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Gossamer's gift in "channelling" Sacred Ceremonies assist souls re-connect to the earth, through all elements of 'water, fire and air'.  Sacred Ceremonies or rituals are a 'celebration', bringing through an experience of the Oneness of All That Is!  The preparation involved in Sacred Ceremony is over a few hours or days for the etheric energies or vibrational frequencies to gather!  All necessary for the final coming together as the sense of Oneness is experienced very much in the physical.  Coinciding with the etheric and may take the form of group or individual soul travelling sessions, combining "shamanic or earth mother" healing for the "crystal heart of the mother" is a key doorway. 

One may be assisted through a journey of initial activation, followed by the re-connection, re-patterning and return of the spirit through the heart.  The "channel" opens as all comes into alignment, thus the sum total of the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body.  

acred Ceremony is a powerful ritual and may assist with discovering one's higher consciousness or possibly a "new awakening" on many energetic levels.  By remembering one's soul gifts, the preparation for ceremony assists the full birthing, followed by the anchoring which gives greater clarity for the purpose for being on this earth.


Cost varies regarding the time and type of ceremony including:

Naming Ceremony
Marriage Ceremony
Renewal of Vows
Commitment Ceremony

Funeral Ceremony

Sacred Fire & Earth Gifting Ceremonies

Celebrating a "Rite of Passage" is a unique opportunity in which the Songlines are activated, birthed and anchored into the Leilines of the earth through each participating soul.                        

Sacred Ceremony is a powerful ritual and profound in nature through Gossamer's gift of Channel in the 9th dimension of her I Am Body.  The experience is beyond all conscious comprehension and must never be underestimated in what a soul will connect to as well as where one will "travel".  

Invitations to conduct ceremony on a on a private property may eventually lead to a Sacred Fire Ceremony where family and community are invited to participate.  It is essential that the hosts/guardians/owners or even those renting are able to hold all that eventuates as such intense energy shifts are worked with on the property and with those choosing to participate.   

Further information is also on the Celebrant and Shaman Pages!





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