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Shaman Story

The Memories in the Trees

The journey of a shaman through the UK – July/ August, 2009

A shaman is one who brings a new consciousness both on a personal level and with the larger picture in view. One who has a gift of opening the doors, the gateways to a new consciousness which allows a soul to go ‘where no one has been before’. For it is this ability to see the bigger picture that assists one understand, not only our own personal journey but the journey that is connected to others and the environment through collective consciousness of All That Is.

My recent journey from Australia to the UK came about through a friend; Odette who I met two years previously in Hong Kong, then was invited to Bangkok to work from her home for two weeks.

After three days in London working with individuals and groups, I travelled to Bristol by bus and stayed for a week in a beautiful home owned by another friend from Hong Kong who shares the space with her mother. The date is 23/7/09, noted in my journal because of the two solid days of intense inner work. This opportunity I understand and have seen over the years where I find a window in which to be, preparing for the work to come. I was alone in this space due to the fact that the owners of the house were on holidays and not scheduled to arrive home for a couple of days. Their generosity allowed me to have this amazing space to myself.

These days uncovered a new consciousness of the memories held in the earth and the water during a period in the 1500’s Europe known as the ‘witch-hunt’. The consciousness was so intense I decided to check out the story on the internet and the areas around England where these events occurred.

Within a day of returning from holidays, my friend Ingrid, who also has participated in my retreat work over the past two years, drove me to Glastonbury Tor for a day. While I try to be a tourist at times, visiting the Chalice Well proved otherwise. Our work with the ‘water consciousness’ took us both on a journey which began at the Chalice Well and then to the Tor itself on a hill behind. The gardens are beautiful and around the well itself we lit candles, placed the rose quartz heart that I had been guided to bring along and Ingrid also had a crystal. We both began to take on a new vibration as we opened an etheric doorway over the well. “Since ancient times wells have been regarded as gateways, places where the veils between the realms are thinner giving access to the mysterious and the divine”. (Chalice Well & Gardens brochure)

We sat in meditation and consciously opened the etheric gateway then connected consciously to the lei lines as we moved away from the physical opening of the Chalice Well to just a few paces up a path and sat on a seat overlooking the space.

Others were also visiting this space and quietness surrounded the well as some just looked and moved away while others sat also in mediation. There were many trees and scrubs in the gardens but two trees near the seat above the well became significant. I stood between these trees, far enough apart, yet close enough for me to place my hands on each, sensing a doorway.

We both decided to catch a bus to the Tor rather than walk any further than we had too. Walking through the gardens, we filled our water bottles from the tap than headed towards the exit gate. I noticed two larger trees which alerted my consciousness to yet another opening physically and etherically wider than the first two situated just above the Chalice Well. As I looked out from between the larger trees I had a knowing that through all the ‘energetic doorways and gateways’ being opened, a new vibration was expanding not only within each of us but throughout the valley.




The train journey to Brighton was to be pleasant and comfortable until about an hour into the trip when all were to change trains due to rail work and maintenance. The train was crowded but I found I was knocked out and had my eyes closed for most of the time leaning on my back pack on the spare seat beside me. Soul Travelling is a process of mapping the pathways and shifting in vibration yet again. I arrived at Brighton station and while waiting for my friend, Aimo, a young woman approached me for money. My first response was to go with her and buy some food, but I sensed that at any moment Aimo would be along and looking for me. Also the thought of carrying my backpack was not an easy option. I asked the young woman if she was on drugs and her reply was ‘no, I don’t do drugs’. She told me that she was not sure if she was pregnant and with these words came the ‘mother’ energy from deep within me. Also at this moment Aimo was standing beside me. We greeted each other and turned back to this soul, gave her some coins and my card and said to her, ‘you can change your life, the patterns if you choose too’. With these words she was moved and a tear or two welled inside her. I did not connect with her again and as Aimo and I headed for the taxi, he said to me, ‘so you have started working already’!

Over the next few days I was preparing for the two day retreat with three women travelling to Brighton, also finding and meeting Yvonne who had a room that I could live and work in during my time in Brighton. The energy of this city was a mix of good weather, lots of people coming due to the Gay Pride festival which I was totally unaware was on the calendar for that weekend. My first full day in Brighton was spent having breakfast in a small cafe with Aimo and Delamay his partner, finding an alternative supermarket, visiting Stammer Park and checking out the yurt for the retreat on the weekend. At the end of the day we had a meeting with Yvonne who had already decided and told everyone in her multi-storey house that I was coming to stay, even though my visit was really just to check it out.

