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Soul Travel sessions assist the reconnection and restoration of the I Am Gifts:  “seeing, (clairvoyance),   hearing, (clairaudience), knowing, (clair knowing), feeling (clair sentience) and to open  one's channel more fully”.   One is assisted more consciously in remembering the potential the soul gifts hold by travelling through various vibrational frequencies and dimensions.

A Soul Traveling experience takes one beyond the consciousness and may be similar to sleeping and dreaming. The physical body holds many symptoms of the energetic “power source” being disconnected. The physical doorways within the energy or etheric body are gateways to multidimensional light pathways, also known as the Songlines which enable one to travel and reconnect, restore, returning to the Oneness of All That Is, Source, God, the Light.   A Soul Traveling experience is a return to the sub-conscious, yet begins with the conscious patterns regarding relationships, health issues, abundance and work related situations often arising with no obvious reason. Disempowerment is the memory concerning all gifts and each has a story, therefore the psychic gifts of 'seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling' are unable to begin the process of reaching their full potential. 

Cost: $180.00AUD + transfer fees through bank transfers and PayPal services (allow between two and a half to three hours)

Baby or Child Session  

A session with a child or baby is primarily with the mother.  If possible, also with the father or partner if the mother is in an intimate, long term relationship!   

The duration, time frame or cost  of each session is primarily a fee for the adult/s.  

Further information regarding retreats for children can be found on the "Retreat" page of this website!

Cost: Donation (allow between one and a half to two hours)


Telephone Sessions are a powerful and significant follow up for those who have participated in one-on-one or group retreat days.  Or for those with no possible opportunity to meet in the phyiscal.   Therefore, initial phone sessions may assist the shifts necessary before one is able to connect with Gossamer in a short or long-term retreat experience.  Calls are made to Gossamer within Australia and various other countries through What's App.  

Cost: $146.00AUD + transfer fees if paying by bank transfers.  No fee cost through PayPal services (allow between two to two and a half hours)


Email Assistance for those seeking guidance and are unable to hold an individual session in person or over the phone. The guidance is similar to sessions on the phone or in person with channelled information regarding practical tools for an 'inner work' program.
Cost:  $25 per email. (Individuals vary with the time required for the 'inner work' to be completed and integrated therefore one email per month maybe all that is required).
Payment is possible through Bank Transfer or PayPal. An invoice will be emailed at conclusion of each month.

Retreat Days:
Half day - (morning or afternoon) Cost: $160AUD  (three to five people - $200 per session)

Whole day - approximately (9.00 am - 6 pm   OR  12 midday -  9 pm) Cost: $180 per person  

Individual "Live-In" Retreats: - (Please refer to Retreat Page for longer intensive programs)
Cost $200 per day over three or more days!


Dolphin Massage

The session is unique and with no requirment of oil, therefore it is not necessary to  remove clothing.  A "Soul Travelling" session combining intensive physical,'hands on', opening "etheric doorways"  and opening and reconnecting the flow of 'LoveLight'.

Symptoms of blocked 'etheric' energies are indeed, locked doorways, the most conscious being the physical body.  There are several etheric doors to open including the emotional, mental, feminine, masculine and spiritual.  Pain has many layers and levels, held in the consicousness of stress, grief, and may lead to depression.  Also much is held in the subconscious, the many stories of 'separation', may, over a time frame of months or years, manifest in the systems of the physical body, particular organs and cells.  However, blocked 'energy' may only be etheric, held in the chakras and meridians, not yet manifesting in the cells.  The soul, the spirit and heart both may be feeling the pain of something far beyond the physical consciousness.    

The CrystaLoveLight Process begins with the initial activations necessary in unlocking the ethereic and physical doors.  Understanding the many layers and levels of  alternative healing is multi-dimensional, both in the etheric as well as the physical body.  
The 'process' is subtle yet profound!  Imagine a house, closed up without 'light and air', opening the blinds, the windows, then the doors are all worked through eterically and physically as a soul is ready to embrace each vibrational shift.  

The Dolphin Massage experience may accelerate one's path, awakening a more conscious re-connection of Love (the heart) and Light (the spirit).  The Dolphin Gateway, (the feet) is one major door eventually opening but also a key door is the throat where the initial doorway is often shut and even locked. 

The 'hands on' pressure as well as the position in which Gossamer works around the physical body is like the 'spider' Weaving the Web of LoveLight, restoring, reconnecting & re-patterning.  

The session is a total 'out of body' experience, however, a truly 'self empowering' experience as all is determined by the initial 'intentions' set in the first place.  Gossamer's gift, 'sacred sounding' is a major tool as is the breath, keeping one fully conscious, then assisting a soul return fully into their physical body and grounding.  One will feel an expanded state, also 'lighter' and looking younger as well, signs and confimation of a truly remarakable experience.    

Intensive Soul Travelling session  ...... over four hours.    

The nature of this session allows for two or three people (maximum) to participate at the same time.                



 A shamanic tradition! 
A relaxing treatment with many physical benefits.     Combined with a four hour 'soul travelling' experience.                                                
      A safe and alternative method, assisting with a variety of ear concerns.  

