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The Spider's Touch -
17th April 2013

Earlier this year, I was watching the local TV news when part of Dame Shirley Bassey's performance at the Oscars was briefly shown. The Academy Award show was celebrating fifty years of the James Bond movies and she sang the theme song from 'Goldfinger'. A number one hit in the mid 1960's!

I remember attending the screening of this movie as a teenager with my father, uncle, sister and possibly other family members, recalling the theatre, just a short twenty minute drive from where I now presently live. However, one scene from the movie stayed with me throughout the years, the image of young beautiful woman, on a bed, painted in gold and her death was the result from this extreme act.

I decided to watch the Oscars in full and listened in awe as the great voice of Shirley Bassey held an audience around the world, with a standing ovation from those present during the live performance. The power through the words of the song come in just five sentences with two of them repeated. The charisma reflected through the voice of Shirley Bassey, now 76 years of age, set the tone for all Bond movie themes that followed. While the song Goldfinger has its own story of a man who loved gold, the theme "good versus evil" and how the 'light always wins over the dark' is depicted in all Bond movies. Since the song came back into my consciousness some months ago, there has been one phrase in particular that stands out, 'the man with the lightest touch, a spider's touch'.

The power of the written word, woven through the pen, fingers, mind and soul of the writer or composer, finds a voice in song. The power also comes in the telling and reading of a particular story. Small children when listening to a story being read to them, may not seem to be fully comprehending or totally engaged with all that is conscious for the adult reader. However, what is taken into the subconscious is stored for a possible future awakening. Ted Andrews, an American shaman, now deceased, wrote, "Remember that spider is the keeper of knowledge of the primordial alphabet. Spider can teach how to use the written language with power and creativity so that your words weave a web around those who would read them". (Animal Speak 1999).

A delightful story I have shared with many souls over the years and now share again from a new perspective, awareness and understanding. Several years ago I was witness to a large white orb spider in my garden and with a new consciousness from Goldfinger, the title of this article has emerged. Magic comes in many forms and I had experienced such wonderful moments over and over in the early days of 'channelling' The CrystaLoveLight Process. Through nature, the plants, animals and even the weather at times, showed and confirmed for me more consciously the path I had truly embraced.

My home was situated near Byron Bay and the structure of my house was very much on ground level. There were no steps onto the small covered veranda, a porch, which extended along the main entrance to the house. One night, just after the sun had set, I sat on my veranda with a faint light coming from a room just along the porch. I noticed a huge spider's web, almost a metre in size had been woven, constructed between one of the posts supporting the roof of the veranda and connecting to the bush in the garden. The position of the web was in a perfect place for catching smaller insects also the leaves falling from the larger trees.

The physical size of the white orb spider suggested female, for the male is smaller. Another characteristic of the orb spider is to build the web in the evening and remove it in the morning which may explain why I had not noticed this during the afternoon. I watched in awe and with great interest while sitting in the dim light, enough for me to view this spectacle without disturbing her natural setting of darkness. For over an hour the spider was very active, detaching the leaves which had blown onto and were firmly caught in her web.

I describe now as I have many times in the sharing of this story that the busy nature of the spider was equal to anyone 'doing the housework'. She detached each leaf, dropping it to the ground below, a process that lasted approximately one hour. Enough time for me to be activated, comprehending the consciousness of all that I was remembering.

The initial four years of living in the rural setting, without a TV during this time, lessons and teachings came through various encounters with the wildlife, both in the water as well as the earth. My conscious understanding of being a shaman became more and more obvious in my physical form and gender reflecting an earth mother connection. In channelling Mother Gaia consciously, an extension of this came through me in another title, The Channel for the Council of Light, including angles, ascended masters, shamans and more.  An extensive list, many of whom I had channelled consciously in the birthing and anchoring of the CrystaLoveLight Process through all realms.  Through earth, water and stars, I began to understand more fully that these souls were not separate but held the Oneness in all consciousness. The Great or Grandmother totem in the form of a 'spider' birthed and anchored through my I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body.  All that came to be known, felt, heard and seen as the Weaver of the Web!

All those who live or have a growing sense of Oneness, may be challenged with these roles or titles being separate. Separation is when the heart is disconnected from its spirit. Also the disempowered masculine and feminine of an individual soul may reflect any shaman or earth mother's separation story on the earth. I certainly can relate fully in my experience when I know and feel that the balance is missing, therefore the flow of LoveLight is as well.

Indeed a magical experience! Like so many other conscious awakenings during those years, once was enough for the lessons and impact of what I understood as a significant encounter in travelling from the conscious seeing and knowing into the subconscious. By working at night, the spider had a higher chance of survival as her greatest threat was a bird, the honeyeater, also prolific in my garden, especially when various trees were in bloom and displaying their sweet flowers. Weaving her 'light in the dark' the spider had many lessons to teach from this one conscious encounter.