I moved in on the Friday, helping with the bedding for myself and a retreat participant Emily who was arriving with Odette later in the afternoon. So after the organising done and a cuppa with Yvonne, I needed to walk and investigate the possibility of using various parts of the park for the second day of the retreat on the weekend. The first day was definitely taking the group of women out to the yurt a couple of mile from town. During our pre visit, Aimo, Delamay and I walked around the area and viewed the location of the yurt, inside and out. It was on this pre visit that I realised we were to only use the yurt on the Saturday and work in the park near my residence on the Sunday.

The yurt, situated among many small trees and organic gardens which supply some shops in Brighton. After some hours of scanning the area, Aimo and his partner Delamay, who had time to accompany me and show me around and assisting me greatly had planned to be away for a few days at a ‘green awareness’ festival, were still at home in Brighton due to the cancellation of this event. Before leaving Stemmer Park we sat close by some very large and ancient trees. All that came to me consciously was the energy of the masculine in one and the feminine in another. Aimo and Delamay were off with another having a photo shoot.

Friday afternoon, after moving into Yvonne’s space in Preston Park Ave, I found a small rock park with a beautiful pond, full of gold fish and pathways up and down the hillside. The view extended out over the much larger park, across a busy main road where the Gay Festival was to be held the next day. I returned to my new home just as Odette and Emily arrived. After settling Emily in we walked through the gardens of the larger Preston Park and tried to find the ocean but returned home to find Yvonne and helpers had cooked a very delicious meal.


Retreat Weekend in Brighton


We began the retreat at 10am with the sun shining but Matt had a fire burning in the iron stove to dry out the yurt. Setting the crystals in place, we burnt incense and began activating the space and ourselves with voice and instruments as I was guided. Wood pieces that Matt had taken from branches of an ash tree were left to burn but became musical instruments. By 2pm the first session had completed and we took time out to eat and share our journey. The rain began and it was not just a usual shower that would end before it started, but for hours it was torrential. The fire became our source of comfort and warmth with a sense of being in the right place at the right time. The festival in town was all but washed out with many leaving the park early and seeking shelter in the cafes. Our work completing in the yurt for the day, I asked Matt if I could take the sticks, the musical instruments also if he could drive us to the bus stop due to the rain. He offered to take us into town, all the way!

The next day, Sunday, the weather was fine and sunny with a beautiful clear and fresh morning after all the rain. This was how it remained for the entire day! We began in the large room where Emily and I were staying and had a cuppa together and shared how we were all going, how each of us had slept after the previous days work. This was a relaxing time in the vibration and was an opportunity to integrate and prepare for what to come. The park was full of activity in the clean up that followed the festival. The four of us connected to the two large trees in a small area off the larger Preston Park area. I began to work with bringing in the Song lines and stood between the two trees which were some several meters or yards apart. The trees held anger and we began consciously to activate the memories held within each of us as a doorway between the trees was being opened.

This was the area that was preliminary to where the anchoring would take place. We walked down the street one block, crossed the busy road and once inside the gate I instructed the team that we were now ready to find the place to work with the next session. The area was higher up the paths overlooking the pond, among the trees and rather quiet. Once again as on the previous day we began with sacred sound through the voice and other various instruments, travelling through various new dimensions, voids, universes and solar systems.

Individually and as a group we began the reconnecting and restoration of those parts that hold the memory of not be fully connected to our own higher gifts and bringing them to this earth which assists the path and mission that allow us to be more fully who we are.

Following the session we enjoyed some food and reflected on the time in the park, returning to the room in which we began the day. In the comfort of this room a channelled guided session unfolded as the Mother Council spoke through me and answered questions for individuals within the group. During such a channelled session, much re-patterning occurs as the vibration continues to shift and come to a climax of all that had occurred over the days.

The following morning Emily and I headed into town early, sat on the beach, walked the pier, had morning tea then headed for the bus station where Emily returned to Newmarket. We were to meet again in just over one week’s time. What a week was about to unfold with the souls I met and Soul Travelled with during this time.

By the following Saturday afternoon I had developed a head cold. Something rather new to me as I never get sick! I have the usual injuries that come with the work in pulling a muscle or two, or cutting my feet, or carrying a thorn as I do not wear shoes most of the time when out on the earth. The cold was obvious with the couple I was in session with and by Saturday night I needed to meditate for a few hours to work out what was going on. Then I had a good sleep and the following morning had shifted the cold from needing to blow my nose constantly as was the case the afternoon before to just having a heavy head. This day was a day of retreat work for two other women, one who I had not met before. One session was held in the back yard, lying on the grass, followed by another channelled session inside. The wind had come up and the guidance to return inside was something I trusted when working with the elements of wind and water.