  • Candles used are of a high quality bees wax and 100% unbleached cotton.
  • An extension of this session offers etheric and psychic readings
  • Working with crystals and Sacred Sound may open the 'inner hearing' or 'clair-audience' gift.
  • Children welcome 

   Two sessions may be required to open both the etheric doors (non phyiscal)
            as well as the benefits with any phyiscal issues concerning the ear.                                                                      


 A group session is a profound Soul Traveling experience with the support of  ones Soul Family.  The journey that follows an awakening can be a lonely or isolated one and the group consciousness assists a soul move quickly on the path.  The group sessions are broad and varied and may involve “hands on” energy, as well from those assisting who are able to hold the Love, Light or both for another.    

Multi-dimensional door-keepers consciously unlock the gifts of the I Am or Crystal Body, activating tools such as Sacred Sound, Codes and Crystals.  The process is to assist a soul 'remember and restore' their gifts:  Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and ClairknowingThe door-keepers are seen as totems which are part of the Crystal or I Am Body that have become separate.  In other words, there are parts of a Crystal Body that do not hold the Love, the Light or both.   
Individuals at the beginning of a retreat or session express in writing their intentions, then taking a soul on a journey, unlocking the doors where memories are held in the subconscious.   Through the Crystal Heart of The Great Mother, all is transmuted with LoveLight and the soul gifts open to a new vibrational frequency.  The journey is the Birthing of the Gift of the I Am Body Channel in the 9th dimension.   
The group memories reflect the bigger picture in regard to "collective conscious" soul memories.  These  memories are extensive and intensive in the process of Soul Travelling far beyond an individual's own story.  A group can hold the vibration necessary for another to be able to walk through the doors that may be challenging for one to go through alone or with just one therapist, especially if the facilitator has not birthed, therefore unable to 'hold' the LoveLight fully in the 9th dimension.  The group consciousness assists individuals grow in confidence, support in knowing and understanding the 'process' of healing.  There is also the teaching opportunity for those ready to receive from Gossamer the understanding necessary in becoming a group facilitator.      
Self empowerment is the path that Gossamer wishes to assist one discover more fully through the teachings of the CrystaLoveLight Process.  Embracing this Process is about understanding more fully the many layers or doors necessary to unlock and open on one's path in this incarnated life.  Sharing stories and experiences along the way within a group may assist those who  “think” they cannot see, hear or doubt their knowing and feeling gift.  Those who hold memories of distrust and disblief may receive first hand confirmation when they witness the transformation of a soul, visibly seen in others and felt through their own physical body. 
Group sessions are held over four hours, a day or longer.  Over the time there is a vibrational frequency shift and is the beginning of the soul journey, where the spirit is subconsciously travelling.  Through inner worlds where the 'spirit' has no boundaries and the activation awakens what is then possible to 'see, hear or know'.  The days, weeks and possibly months that follow are equally supportive through meditation or individual 'inner work', local group connections and assistance via emails and phone conversations with Gossamer.  Insights will come as one 'remembers' the soul's gifts, discovering the potential in knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling more.  The flow of LoveLight shifts as the areas of life, health, relationships and career are re-patterned which once held fear, disbelief, distrust  and disempowerment due to one or more of the core memories in relation to all the souls gifts.         
Two day group retreat sessions cost $200 per day.  
Three days or more - $180 per day. 
Details of events coming in the near future can be also found on 'retreat page'. 

Those in an intirmate relationship may come to a session with Gossamer for one or more reasons. Planning to marry, conceiving a child or to understand more fully what is happening energetically between them. A couple in an intimate sexual relationship are souls journeying together on many levels and are consciously and not so consciously connecting to all that each hold. 

The spirit and heart of each soul may require assistance in bringing the memories from parallel lifetimes into the consciousness of the couple. Only then can they begin or increase the flow of energy between them that may be blocked in regards to the love, light or both.  Memories are held and are often reflected over and over with repeated patterns.  A couple may find that over months and possibly years there is a continual and constant challenge within a the framework, often left unattended too as the pressures of work and children put their relationship 'on hold'.  Lifetimes on the earth and inner worlds are awakened when one or both begin activations through different alternative modalities and may become very challenging to live with the patterns mirrored in each other.

A couple in relationship who are able and willing to look deeply at what is being mirrored to them from the other without judgement will embrace the challenges more fully and open their hearts in understanding the bigger picture. The Collective Consciousness is another aspect that an indiviudal may be connecting too on a larger scale.   However, it is not uncommon following sessions for an individual to require time to restore and re-connect the Love and Light more fully within their own heart.  As in all relationships, understanding the true meaning of 'unconditional love' is about the flow of energy and maintaining this through all circumstances of a life as the couple journey together.    

Aspects within a relationship maybe in connection with power issues, or disempowerment when one feels that they are drowning in every relationship.  Also fears of being separated, alone, not heard and unsupported are just some of the memories that may arise within a relationship. As the vibration of LoveLight increases within each person, deeper wounds and memories may arise as well. During this time one within the relationship maybe able to hold the love vibration while the other is allowed to move through and re-pattern the deeper memories of one's soul.

Cost:  $160 per session, allowing three hours!

Gossamer also assists gay couples, parent/child and child/child relationships.









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