Eventually the web was clean, even parts which had been broken were repaired. However, one last act on her behalf came when she travelled out to the edge of her web and began moving a fly, also caught, into the centre of the web. In the time I was watching her, I did not see her consume this meal, the primary purpose for building the web in the first place. The spider reflects the delicate balance in mapping and creating a path to travel. The place from where the journey begins for the spider is the centre of her web from which she builds, then is able to travel around it 'doing her housework'. The lesson coming to me over the past months is, "the spider only took into the centre of her web what served and sustained her at the time, discarding the rest".

The edge of her web may be compared to the end of the universe or a solar system. The overwhelming memory which came to me on a couple of occasions over the years through my knowing was that there were several webs and each one represented a different dimension. Also that there are several vibrational frequencies in which a soul travels once sound codes have been activated.

The spider, other animals and insects all opened a new awareness for me in those early years. The awakening came in many forms from seeing a space ship on the first occasion and some months later a mother ship right above my house. Also one night there were six balls of light, bouncing on the tops of the trees some distance away from the house, with a message that these were angels, all light. Living in suburbia often has human influence, however, the awakening experiences shared over the years, often occur in country regions. I moved to my country dwelling when I began teaching in a Catholic school, however, when I resigned from the position, I was totally on a different path. The space in which I found myself still living was to become a key in all that unfolded both consciously with the activations awakening the subconscious.

Mother Gaia consciously became my teacher for she provided all that I needed and it was sitting right under my nose. My previous career took me away from this space, than in 2002, the very centre of my universe was also my home and where I began to heal my heart. The event in New York City and other areas, remembered as 9/11, 2001, was the precise moment when I began to live without the distraction of a TV, consciously putting it in the cupboard, eventually giving it to a friend. This decision was significant for I was also preparing to submit my resignation. With three months to go, I ended a very long career in education and sensed a new beginning was coming. Twelve months later I knew I had moved onto the 'fast track'.

My time in the Australian bush, with so much to see, hear, know and in particular through feeling, a world of great consciousness opened profoundly, sensing that I was travelling through universes, only to discover later that they were also inner worlds. Beyond the consciousness I travelled into the subconscious through a combination of sounds, channelled as light language. Surrounded by the physical totems in my consciousness on a daily basis, I knew "that I was not separate to their story".

Both the earth and water totems became my friends, teachers and inspiration. My twenty minute drive to the beach awakened a stronger connection with all totems of the water. Both the earth and the water would become significant keys together, for me firstly, and in time, others I would assist. If I am unable to 'travel' etherically, through the realms of consciousness, then there are doors that cannot open, therefore it would not be possible to reconnect and remember the parts which potentially hold the love, light or both within a particular dimension.

My sense, or knowing about and experiencing soul travel, came after hours, weeks and then years of activations, followed by a huge download of sound codes. In 2007, I embraced one of my three titles, "Soul Traveller" and added this to yet another, "Keeper of The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight". The totems became conscious doorkeepers for a particular gift within a specific realm! The necessary activations awakened the memories held in my heart and spirit. The totems of the earth, water and starry realms reflected the woundedness of my heart, spirit and therefore my soul. However, being multi-dimensional, they were also conscious vehicles in which I could travel. Eventually I would come to understand the greatest memory of all, "the separation story".

Beyond the consciousness I could travel, reconnecting with these parts of my CrystaLoveLight Body. Some were broken, shattered or crushed in relation to my heart, spirit and for many parts, both. My first teacher and healer began this journey just two years prior and more awakenings came with my second, followed by a third. All within three years my channel had begun to open. The inner work took over my life as I began to travel to the centre of my web. The place where I could focus and discover what the key or keys were that served me in regards to my health, relationships and career choice I was now embracing fully.

The physical leaving of my home is not only about going out to work or to socialise, for I may be just as busy at home. The TV, internet, people around me or next door may hold a great influence on my thoughts and actions. How I respond through my actions may come from the thoughts and perceptions of how I think things should be! The fears and belief systems held deeply within me, beyond the consciousness may be the reason for certain behaviour, patterns in myself and mirrored by those around me, including the family pet. All the gifts reflect the mirror or reflection of what I am holding.

Any one of the gifts may be a key for the consciousness to awaken. Feeling physical pain, frustration, anger or how I see and perceive the bigger picture. Hearing children at play and being irritated with their noise or the constant sad stories of friends, stuck in their grief, knowing there is more, however, the memories of separation do not allow me to discover what is on the other side of the door.

The Law of Reflection is a big mirror! I was and still am shown today what I need to know, hear, see and feel in relation to the Love, Light or both. Blaming the other driver, my mother, partner, neighbour or the boss are all mirrors that I must look into and ask, "what is it that I am not seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing within myself"? Whether a family member or the environment, when I can embrace the part or parts of me, triggered or activated by a particular person or situation, the restoration and re-patterning will follow.

