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The Cycle of Life -
1st January 2014

My service to the people of Cairns, in far north Queensland, opened a door for writing articles for the Connect Magazine.
The following reflections were "channelled" for the February edition. The theme - "Education"!

A young child, embracing their first day at school is yet another stage through life. While preschool, prep, kindergarten and even child care may possibly be a preparation for the big day, no one can envisage what will unfold in the years to follow. The teachers and friends become part of the jigsaw puzzle, preparing students, piece by piece and stage by stage for the 'bigger picture'. I speak from experience, being a music teacher for almost thirty years and while working in catholic system, I also taught religion studies. Memories of my own teachers, also in a catholic environment, are significant and memorable times personally. Particularly during the initial seven years of primary school! Our community and school were part of the local orphanage which had approximately sixty children in residence. My siblings as well as other children from the village and surrounding farms attended the school. The influence of these years had a profound effect on my future 'life' choices!

Harry Chapin wrote a song in the late 70's called "All My Life's A Circle" which I sang often, accompanying myself on guitar. However, twenty years ago, Elton John and Tim Rice wrote "The Circle of Life", the opening song for the musical production, "The Lion King". The song reflects the journey through life as expressed in the lyrics, "from the day we arrived on the planet, and blinking stepped into the sun, there's more to see than can ever be seen " and as well, more to know, feel and hear. The story of the young lion cub's journey represents my own in this incarnated lifetime, a mixture of both "despair and hope", of finding the path and "moving into faith and love".

The learning development of a child, outlined by the education system, spans across three significant stages with each year potentially assisting a student awaken their gifts. However, the circumstances of this happening are determined by the parents' principles regarding education, social and genetic lineage. The principal and teachers, contribute profoundly through their own abilities and skills to inspire, as well as empower when able to recognise the gifts of a student, at whatever level or degree.

I too followed the path of teaching, in a traditional sense, yet all changed when I turned forty seven years of age. I felt and knew there was more! Yet feeling lost I sought the assistance of a 'new age healer'. I soon moved from being the client to becoming the therapist, also developing my gifts as a 'spiritual mentor' and my 'teaching' role had a complete flip. The doors opened and after a decade of understanding memories held in the 'spiritual body', the 'separation' story of the heart (love), and the spirit (light) became a significant key. I began a journey that felt like I had taken on another university degree. The stages of working through several new dimensions found a potential as I 'remembered' all The Gifts of the I Am, seeing, knowing, feeling and hearing. Each stage of the 'process', required soul travelling, anchoring and birthing through the most conscious door of all, the physical body. Embracing the intense 'inner work' is essentially significant for reaching the full potential for 'The Gift of Channelling'! Truly, a path to self empowerment, firstly, how to 'heal' myself' from within, in seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the LoveLight both.

The journey begins in the consciousness, yet moves way beyond. Gifted and talented children are accelerated in schools, yet it is a genius who is believed to be born with an extra ordinary potential in some area of science, arts, physics and more. However, their abilities may lay dormant unless discovered by someone who is able to open the necessary doors. I have two nieces who possibly have the opportunity of competing in the Olympics, one in the forthcoming winter games in Russia. The path of these girls began with gymnastics because their mother also competed at these levels, however, due to injury, did not compete in any Olympic competition. Physical injury seems to be part of the package for most sports and can make or break an athletes' heart, spirit or both. What possible memories could these girls hold in their subconscious, connecting to their mother?

The profound effect and influence on either of these girls regarding their health, in particular to injury, may be patterns held deep in the subconscious. Through my own experience, I too recognise the impact on the physical body through memories held in the emotional, feminine, masculine, mental and spiritual bodies. There are many souls, who are in the right place within their family, community and environment, providing them the opportunity to 'remember' their gifts, enabling them to reach their souls potential. All in 'divine time' as the destiny of a child is predetermined with their choices in their formative stages which may be at times, a little 'out of the box'. Pursuing dreams can take years or a lifetime to fulfil!

The conscious awakening provides one with lessons to be learnt, assisting a soul move forward through the opening doors. If unable to be learnt, core memories or stories of the heart, spirit and therefore soul fall into the same patterns, the cycle continues. Hence, the 'need' coming through a particular addiction impacts on choices regarding health, relationships and career opportunities. The "need" may include being "accepted, honoured, trusting, supported, safe and part of a community or family". The young and older soul's who are confronted with a serious illness, manifested in the physical, will find it necessary to reach 'outside' to find a cure for what began as a broken, crushed, shattered heart, spirit or both. While the consciousness can be dealt with, even with the best that money can buy, the far reaching consequences are held deep within the subconscious, shaped in those formative years and beyond.

