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Rite of Passage -
21st May 2015

We can all remember being guided how to write a good story at school.  While creating and weaving words together, the structure was set.  There was a ‘beginning, middle and end’.  Wonderful stories have been shared throughout the centuries and still roll out today.  Whether fiction, real events and characters, or a combination of both, the reader begins a journey!  Possibly a one off story or a series, expanding from the initial theme, for example the moment when Harry Potter’s character came to us at age twelve and grew well into his late teens.  Or the Hobbit and the journey with Bilbo Baggins beyond what he could have ever imagined.    

The life and journey of a ‘soul’ is beyond the consciousness and ‘eternal’, yet the physical incarnation of a being on this earth, is the ‘beginning’ of a remarkable journey.  Whatever the length of time before the end of this journey, called “life”, it is inevitable that a moment will eventually arrive when the ‘spirit’, the breath, leaves the physical body!  Death ‘ends’ the journey on some level, yet in between a significant story unfolds whatever the time frame of an individual in this lifetime.

A number of considerations may determine the expectant life journey of a person in physical form!  Health issues within a particular culture where decisions are made around family and social lifestyles.  Choices made by humans over time, in relation to the environment and on some occasions mixed in with natural catastrophic events. Further influences on the lives of people are both short and long term.  Relationship to ‘war’ and continued ‘civil’ unrest on many levels, seen as “crimes against humanity” when considered as ‘civilised’ countries.  However the consequences are enormous both for individuals, countries and across continents. 

Finally, ‘beyond the conscious mind’, many try to comprehend the soul’s existence from an individual’s birth date to the ‘end’.  The time frame may be short, just hours, days or months and the ‘mystery of life’ is indeed challenging, often confronting when asking “why”!  Coming to understand why a child has completed their time on this earth, whether the circumstances have been through illness, an accident or from a criminal offence, again the question, “why”?  Or a young adult, seemingly in the “prime” of their life who again, has ‘battled’ an illness, an accident victim, crime or both, their life journey ‘ends’.  

The soul’s life is a much bigger picture than the time frame in which a person incarnates in a physical body.  The ‘mystery of life’ is held deep within the subconscious!  Questions to ponder include: does my soul have a ‘beginning’ and therefore, an ‘end’?  If so, where, when and how did my soul birth?  The beliefs an individual may have are both personal and ‘collective’, held in religious or indigenous traditions, also the teachings.  However, do they continue to serve me as an individual, within my family, community, country and the ‘big picture’, the world? Holding onto beliefs based on ‘fear’, unable to reach the fullest potential possible of ‘love and light’ both, firstly for myself, therefore will be reflected or mirrored in my relationships, health and career path. 

The conscious ‘beginning’ is an awakening and my ‘life’ substance is the story.  The conscious ‘doors’ open!  Choices or decisions can become clearer as the soul ‘travels’ the life paths in this incarnated lifetime and beyond.  However, many feel ‘stuck or trapped’, therefore, unable to open doors, because of stories locked deep within the soul!  Mirrored and reflected from the same story, now ready to become the learning. Hence, one reason why the soul incarnated in the first place!  

Life’s circumstances are part of the ‘awakening’ and to learn is a ‘process’.  What follows the birth or the ‘beginning’ is the substance of life until all is complete for the soul’s understanding.  Hence, then will come the ‘end’.  However, it is also possible that the learning will not come for an individual but for those connected!  A partner, family members or community!  Therefore, others may become more empowered through the life and death of a soul.  Indeed a door has been opened, awakening a new consciousness!  The door is the ‘heart’!

Health, relationships and career path or a sense of ‘purpose’ in learning to walk on the earth, are significant doors.  However, are not ‘separate’ to each other!  One will have an impact on the other two.  Unlocking the doors of the emotional body, grief and more, if able to be ‘re-patterned’, therefore opening the heart or ‘love’ to see, know, hear and feel what was previously not possible.  The ripple effect assisting ‘family’ in the broadest sense of the word!

The Light, or ‘spirit’, merging with the Love, the ‘heart’, gives one a voice, is respected and honoured, whatever the age or gender.  Allowing each soul to reach for the ‘stars’ and dream, yet remain firmly anchored on the earth, through ‘the mother’! Therefore, the role as mother, father, grandmother and other relationships, ‘holding’ the ‘LoveLight’ both is not determined by the chosen career path alone.

The big picture of my soul’s existence, the story from birth to death has significant ‘beginnings and endings’ throughout!  From the earliest years to beyond, it is indeed a ‘rite of passage’.  In between comes the learning!  A question to ponder, “how long before the learning comes”?  “I Am… Because of All That IS”!

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