’, therefore while my memories may seem personal, there is an aspect which is not separate to all I  connect to consciously and not so conscious at times.  The more conscious souls can be my partner (or ex partner), children, their partners, grandchildren and extended family, as well as friends, including those I assist within the framework of my work!   

I sensed that Jannine’s time on the massage table on this final day was going to be far shorter than the three hour session the previous day.  The pain she felt the day before I too felt in my feet and as a channel have experienced much of the emotional pain as it moves through me.  I not only see, know and hear their pain but I feel it intensely!  Often an indication to me of just what has been held for so long, years in fact! 

The intense pain held in her body finally came through my left foot.  My primary gifts of feeling, clairsentience indicated to me the intensity of the pain Jannine and others are holding in their physical as well their  etheric bodies.  By the time I had completed the work with Jannine, mostly through the physical hands on work, all was channelling through me and am often directed, through feeling to sit in a chair.  A strong sense at times of being thrust into sitting!  All the time needing to take a breath while focusing on the Light, channelling, not only what I feel, but what else may come through my knowing, seeing and hearing!

The final morning’s full channel for Jannine brought tears through me that lasted a couple of minutes.  A very physical indication of the huge release through her emotional body but with no sense of being overwhelmed or caught up in the drama as this door opened.  All taking place as I sat in the chair brining through the information she was ready to hear! While I have shed tears in the past as the doors have opened for souls I am assisting, this was the most intense and similar to opening doors of or flood gates of a huge dam.    

My gift as a Channel for the Council of Light, birthed and anchored over the years of inner work in creating the CrystaLoveLight Process, enables me, consciously not holding onto any part of the memory that is being worked through and with another soul.  Through my I Am Body, mostly conscious in my physical body, my own inner work has been with re-patterning many heart and spirit memories.  These have been held in me, not only in relation to the Earth Mother, but through the Oneness of All That Is. 

Being able to channel a ‘process’ which assists a soul journey consciously through the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight and re-connect, re-pattern, then finally birth the I Am Body in the dimension that the soul possibly can,  is an awakening for myself and others of the memory of all memories, ‘the separation story’.  By Soul Travelling, I am able to remember the Gifts of the I Am which have held all stories or memories relating to any issue regarding the ‘separation of the heart, spirit, soul, I Am Body, The Mother and the Oneness of All That Is!    

The conscious connection with and through “The Mother” is very much the CrystaLoveLight Process.  She is not only of the earth for all those shamans and earth mothers!  Nor is she just of the water for all those who hold a very close connection with the whales and dolphins, but she is The Weaver of the Web of Light that connects and flows through all three.  Remembering in particular the gifts of being able see, hear, know and feel the power of the Light!  Therefore, needing to soul travel to the core of my being where I birthed through as pure Light! 

Home Coming

So many souls on this planet, myself included prior to this work, struggle to find their place on the earth, with no sense that earth is a place to call ‘home’, often spending a great deal of time and money trying to work out why. Lost, not sure if I wanted to stay in the teaching profession and not knowing where I wanted to live!  Led me to buying an ‘around the world’ ticket in 1998!  I took time off  from work for the first time after decades in full time education with university studies on top of it all and began a huge journey, leaving Australia for six months.  At the time I thought those months were to be journey of my life, the big one was yet to reveal itself! 

The activations over the days, shifting through several vibrational frequencies more than once and the dimension in which Jannine’s deepest core memory was sitting over the previous months and possibly four years, was awakening more fully as we travelled.  The intense focus over a three day period allowed her soul to “go where it needed” so that her heart and spirit could truly, come ‘home together’, as One!  Those who have travelled with me over three or more days find the retreat experience intense but a necessary ‘rite of passage’.  Jannine’s emotional body was unlocked due to the mental body also finally ‘letting go’!   With one blocked the other doors cannot open!  With only one gift working, the machine is functioning on three cylinders.  The potential that we all hold is four, plus the gift of being a clear channel follows.

The Collective Conscious

Finally we had some food then prepared to go for a drive to view a lottery home and buy a ticket or two.  Part of this conscious final journey together was allowing her to begin integrating, away from the CrystaLoveLight Retreat Centre, where much activation is constant. Integrating has many levels to move through, over days, through weeks and even months.  The initial time is significant due to the inability of the soul to hold the LoveLight vibration, so while still on retreat and in my physical company, this part of the ‘process’ assisted Jannine before she actually left to return home, a three hour drive north.    

Once before Jannine and I had visited a home, working together with the energy of the space.  Now here we were yet again, walking up the long drive from the road to the home.  My legs become very heavy and so did Jannine’s so we needed to stop.  This has happened before and I know that the trees have a message and in getting my attention, our work had well and truly begun consciously!  What was to unfold was not only the conscious work continuing, for we were to discover the retreat was far from ended.  The bizarre and almost disbelieving confirmation in relation to the past three days was about to be revealed. 