While some countries are preparing for the new school year to begin, in particular those children who are attending 'big school' for the first time as well their parents, guardians and teachers. However, 'big school' for children is also the 'bigger picture' for those who find themselves moving into a new place of residence or 'home', those adults who are embracing new courses at whatever level and medium. Career changes for those moving into a new work place and possibly taking on new responsibilities through promotion. "New beginnings" and like a small child, taking one day at a time and then the consciousness expands very quickly into a week.

"The Gift of Channelling" opens my eyes, ears, knowing and feeling to what may have been missed previously! The months roll into years as a soul expands in wisdom, knowledge and all that is there for the learning! Walk through the 'rainbow', feel, know and see the vibrational shifts, then sit in the stillness and listen to the "heart of the mother"! In time we will 'sing' the "Sounds of The Mother" rising within, as the pure milk has time to sit, the cream eventually rises to the top!

Gossamer: Teacher for "The Gift of Channelling", assists any soul, any age! Residing on the Gold Coast, Gossamer offers Live-in Retreats, a profound awakening as doors open and the path is embraced.


Crystal Garden

A Story for Jack, who at the time was five years old. The 'channelled' story assisted Jack with a memory of "not feeling safe on the earth"!

All sorts of wonderful creatures live in the sea! Some we know and call 'fish', than there are others known as 'mammals'. The difference is that fish lay eggs, while mammals feed their babies milk until they are old enough to catch their own food. All the whales and dolphins are mammals and their babies have so much milk to drink that helps them can grow very large and strong. The strongest and biggest is the 'blue' whale, much, much larger than an elephant! Dolphins do not grow as big as whales, but can move very quickly, with great speed in the water. They travel so fast, even keeping up with a high powered speed boat, travelling beside it and sometimes in front, leading the way!

The ocean has many creatures and two in this story are what some people would call 'mythical', which means that they are not 'real' and therefore, do not exist. While some people have seen them, especially sailors, there are lots and lots of people who have not seen them, so they do not believe that merpeople really exist, despite the many stories and pictures that could fill several libraries. These creatures are part fish and mammal together in one body. They have a tail just like a dolphin instead of legs and the top part of their body can be either a man or a woman! Mermen and Mermaids however, do not think about themselves as half fish and half mammal, but more like, half fish and half human!

Like the dolphins, mermaids and mermen can swim very quickly through the water, it is because they have a tail, just like a fish. Flippers, which attach to the feet of a deep sea diver, helps with travelling through the water at a much faster speed which they could not do with just their legs. There is another piece of important and necessary equipment that someone would need to wear before entering the water. Swimming and diving deep down into the sea for a long time. Can you guess what this equipment would be? The answer of course is about 'breathing' underwater! While a diver needs good, reliable equipment to go deep into the ocean, the merman does not require anything except a good pair of lungs, for he can hold his breath just like the dolphins and the whales. They only need to rise to the surface of the water, take a big breath, than travel all the way back down to the bottom of the ocean.

They are indeed happy and very much at home, so Gavin, a merman, with his good friend Miranda, travel up to the surface quickly, take a breath, then return all the way back down to the bottom. Miranda has long beautiful golden hair and you are about to find out why Miranda is so happy way down on the bottom of the ocean. However, this is not so for Gavin, he is always 'sad'! The further one travels deep down into the sea, the darker it becomes because the sun cannot shine all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Miranda and Gavin have a beautiful 'crystal garden' to look after and care for, while Gavin thinks he helps, he really is no use as all. Just as well they can swim and move through the water very quickly, for the garden is so BIG and expansive that you cannot see where it begins and where it ends. In a place deep in the ocean that is usually dark and not easy to see where one is going, the 'light' of the crystals helps all creatures 'see' better. There is so much 'light' coming from the 'crystal garden'.

The ocean is so deep in some places that it is just like a forest and mountains with caves deep in the watery canyons. The 'light' helps all the sea creatures, who could very easily bump into each other or even get lost among the tall sea weed. They can 'see' as well as 'know' where to go and find the best food that the ocean has to offer. 'Good morning' says Mrs Turtle, stretching out her neck as she passes George the 'sea snake'. Everyone is happy and very friendly here, except for Gavin! Mr Seahorse is taking Peter to school, so they are not stopping to chat to anyone as they make their way to the coral reef to join all the other children! Best not be late for school!

