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The Flight of The Phoenix

~ A Journey of Light ~
Remember we can make a difference!

Three months ago I, Gossamer, was given a vision; to speak about the LIGHT in relation to the Olympic Torch which is about to be taken around the world and into China. The Phoenix is about to take flight - the Logo of the Beijing Olympic Torch 2008



 The Olympic Flame takes its inspiration to the traditional concept of "fire phoenix", and presents the image of two runners holding the Olympic Flame high. As ancient Chinese legend has it, the phoenix is the king of all birds, and symbolizes good fortune, eternity, nobility and happiness. The use of the phoenix image in the Torch Relay logo conveys the idea that the Torch Relay will send the best. 

"Light the Passion Share the Dream,"
Beijing 2008 Olympic torch slogan ~ website: relaytorch.beijing2008

Over the past months, my reflections have been focused on the task of how to bring this consciousness to all who hold the Light and Love of All That Is. The message that came to me was clear and precise, “speak of the Light as it travels around the world in the form of an Olympic Torch and into China”. Each of you with your friends, co-workers and soul families are now being asked to connect energetically to a Flame, as it begins to travel in March across the continents and throughout twenty one countries. I certainly do not need to remind you how working with the LIGHT is a powerful tool and am fully aware that many of you already know and see consciously the Light within yourself and others. It is for this reason I now put this out on such a large scale, over the internet.

Understand and remember the power of traveling the many Crystal Light Pathways throughout the Universal Web of Light. By connecting consciously and traveling with the “phoenix fire bird” much will be transmuted and transformed. By uniting more consciously our intentions, Source Light will reach many beings on this earth in a truly unique way. By taking the challenge we assist our Light-working brothers and sisters lift the vibration that expands all our Light and Love. Re-connect and Return to the Oneness, the One Heart, with all beings from many realms of consciousness, through many dimensions and travel through the Sun and Moon energies of many earth voids.

During 2007 my work took me into Asia on three occasions. From my first visit to Hong Kong and Macao, I became more conscious of the significant opportunity of working across borders. In November in northern Thailand, a friend and I held a Sacred Crystal Ceremony just 200ks from the Burmese border. As we anchored the Songlines in the earth and connected with Leilines, we intended that our Love-Light travel into Burma. There are no boundaries or borders with this level of energy work and no limit to sending our intentions on the wings of the Phoenix with a physical flame of light that many along its route will consciously connect with. The torch and fire flame will hold energetically all our intentions as it moves into and throughout China. Many of us are conscious of China’s human rights issues, but I ask you to hold no judgment as “crimes against humanity” exist or throughout history have extended over all the continents of the world and throughout most countries. This is a “now” moment, a golden opportunity to put our focus from March 25 to August 8, working on a grand scale with many Light-workers around the world, continuing to

  • lift the vibration out of fear
  • remember the love ……
  • be empowered through the collective consciousness
  • make a difference

Please add your intentions to this list if you choose to come together more consciously in your soul families - meditation groups for the purpose of connecting more consciously to this DREAM.

Torch Relay Details: March 25, 2008 the Light journey will begin at Olympia – Athens where the Greek Olympic committee will pass the torch to a representative of China. Some of the photos represent the countries where I have many friends who have already walked the Journey of Light with me.


The relay winds across twenty one countries representing all continents:
Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and then back to Asia and China.
The torch will ignite the cauldron in Beijing on August 8, 2008.

Almaty - April 2, 2008

Istanbul - April 3, 2008

St. Petersburg – April 5, 2008

London - April 6, 2008

Paris – April 7, 2008

San Francisco – April 9, 2008


Buenos Aires – April 11, 2008

Dar es Salaam – April 13, 2008

 Muscat - April 14, 2008 

Islamabad - April 16, 2008


New Delhi - April 17, 2008


Bangkok – April 19, 2008

Kuala Lumpur – April 21, 2008

Jakarta - April 22, 2008

 Nagano – April 26, 2008


Canberra, Australia - April 24, 2008

Pyongyang - April 28, 2008

Ho Chi Minh City - April 29, 2008

Hong Kong – May 2, 2008

Macao - May 3, 2008

Quan Yin ~ Mother and Protector~ Photo taken by Gossamer

From Macao the Light will travel throughout all of China,
over thirty cities and towns into

Beijing - August 8, 2008

Remember the Light…….
Remember the Love……


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