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"The true shaman, the true naturalist, works to reconnect conscious human life with Nature and Spirit through totems and ritual".
Ted Andrews (Animal Speak 1999)

The Shaman and Earth Mother way is a conscious opening for the feminine bodies, through the 'earth, water and starry' realms.

Sacred Ritual/ceremony is an opportunity for celebration of All That Is, the Oneness of All That I Am through the following occasions:

- wedding
- funeral
- fire ceremony
- earth gifting ceremony
- naming ceremony
- home and property blessing
- deceased pet ritual
- committment ceremony
- renewal of vows

Celebrating through ritual/ceremony assists a greater understanding in working with seen and unseen energies through the earth, water & beyond.

The preparation of a Sacred Circle (Space) for any ritual or ceremony may directly or indirectly be part of the teaching for any or all of the particpants.

The power of Sacred Ceremony  is experienced in the activations through 'sound codes', opening of portals (etheric doorways through crystals) and the anchoring of a pillar of CrystaLoveLight through the spheres, songlines and leilines.

By honouring 'The Mother', therefore the feminine, each soul will birth through the Crystal Heart, finding their home more fully, creating more abundance of LoveLight in 'health, relationships and mission upon this earth'.

Cost: from $150 per day! 



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