Many people on the earth have gardens, and maybe you have one as well that you look after! If the house is very small with no place outside for a garden, then some will have boxes sitting on their windows or are in pots. Flowers are very colourful and really like lots of water so they can grow, be healthy and help people 'feel' happy. Sometimes people make others 'feel' special when flowers are given as a gift! Flowers need the sun and the rain as well to help the seeds pop out of the ground and grow into a beautiful flower or plant.

However, deep in the ocean the 'crystal garden' does not have the sunlight like most 'earth' gardens, nor does it have the rain that is so essential for a good healthy garden. Some plants cannot grow in the ocean because of the 'salt water', but seaweed can! So how do the crystals glow and produce a beautiful coloured 'light' deep in the ocean where there is no sunlight? The secret is with Miranda and Gavin, the merpeople! Although it is not really a secret for creatures of the sea, they have known for a very long time, just how important it is to 'sing' to the crystals. So instead of 'watering' the flowers like you would do on the earth, in the sea you can just float around all the crystals, 'singing'. "Too easy", you may ask?

Miranda is very happy and sings a lot, yes, she can sing while swimming in the deep waters of the sea. You now know that sound can travel much further in the water then on the earth. So the whales, dolphins and merpeople are very unique creatures who can hear each other, even when they are a long, long way apart. The colours of the crystals are sometimes pink, some blue and others are orange, yellow, all colours of the rainbow.
When Miranda sings to the crystals, something very special happens? Can you guess what it is? They change colour! Yes! From dark blue to a lighter shade, sometimes they change colour altogether, so if the crystal was pink, than it may change to violet. What a wonderful 'gift' Miranda has that when she 'sings', her very 'special sounds' can change the crystals from one colour to another! However, that is not all, the crystals not only change colour, but they grow bigger and brighter as well! She only stops singing when she needs to travel from the bottom of the deep ocean up to the surface so she can take a big breath. While she is doing this, the crystals just stay the same colour and size, just as she left them!

Gavin does not help Miranda with the crystals! Just like you may help your mother sometimes look after the flowers, Gavin does not 'feel' happy most of the time, so he just sits on a rock wondering what to do. He has been like this for many years even though some of his friends try and encourage him to play 'hide and seek' in the deep caves and behind very large rocks. But, he is just not interested in anything really! He certainly does not want to sing! All he does is swims to the surface, takes a breath and then just sits on his rock listening to Miranda sing. Gavin can 'hear' her, even if he cannot 'see' where Miranda is for the 'sounds' travel through the water for a very long way.

One day something changed! Gavin travelled from his rock to the surface of the ocean to take a breath and heard voices that he did not recognise, nor understand. He had never come across anything like this language before! There were children playing on the beach, making sand castles, than they would enter the water to wash the sand from their bodies. Gavin 'felt' something shift within him! At first, he was curious and was not in such a hurry to go back down to the bottom of the ocean and sit on his rock, listening to Miranda singing. Instead, he stayed some distance away so that he would not frighten the children.

However, the sounds of the children playing made Gavin move a little closer, wondering why the children were so happy, but he still could not understand their language. The sounds of their voices were very strange indeed! There was a part of Gavin that wanted to 'feel' happy and realised that all he did was sit on a rock at the bottom of the ocean being 'sad', and 'alone' as well. Miranda was happy, the children were joyful and everyone was having fun, except Gavin! Miranda had finished singing a beautiful song to the crystals and travelled to the surface of the water to take her necessary breath. She noticed that Gavin was not returning to the bottom of the ocean but swimming around on the surface, joining a pod of dolphins that were passing by. Gavin 'knew' that the dolphins were sending and receiving messages from another pod, some distance away. The news was out that a large school of very small fish were close by! Indeed, a wonderful feast for all the dolphins as well as large tuna, and the birds that were diving into the water from the sky. So the dolphins were moving along, also not stopping to speak, so Miranda and the other merpeople returned to the 'crystal garden' on the bottom of the ocean. Gavin was left all alone yet again!

"Two worlds", thought Gavin! "I live in one and the children playing on the beach are in another! I do not 'feel' as if I belong in the sea"! The realisation made Gavin 'feel' not just sad, but 'angry' as well! Gavin knew the world beneath the surface of the ocean, after all, it had been his home for many years, yet something was calling him to be more like the children and part of their world! However, there was a very big difference between Gavin and the children, he had a tail and the children, well naturally, humans only have legs! he time past and Gavin decided to return to his rock on the bottom of the ocean, 'feeling' very sad and now he also felt angrier than before. He sat there with his hands in his head, not speaking to anyone, even Mr Seahorse with Peter who, returning from school wanted to stop for a chat. Gavin just wanted to fight, not talk! Miranda saw all this happening and decided it was time to help Gavin, if he wanted to of course, she had never asked him before! However, before speaking with Gavin, she closed her own eyes, than choose a special crystal in the garden. The crystal was 'pink' and shaped like a rose! Firstly, she sang to the 'rose' which grew brighter, lighter and bigger, then it opened and inside was another crystal. A 'heart' shaped crystal which was light blue!