By Sunday night I was again sitting in mediation, working through the inner planes of consciousness and on Monday morning had completely cleared all symptoms of the cold. Felt clear and energised, rather relieved to be able to go on with all that was still to come over the next two days during my stay in Brighton where two people with whom I was working with were to learn what a ‘walk-in’ was all about. Also there were five people who I worked with in Brighton who were dealing with the memories of M.E. or chronic fatigue, a condition that was debilitating yet the sessions were having profound shifts for these people. On returning to London I was to see and work with this condition in a soul as I had never done before.

I left for Newmarket by bus on Wednesday, a two hour trip with a short stop and change over at Heathrow. Meeting Emily again after the retreat in Brighton, we dropped my backpack and without too much delay were driven to the markets in a nearby town but only could buy fruit and bread. We were a little late! With just a very short stay in Newmarket and one group session with several women, it was time to head back to London. The final stage of my journey!


London – Where the journey began!

Odette and I arrived around lunch time and how wonderful to have been driven by car thanks to her dad and not be catching a bus or train. The flat that was to be my home for the next week was on the ground floor and three more occupied above. I had been warned how noisy this flat was going to be on the ground floor but to Odette’s surprise there was little noise for the entire week.

Walking to the various shops in two different directions brought a new consciousness of the ‘energies’ around me, both inside and out. My first task during the first afternoon in the flat was to use the Violet Flame on the flat I was going to be living and working in as well as the flats above. St. Germaine is the Keeper of this and every now and then I have permission to use it to assist me with the vibration that would otherwise not be able to be brought in within the time that I had to work. It is not so much with people but I did use it on myself everyday when first bringing this process through. The thought-forms and density held in the flats revealed itself out on the street as well, in the shops and the park where the shaman day retreat would be held in just over one week’s time.

The week held much variety for me as I continued to work on the inner myself, soul travelling with individuals, a large group session in another venue on the Sunday afternoon, family groups as well there were two separate occasions when individuals came from Brighton and stayed overnight for more intensive work. Also by the end of my time in London I was working with individuals over the phone and visited one soul which took me to the south of London. Belinda could not come to me due to chronic fatigue and her story will be shared at another time!

Shaman Work in London

Between the various sessions throughout the week, often I would go for a walk to assist the integration of all the high vibrational energy work. One of my walks took me consciously to the park where I would hold a Shaman Day Retreat. My first encounter with the park was standing on the opposite side with a very busy main road between us. The huge water fountain caught my eye and so began the activation of the journey around this park. I did not venture into the park at this stage and realised later that I was not able to energertically go there just yet. The next day I walked back to the park and began the practical work of knowing which buses stopped along the street which extended almost the length of three city blocks in a rectangle shape.

With the retreat on a Sunday, I headed back to the park on the Saturday afternoon and by this time was really tuning into the lei lines and the trees, feeling the deep despair held in this space. Many of the Jewish community were out and about being their holy day, I was conscious of their sense of community but the deep separation from the rest of the public also using the park.

On the Sunday morning at 10.30am, two shamans from Brighton met with me and we began working on many levels with the vibration. Both participants were guided to walk in different, opposite directions, one towards the east and the other to the west. Both picked up on energies and we were then guided to head to the eastern direction of the park. This first session was to be the first shift in activating and beginning to journey together in the one consciousness with the input from each to gain a sense of the bigger picture. As we walked towards the space in which we were to begin the first session, I was guided to hold a tree and realised the significance of this an hour or so later. Both participants were about to learn how to ‘feel’ the energy that would allow all of us to ‘see’ and ‘know’ how to begin with tuning into both the earth and the water elements.

The lei lines soon showed themselves and the earth grid in which we were to work. Sacred Sound through the human voice came through Jayne and me, while Kerry was guided to play two stones which I had collected while walking among the trees. From the first moment of walking the park, all three of us begun collecting feathers that were in good supply all around the grounds, part of what Mother Gaia was providing as she has on other occasions that assists the consciousness working with the higher consciousness within a particular area. While standing in the grid, I was aware of the individual etheric guides with whom we were travelling. Mother Gaia was with Jayne, Lord Poseidon working with Kerry and St. Germaine for myself. In the session to follow at the other end of the park and back at the flat for the third stage would not be individual guides but working through various Councils and of the One Heart consciousness.