We ended the walk up the drive and I sat on the stone wall, allowing the energy to move through me as we connected with the ‘collective conscious’ story.  The knowing for me was in the earth under the house and Jannine could see bars, a sense that souls were trapped.  As we approached the home, walking through the ticket selling area, a double garage, I began to see an etheric door, like a vault.  Many people visiting, dreaming of a ‘new home’ as they looked and bought tickets, were consciously and subconsciously bringing with them their fears and beliefs that they ‘were trapped’.      

All that Jannine and I had journeyed through over the days was about ‘The Mother’!  Her final stages on the massage table brought through the collective consciousness of many friends who have not birthed children in this lifetime, including myself.  The memory held deep in the core of numerous women, mostly held in the subconscious, is ‘that they cannot be mothers in this lifetime’.  Connecting too, birthing and anchoring our gifts through the CrystaLoveLight Process is not just about conceiving and birthing a baby in the physical but remembering the Gifts of the I Am. 

The picture and story of the ‘collective’ is much bigger and women in many cultures and traditions, including royalty, regarding women as worthy and honoured only if they take responsibility of providing an heir.  Shamanic cultures, even within religious traditions, woman would have been considered cursed by the gods or God if unable to bear a child or two. While sitting in a channelled group session with my second teacher and mentor, I heard the words specifically addressed to me, ‘spiritual midwife’.  Over the years it has not been just an etheric birthing but a full on and at times overwhelming experience of energy through the I Am Body. In particular the physical body connecting me to the Heart of the Mother!  The “Oneness” is in every part of me, the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body, a connection through the water, starry consciousness and therefore All That Is!    

Soul Travelling the Light Pathways, the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight! Activating, remembering, re-patterning, embracing both the Love and the Light, then returning to the Crystal Heart of the I Am.  A coming home, fully through this incarnated lifetime and all that my soul holds.  The key for manifesting through the Gifts of the I Am on the earth in this lifetime as they assist in knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling the full potential of LoveLight as my mission unfolds!  Finding my home on the earth is the journey of a lifetime and the levels of understanding the memory of being ‘lost, homeless, depressed and angry’ with The Mother, therefore not wanting to on the earth’,  whether conscious or not, is very real for many souls.    

As Jannine and I began walking towards the house, I said to her, ‘this is your house’!  Not a generous gesture on my part but a channelled phrase that would in a very short time confirm all that would imply all  layers necessary for her to ‘find her home’ on the earth.  While we did not manage to manifest this physical home, all a necessary part of the ‘process’ in doing the work required at the time!   

The confirmation came that our days together had been a profound time when Jannine showed me the goose bubs on her arm.  What caused this buzzing feeling in her was the first large picture of flowers on the wall.  She said, “this is what I have been seeing for the past three days” as well in every room, the bed spreads, the pictures on the wall all held a butterfly theme.  Some were larger than life and stuck to the walls.  The flowers had the same gold colour as the ones I had bought for my space on the first day of the retreat. 

A display book sitting in the main bedroom was titled “Australian Voices” and on the wall in one of the bedrooms were not only butterflies but a picture of nine wrens or robins.  Finding your voice, through Sacred Sound Codes was a significant issue for Jannine and many others with whom I work in unlocking the throat area.  So very necessary if one is able to connect the mental body with the heart, allowing both etheric and physical vibrations, then pass through the ‘truck of the tree’ into the earth.

Our soul travelling journey unfolded as we walked through the house!  I began to feel the vibrational shifting within myself, apparent when I was standing in front of another very large picture on the wall.  A tree with several colours throughout and began immediately to soul travel through the colours, shifting yet again my vibration.  Within a minute or so, I saw the energy come through the tree and travel around the house.  I walked into the large kitchen and living area which extended out to the pool.

Standing outside and feeling that I wanted to go onto the grass, however, a fence indicated that no one could walk beyond the barrier.  I began working and felt the energy so strongly and eventually walked back near the main front door of the house.  If coming through the front door one could go left to the bedroom area or to the right into the kitchen and living area.  If one continued straight ahead from the front door, you would arrive at the main gate, the entrance into the pool itself. 

Again I could not enter through this gate as it was locked for safety reasons so stood for another good ten minutes holding the space while watching the portal open in the pool.  Jannine told me while standing there that she had on past occasions drawn the design of her home that had a pool in the middle and the house built around it, just as this one displayed.  Hence, my words to her which reiterated what I had said on the way in, “this is your home”!

Physically, Jannine and I could not walk into the area of the pool so etherically I saw that we were both holding the space.  Jannine was standing in one corner of the pool and I in the other.  I felt my energy through my physical body lighten and began to walk back into the double garage where we could buy our tickets.  However, walking past the main bedroom for the last time, I saw in the centre of the room a pillar of light and stood in it, then asked Jannine to do the same. 

The lesson, as it had come through the Earth Crystal shop was to be conscious of travelling out, but also to come back, anchor and ground it all.  Following this Jannine looked again at the book “Australian Voices” and asked me what year I was born, when I said, 1953, another woman who overheard her asked me to repeat it and I immediately said, the Year of the Snake!  With this came the consciousness of Mother Gaia and I said “where is she”? 