My living space, my home, a CrystaLoveLight Retreat Centre, reflects all that I can hold in a LoveLight vibration within the dimension of my physical body at this very moment in time. I chose many years ago to be the facilitator of live-in retreats, soul travelling with individuals, also with groups, holding what is necessary for all who desire and are able to journey on the path together. My words through speaking, singing and writing are actions which have brought great joy and fulfilment over the years. However, the challenges of working through each dimension also have a significant and necessary element of activation. I have been very conscious of this myself and become very aware of the activations concerning others. The most challenging place I am taken within any soul travelling session is activating what is necessary for a soul to be able to move forward. Especially with mothers and their children, whatever the age may be.

My experience also with souls I have assisted over a period of several years, when memories or patterns show themselves again consciously and I am asked "when will I be done with it"? Or something totally new may arise, coming from somewhere deep in the subconscious, reflecting the pattern of possibly another core soul separation story. Only now has the soul travelled to and reconnected with the part of their CrystaLoveLight Body which is able to be seen, heard, felt and known, within a new dimension. The soul is preparing for the birthing and anchoring through all bodies, the I Am. From conception to birth, the experience for some mother's may seem to be an easy road. From the birth of one child to the next, no two are ever the same experience for each is a unique gift!

The higher and more expanded the dimension, the possibility of the story being even more challenging than previously experienced. Consciously assisting a soul working in the 7th dimension to one in the 5th will be different. However, each soul will certainly feel the intensity throughout the process. The particular dimension a soul is travelling through and processing is not the key essential element. The very separation story itself which the soul is holding within the dimension birthing and anchoring through the I Am is very much the key!

The focus of my work has led me on a totally different path with many new friends and colleagues with whom I have travelled. Opening doors through activations led to a sharing of deep core memories, assisting souls find their own empowerment through feeling, hearing, seeing and the wisdom held in a subconscious knowing.

The memories of the gifts are one thing, however, the stories around the gift of being a 'channel' is another. The "spider's touch is one of light", channelled through the hands of many therapists, however, the earth, water, and starry parts of me unable to hold the light, equally cannot hold the love, for they are not separate. Can I see, hear, know or truly feel the power from where my soul birthed? The very central core of my web, my heart, is where I return so that the reconnection, re-patterning and finally, remembering the power of these gifts, held through the Love and Light both. My I Am is the connection through All That Is when my spirit and heart merge as ONE! A simple gesture, a pat on the back or taking someone's hand in a moment of comfort is a powerful tool when the 'light' is fully birthed, anchored and integrated through my I Am Body, therefore holds love, an experience a soul will never forget.

Recently I gave a massage to a young man,just 22 years of age who I had worked with just once, eighteen months prior. During our initial session, lasting just over an hour,  laying on a mattress and the 'hands on' connection was not the focus previously as it was about to be for him with a full on physical massage. Indeed he was challenged throughout his school days as a special needs student due to his learning disabilities. In order, to control his behaviour he was prescribed the drug Ritalin, also to assist his focus and concentration, he still takes a similar medication for this purpose.

During his childhood he sustained a serious injury to an ankle from a motor bike accident on his property. His mother told me she had taken him to a massage therapist previously but he would not go back. I understood why when I began to work with him. Any massage therapist coming from a place of working with him in the same capacity and process as they normally would with everyone else may not assist him. Firstly, his nervous system, already shattered, needed "a spider's touch" to assist him begin the journey of reconnecting the many parts of his CrystaLoveLight Body.

The touch that could only assist this young man at this time would need to be delicate, both physically and etherically, for both were totally separate. The session took me to another place in the awareness of needing fully to get out of my own way. How I approached the session was beginning to unfold consciously when I remember his mother saying, "he does not like being touched" and how she could not hug him over the years. His trust in me was a miracle even before I began physically and etherically to work with him.

If the modality of massage was going to assist this man, it could not be done by the 'book' or the process which had assisted many souls I had previously held sessions with over the years, especially in massage therapy. I only realised fully where I needed to go with him when I first placed one finger on his back and he jumped. His reaction to this touch was extreme and it occurred several times in the first few minutes. The clock on the wall gave me the time frame for the different stages throughout the session. Not something I would have taken notice of with someone else.  The first stage was approximately forty minutes of activation, just by touch! Followed by the 'light' channelling through me into his spine, then he began to travel through multi-dimensional realms and several vibrational frequencies as his nervous system was restored, reconnected and re-patterned in the dimension his physical body could hold.

The nervous system for many souls is a huge door through which one is able to journey, returning the flow of LoveLight through the physical body and finally birthing with a connection into the earth, reuniting with 'the mother', Gaia! The gift of clair sentience, feeling, has me moving from one end of the physical body to the other. As the LoveLight is activated through a delicate touch from the back of the head and upper area of his spine, a physical connection is made through one foot or both and with my feet firmly on the ground, the doorway or channel to Gaia is opened.