Miranda thanked the 'rose' crystal for the 'blue heart' and she just 'knew' that it was going to be given as a gift for Gavin! All alone, upset and now angry, Gavin had forgotten that his best, possibly his only friend was Miranda. "What if she does not want to be my friend anymore", he thought! Miranda began to sing again while swimming around the rock that Gavin was sitting on! She held out the light blue 'heart' crystal to Gavin, who looked at it, turned away, than looked again! Gavin 'felt' something that he had not been familiar with before! It was a very strange 'feeling' indeed! It was as though his deep sadness was moving out of his heart and all the way down his tail. "A gift for you Gavin, from the pink rose crystal" said Miranda, "it will make you 'feel' better", she continued, "Also it will help you 'see', for it is like a key"! "A key" replied Gavin? Looking at the crystal!

Miranda continued to swim around the rock Gavin was still sitting on. However, he was not moving from this position so Miranda began to sing again! The crystal began to glow, grow bigger, than it changed from blue to yellow! Gavin noticed this change and his 'eyes' were also feeling strange. For a brief moment, he could 'see' then his eyes would become blurry and Gavin used his hands to rub them. "What is happening to my eyes" he called out to Miranda? The singing stopped and taking Gavin by the hand, Miranda said, "come"! Gavin willingly let Miranda take his hand and within moments they had travelled to the surface of the ocean! Gavin questioned Miranda, asking curiously, "Why did you bring me here? We did not need to take a breath"! Miranda explained to Gavin, "when crystals begin to change colour they take you on a journey that may help you with 'seeing and knowing' why you feel so sad, alone and angry"! "One crystal can do all that" Gavin cried out? "And more" continued Miranda, "but just what you need for now is to 'see' what you have not been able to 'see', even with your eyes open"! "I do not understand" said Gavin! So Miranda went on with her explanation, "some people are blind from birth, others have accidents or an illness and over several years are able to see less and less. Then there are those who have very good eyes, have not had an accident or no serious illness, yet are not able to see the 'light' or the 'love'. Like this heart crystal, many are unable to 'see' the 'light and the love' that is deep within it. To most, it is just a pretty stone and therefore do not realise just how special and even more how it can help when we are 'feeling' sad, alone or angry"!

The sounds of the children were now beginning to take the attention of Miranda and Gavin! However, it was time for Miranda to offer the 'heart crystal' to Gavin, which had been blue when he first saw it, changing to yellow on the way to the surface of the water, and now it was violet. Firstly a deep shade and turning to a lighter one! "Place this crystal on your heart", Miranda said with a soft but firm voice! "Close your eyes and tell me what you 'feel'!" Gavin closed his eyes and Miranda waited! The children's voices became clearer! Gavin could 'hear' the names and understood what they were saying. He heard the names "Mary and Jack" being called out as they were throwing a beach ball to each other! Gavin began to 'feel' more connected to his own heart through the crystal and wanted to leave the water and walk on the earth! "What is happening to me Miranda"? Asked Gavin with an anxiousness in his voice! "I 'feel' very strange indeed" to which Miranda explained, "you feel love Gavin, something that you thought you had but was missing, therefore you were alone, sad and ready to fight anyone who tried to share their love. You pushed them away! You were not able to 'feel or see' what was right in front of your eyes! All the 'Love' in the water and particularly with our sea creature friends, as well as all the Light in the Crystal Garden! "But what do I do now?" A little excited, Gavin was holding tightly onto the violet crystal heart, and then he yelled even louder, "something is happening to my tail".

Miranda, now with her hand on the back of Gavin's heart, said to him, "Sing"! "Sing to the crystal in your hand"! Gavin exploded in a very loud voice, "I cannot sing"! Miranda waited, and waited! What seemed like a very long time was really only short before Gavin began to sing! Immediately the crystal that Gavin was holding shone like the sun, with rays of white light coming from it and going out through the water. They both moved closer to the beach and the children also had noticed Gavin and Miranda. They stopped playing with their beach ball and called out to their mother, sitting under a beach umbrella, fully occupied with the book she was reading. "Mum, mum, come quickly"! Jack called! Even though he knew his mother's name was Jane and how other adults also called her by this name, his friends called her 'Mrs Greensill'. Jane looked over the top of her book and then placed it carefully in her beach bag. Making her way to the children, Mary met her mother and they held each other's hand. Mary was just four and Jack was two years older! "What sort of fish are they"? Mary asked! "They are not fish Mary" replied Jane in a very calm and 'knowing' voice! Jack was also standing next to his mother and listened intently but did not speak! Jane continued to explain about the creatures now clearly visible with their long tails half out of the water. "They are called merpeople".