Sleeping in the earth right under my feet and as we worked with the consciousness of her message for Jannine, The Mother moved to take the shape of the large rock wall at the back of the property.  Sandstone blocks which had a similar pattern to the skin marking on the python snake.  Our journey had come to an end…..for now!        

Remembering The Gifts of The I Am - CrystaLoveLight Body

Walk gently and slowly among the flowers     
        seeing and knowing their beauty in light ……

Walk gently and slowly among the flowers
        feeling and hearing their breath in fragrances of love

Walk gently and slowly among the flowers 
        remembering where they birthed……

By walking gently and slowly among the flowers   
        I  honour The Mother beneath and within…..

The Oneness is All That I Am & All That Is!




                                                     One Voice - One Sound!

 Throughout my previous career I lived and breathed ‘music’, an influence that had come from my mother who played the piano and other family members.  A significant influence also came from my childhood teachers, Catholic Sisters who taught me the church organ as well as the piano. Playing for church masses began in my teenage years and continued until I was almost fifty.  Over the years, while teaching individuals, groups, primary and secondary students, I also had been a member of a brass band in a small country town, playing the tenor horn, equally enjoying the cello, enabling me to be part of a small orchestra. Over twenty years I gained much experience and developed skills as a teacher and professional musician.

My music skills and gift expanded through many AMEB exams. Certificates received from The Australian Music Examinations Board came as a result of years of dedication to practice in piano, cello and voice! Other instruments played  included the guitar, trumpet, drums and flute.  After four years at university, I moved from the role of private teacher, infants and primary stages of education into the secondary high school system. The path that was to open up in the years to follow certainly benefited greatly from my significant musical background.

I have described in some detail just how much ‘music’ was my life, a teaching career that began in the early seventies and lasted into the late nineties.  However, all was about to change!  In the year, 2000 I began to work with my first mentor, healer or therapist, a ‘channel’ who brought through her own modality.  While she worked primarily with the gift of ‘clair audience’, as a clear ‘channel’, all other gifts including ‘seeing, knowing and feeling’ were very much birthed and anchored. By the end of 2001 I ‘knew’ I could not continue working in the Catholic Secondary School system and resigned. However, during the last three years, I studied with an amazing singing teacher, also a speech therapist. Initially I just wanted to restore my voice after years of teaching and avoid another operation.  I also joined my teachers a capella group, performing in concerts and participating in competitions.         
Over a two year period I was in transition from one career and moving into the next.  After the first mentor came the second, then the third and at forty eight years of age, music would come to be known as ‘sacred sound’ with no relation to ‘church music’ as I had previously known.   The term ‘harmony’ began to hold a new perception and understanding as a ‘healer and therapist’ as I embraced the initial purpose of working with my first mentor.  ‘Feelings’ of frustration and anger’ came out through three  areas of my life; relationships, health and my career.  ‘Knowing’ there was more and the choice to change the patterns, led me to understand the ‘anger and deep core beliefs’ held within.    

Through much ‘inner work’ from 2003, my ‘channel’ opened and my ‘soul travelling’ brought an understanding of a memory called ‘the separation story’.  In the past I had lived a life that was to some degree, successful and secure.  However, I felt alone, disconnected and ‘separate’ from family and the communities I had been associated with for many years.

Those who understand ‘etheric energies’ and  work with ‘sacred sound’ in particular, will know that each unique instrument holds a particular vibrational frequency.  Clairvoyance is being able to see this frequency as it is a particular coloured ‘light’. The voice, however, holds the vibration as well as the dimension anchored and birthed through the I Am of the soul who is able to ‘channel sound codes’.  Depending on the ‘inner work’ which a soul has embraced, determines which dimension has actually birthed and anchored through the I Am Body.  The physical body being the primary conscious door! 

Like any orchestral player, sitting throughout a long performance, waiting patiently to play, so too I have found through my own work with ‘sacred sound’ that ‘divine time’ is a key for ‘feeling’ the shift of each vibrational frequency. Firstly, ‘knowing’ when it is time to play/sing or both is one part of the process; secondly, waiting for the sound to come through without the mind or mental body determining this is to fully ‘channel’ sound codes. 

All individual and unique instruments within an orchestral family, come together to produce one sound from many sources, requiring much experience, knowledge and skill.  The conductor assists the players produce the best performance, the leader brings their own experience, knowledge and skill as they all work together.
So too, all parts of the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body must be as ‘one’, in alignment, therefore, in ‘harmony’. The uneasy ‘feelings’ of anger, frustration, despair and more, hold the story of ‘separation’.  By embracing these parts through ‘soul travel’, beyond the consciousness, I can embrace, reconnect and re-pattern all parts.

Due to the fears and beliefs, many of these parts or ‘aspects’ have been labeled as entities or other definitions which keep these parts even more separate and therefore unable to ‘return to the oneness’.   ‘Sacred sound’ is indeed a powerful tool for assisting a soul begin such a journey.       



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