The grid in which we were standing and working was close to the fountain and the large water energy in which Kerry, with Lord Poisoned as his guide, initially found the door but soon became the Doorkeeper. Through various totems each were asked to connect with more consciously when we all first came together in the park, now these were taking on a new vibration as crystal bodies. The wolf, bear, butterfly, eagle, dolphin and whale were all keys to opening the doors through which to travel and begin the journey of returning the higher conscious gifts of ‘feeling’, ‘seeing’, ‘hearing’, ‘knowing’ and ‘telepathy’. With our own vibrations shifting, my guides then proceeded to show the others how the vibration of the grid was expanding. So by physically walking the square rectangle, almost the size of a hockey field, the vibration was already shifting by a couple of meters and we had only been working together for hour or so.

The second stage and session was in the direction of west on the other side of the water fountain and also an area surrounded by many trees and some very significant in size. With the activation and the shifting in vibration from the first session, now would begin the process of anchoring by conscious working with crystals, placing them on the earth with feathers, incense and musical instruments that I was guided to bring along. These included a bell, rhythm sticks and the smaller string of bells. Feeling into the space we were guided to where the etheric gateway would be opened through the physical crystals that each of had brought along.

Jayne and Kerry were then asked if they had a knowing, or could see which of the trees held the guardian of the park. An ancient being who held the consciousness of all the trees and the vibration and memories of the area. Neither this question nor the next conscious guidance that was to come was in fact activation, not a test and is another way of ‘tuning in’ that will activate the memories ready to be connected with in a more conscious way. In finding out which of the trees was the guardian, each was asked to go to a particular tree and place their hands on it. Again this guidance came in a way to bring through each one the connection of their own personal memories as well as the collective ones held in the trees. Kerry had a profound experience and awakening in that he connected to the ‘sadness’ held and this was proven not to be his own but the collective of which he tuned into very quickly. He later shared that he often cannot go to a particular place and stay for very long without needing to get out of it quickly.

I too had this experience when first tuning into the park a week earlier and was not able to actually walk into the park until the day before the retreat on the Saturday afternoon. On the two previous occasions I could only walk along the path and was anxious to keep moving and return home where the vibration of the flat was the place to be. With sound from the sticks given to Jayne to play, Kerry was travelling so far out that I walked away from him for approximately forty to fifty paces. The physical distance when pointed out to him after the session was a Soul Travelling experience that equalled the distance above and also below through the ‘inner earth planes’. So much so that when the time came to ground the consciousness after these sessions, how long it may take one to ground into the Mother Earth can be understood much more profoundly.

Following this session we enjoyed some light food in the park and returned to the flat nearby where I was living and working. This was to be the final channelled session that would birth the bodies holding the higher conscious gifts which had begun a process of being activated in the first two sessions, reconnected and now would birth through the vibrational frequency that would bring these gifts through the I Am, the CrystaLoveLight Body.

I have shared this story with a few of the photos I took throughout the journey to assist in the understanding of the larger picture of what we are not conscious of, particularly in the moment of bringing in and holding a vibration of profound energy. The intentions, the channelled guides and our own tools of Sacred Sound, working consciously with crystals and the elements of fire, earth, air and water are all part of the experience of creating a new consciousness within ourselves and the environment in which we live. I am often asked after a session, retreat day or days and now after this trip to the UK, ‘how was it’?


The vibration in which we live and work expands when we embrace the inner work. The parts of us that hold the memories of not feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing the Love and the Light are activated, re-patterned as the parts of us which hold the higher gifts are returned and remembered, allowing one to be more fully who we are on this earth. The triggers in our life, through relationships and health, are the signs of what may be required to look at in the consciousness that will open the doors to the not so conscious. From this comes the reconnecting of the higher gifts that continue to assist us to go forward allowing one to channel clearly through telepathy with a vibrational frequency that communicates with the high dimensional beings and our own I Am Presence. These ones sit in Council as many of us have done so in many other parallel lifetimes. Soul Travel assists one re-connect and remember consciously. Which part of the Creation Web of Love and Light, on this earth and through all other parts of Eternity do we not feel at one with? For indeed, is not All That Is but Love and Light! The separation story holds many memories and stories of being lost, alone, rejected, abandoned, dishonoured and a feeling of despair, grief and a sense of hopelessness. There is a shaman in each one who embraces the keys, tools and opens the doors firstly for themselves and awakening to a new way of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. The vibrations and dimensions we can connect too are far beyond the comprehension of the conscious mind which seeks safety and security of what we already know and trust.


Thank you to all who have assisted me throughout my journey to the UK and throughout these years of bringing this new consciousness and vibration to the earth realm in this new age of consciousness.


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