Gavin was still singing and the most amazing physical transformation began to take place. His tail began to change into legs and Miranda 'knew' very well that this was possible! Miranda also 'knew' when it was time for Gavin to stop singing and just breathe, something that mother's know also when giving birth to a new baby. They understand just how important deep breaths help the process, making it much easier for both the mother and baby. What Jack and Mary did not know was that their mother, Jane, knew very well what was happening for she too had once been a mermaid and left the water with her parents when she was eight years of age. Now Jane felt that Gavin was possibly a long lost brother, if this were so, she hoped that he would be 'coming home' at last to join her.

As Jane could now see and understand what was really happening with this very strange sight for both her children, she dropped Mary's hand and turning to each, asked them both to stay on the beach. Jane walked into the water, up to her knees and said 'hello Gavin'! He looked surprised, firstly that he could understand what she was saying, but more so that Jane knew his name. Miranda encouraged Gavin to take a deep breath than kissed him on the cheek and said 'goodbye' with her tail coming right out of the water, making a huge splash then disappearing out of sight. ane put out her hand, inviting Gavin to take hers while speaking gently, "take my hand and try standing on your new legs". Jane had a large towel over her shoulder and wrapped this around Gavin as he stood, a little unsure, but with Jane holding both hands now could 'feel and see' the sand under his feet. Then Jane encouraged Gavin more, "walk slowly, one step at a time onto the earth"! The request was like 'music' to Gavin's ears!

Jack and Mary were very quiet as this man, who just a few minutes earlier had a huge tail, was now standing in front of them with legs. However, they knew and trusted their mother enough with many stories told to them in the past that Jane understood all that was unfolding. One story in particular she had told them many times over about a huge earthquake which had erupted beneath the sea. There were lots of earthquakes at the bottom of the ocean, yet the story that Jane told them was about one particular large quake where many merpeople, especially several merchildren were lost. The water currents were so strong that some were swept away and so could not find their mothers. After the earthquake when everything seemed to settle and be normal again, some merpeople decided to leave the ocean and live on the earth. They never wanted to return to the sea!

Jane and Gavin stood in front of the children, all now on dry land and Jane said, looking at Jack and Mary, "I would like you to meet Gavin"! "Hi" they both said in response, and then Gavin handed his crystal heart to Jack and said "this is a gift for you, a special crystal that lived on the bottom of the ocean. It has lots of Love & Light and will help you also when you may be feeling sad and alone. Jack said, "I sometimes do not feel 'safe', lots of things happen on the earth, are you sure you want to come with us?" Before Gavin could answer, Mary, in her sweet voice and happy smile said, "Oh, it is ok, we have lots of crystals as well and they all help us. Whatever we need them to do, they just help in every way. They are like special keys which can open any door when we ask them and then you must sing as well!" Jane then told the children there was something else that was very special about Gavin. Again they waited for their mother to share with them as she explained, "Gavin is your long lost uncle"! "Uncle!" said Jack, almost disbelieving! Mary clapped and in a very determined request asked, "Please mummy, can Gavin come and live with us? We don't have any uncles and it would be such fun!" Jane looked at Gavin while speaking to the children, "Gavin will be able to come home with us and stay for as long as he wants, then he can choose to leave any time he wishes. He could return to the sea and visit all his friends, or travel across the earth and learn all about the people, the plants, not to mention all the animals that only need water to drink, not to live in!"

Many years later, when Jack was playing football with the big boys, just like many teenagers do, Gavin returned to the sea to visit Miranda, George the sea snake, Mrs Turtle, Mr Seahorse and Peter. All were wondering what great adventures Gavin had experienced on the earth, but, he did not stay for very long in the sea. All the sea creatures said 'goodbye', knowing that they would never see Gavin again. After so many years of feeling 'sad and alone', just sitting on his rock, Gavin looked forward to all the fun and excitement on the earth with his beautiful sister, Jane, the children, Jack and Mary. Their father, Brian and all their wonderful friends. One truly big family indeed!

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