During one soul travelling session, the nervous system is usually followed by another and possibly more, but not this time.  I would describe the condition of his nervous system as shattered, similar to taking a crystal and hitting it with a hammer. The gentle and gradual process which follows the activation is the re-patterning of his nervous system. Reconnecting to all parts of the  CrystaLoveLight Body, separated and therefore outside his physical body, is a process.

By soul travelling through all the doors of Ed's emotional, masculine, feminine, mental and etheric bodies, through several vibrational frequencies for each, the physical body firstly feels the energy shifts, expanding, just like a balloon, only the air is LoveLight both. Therefore, a channelled waiting time, a pause, is required and essential as the physical body adjusts to the shift in vibration. I may sit down for a moment or for a couple of minutes then through clair sentience I will be lifted out of my chair and guided to stand next to the physical body. I will be guided, not only with where to place my hands but also the motion and pressure required channels through me. Each soul is unique and so the time frame will be different. Overcooking the body is possible, just like a cake in the oven. Too much energy to quickly would overwhelm this man.  The merging of his heart and spirit are assisted through my own conscious breath work.

Ed was on the massage table for approximately two and a half hours, a surprise for all who know his story. The follow up session would be ideally one month later.  Again challening the timeframe for this soul, a significant factor is that he also wishes to proceed over the long term.  During the space between sessions, it is essential that souls fully integrate the adjustment of new vibration of their nervous system. Similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes, time is needed for the shoes to feel like his old ones.

During the time of integration, I asked his mother to assist, teaching her how to work with him as the parts of his CrystaLoveLight Body, once separate, continue to travel and return as Love and Light both, through his nervous system. The heart (love) and the spirit (light) will merge and by simply placing her hands on his shoulders while I reminded everyone to breath, the essential ingredient and key. I have assisted other mothers as well with helping their children be more grounded. Certainly it varies, depending on the relationship between mother and offspring.

Some may still be reflecting on why I began this article with the story of Goldfinger? As a channel I cannot assume or presume where the messages will come from, except to say that they sit way out "Beyond the Beyond", deep within the sub conscious. The phrase from the song may have possibly, quite a few decades ago now, found a place deep within me, only to be activated when one of my teachers shared with me my Keepership as Weaver of the Web. While there is much fear held around the energy of a spider, there was another occasion in my home in 2003 I share briefly with you.

After working through the night, soul travelling, sounding, the sun began to rise and I sat reflecting on all that unfolded throughout the night. I noticed another very large spider on my wall, close to the high ceiling, I looked closely noticing that it only had seven legs, so I asked what this could mean and immediately the answer came, 'I have more work to do!' One decade on and I know, there is always more. Only when the soul has been activated, travelled through the vibrational frequencies necessary, as well as the process of anchoring and birthing through the dimension of my I Am Body, do I 'get the message'. The integration comes through channelling all that I need to know, see and hear and may take weeks, months, even years to finally understand fully.

Through the 'spider's touch' we are "reminded that the world is woven around us. We are the keepers and the writers of our own destiny, weaving it like a web….." (Animal Speak 1999) However, if the centre of my web, the core of my universe in my home, within my heart, is unable to reflect the LoveLight vibration of my physical dwelling, how can I possibly hold this when out in the busy, distracting world with so much pulling me one way and another?

The spider, taking all that she needed to sustain her (the fly) into the centre of her web, detached from all that did not serve her into the garden, so too, the gifts of the I Am are indeed a key for feeling, knowing, hearing and seeing what I may need to let go. My home here on the Gold Coast, as was my previous home from 1999 to 2005, is a place in which I hold retreats, The CrystaLoveLight Retreat Centre. Many wonderful friends shared my journey while living near Byron Bay and several years later I now ask for a bigger home with more rooms. However, I know the vibration I hold within my I Am Body, keeps me here in this space for the present time, until it all shifts, yet again.

Soul travelling, anchoring and birthing through the starry Spheres, the Songlines and Lei Lines, assists any soul who embraces these intense retreat days, knowing they will have the 'ride of their life'. The intentions a soul brings to the retreat, consciously, are keys for the pathways mapped, the doors that will open and the creativity channelling both Love and Light. As the facilitator and Keeper of the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight, I Am the doorkeeper, the door opener, also the Soul Traveller and Channel for the Council of Light. All part of what defines my I Am Body through the vibrational frequencies birthed and anchored within the dimension that my physical body can hold and sustain.

I continue my journey, understanding more fully my mission, sharing this through the written word, spoken and sung through 'light language'. I also continue to reflect on the stories which have in the past and continue to awaken my heart and spirit consciously. "I Am That I Am, because of All That Is".

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