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Remembering "The Mother" on Mother's Day! -
11th May 2014

Australia officially celebrates "Mother's Day" this weekend! The reflections I share with you may not be all that new, but more of a reminder and possibly activating as on previous occasions through these "channelled articles'! The various layers of consciousness, the teachings of The CrystaLoveLight Process have been part of my life for more than a decade now. Awakening more and more, the 'Soul Travelling' experience!

Remembering and birthing the Gifts of the I Am Body, the sum total of All That I Am. The etheric "doors", opening in various dimensions, enable the "love and light", both, birth fully through the physical! The psychic feeling gift, clair sentience, primarily allows and is a key for this profound experience to be felt in the body. The "process" of which I have experienced and now assist others, is understood more fully in relation to the natural conception, birth and journey to follow as a soul remembers, striving to reach the potential of all their gifts. The beginning, middle and end of the journey throughout life is symbolised by the mother, holding her new born! Holding the LoveLight for another soul is indeed the "key"!

The 'celebration' of the 'mother', recognising on one day of the year, may or may not remind the general population of her dedication and commitment. Once 'motherhood' is embraced, it expands a lifetime. However, through "The CrystaLoveLight Process", the term "mother" honours not only those women who have given birth to one or more babies, but has come to mean something much broader and inclusive of men as well as women. The term "mother" basically refers to the "female parent" and the consciousness around this meaning is changing in modern day family terms.

The 'mother', through the feminine is mostly associated with the woman, therefore the primary 'nurturer, protector, teacher and guide', especially in the initial years. The etheric bodies, one of several, including the feminine and masculine, must be opened if a soul has become disempowered through one or more. Whatever the gender of the parents, the flow of LoveLight is possible between parent and child.

Compassion is a genuine concern and care of another, an empathy that feels what it would be like to go through any of these stories that activate and cause continued pain or hardship. The feeling gift may be interpreted as carrying the burden or weight of another. Taking over the load, possibly believing that this is what is necessary to be able to fully understand what another soul is experiencing. Assisting a friend, relative, student and client, may have the 'energy', therefore be coming from a place of child/adult relationship as a soul remembers their gifts!

Asking a mother to "let go" of her child's pain, as has occurred in numerous sessions over the years, is almost an impossible request! However, to hold this over a period of time for another, will eventually be felt for both the mother and child, through the 'heart' initially then the 'spirit' to follow. Relationships can be complex, however, the connection between mother and child, firstly the biological mother, possibly a foster or adopted mother, than any other soul who comes along who may take on this 'energy' for another.

The "separation" story from the "mother" was truly activated in my conscious experience with the passing of my own mother from this earth in 1986. However, it was to be another fourteen years before I began to understand the significance of this experience in relation to my own 'healing' journey, an awakening that began in 2000. Opening the "heart to love" enabled the "channel" gift to follow consciously in 2003 when the "spirit, the light" began to flow and birth. However, the term separation" does not necessarily imply a negative aspect, but initially, a way for moving through what is necessary more consciously and eventually forward.

A baby has a timeframe for being in the womb of the mother! Once having arrived on the planet, a soul moves through the growth and learning necessary. A unique soul's journey may be over in a matter of hours, weeks, months, or continue on through several decades. A soul may leave home to take up work in another city or country, to marry, escape a "war torn" country, seeking divorce and death, all hold various layers of challenges but for a 'new beginning'. Embracing another stage of the journey as a soul continues to find the LoveLight through feeling, knowing, seeing and hearing. Assisting others with 'travelling' beyond the consciousness is indeed a gift, coming from 'intense inner soul travelling', working with and through one's own personal memories or stories. All held in several vibrational frequencies within various dimensions and if such an "awakening" is to take place in this lifetime, be assured, it will, whatever path we choose in between.

In 2004, the term "shaman" came into my consciousness. I discovered that the stories of disempowerment in the etheric bodies, had previously been in my consciousness prior to the year 2000. As a "wild life" carer over a three year period, the woundedness of my own soul (heart and spirit) was reflected through these animals, often broken and usually not surviving. I ended my volunteer work as I was unable to continue watching and dealing with wounded animals, realising four years later, they reflected my own "brokenness"! Shattered "spirit" and therefore a lost soul! I also realised that I had become a "wild life" carer, with an intention of assisting animals and supporting others in this field, consciously, however, in the subconscious, all was a reflection, a mirror and I was trying to "heal" myself.

The "new age consciousness", awakened in me through each of my three mentors, who also 'channelled' their own teachings, beyond the 5th dimension. The totems or animals reflected within my own consciousness, ways in which they were wounded, trapped, unable to move in the water or on the earth, run and fly! The totems were the etheric crystal bodies within myself, also broken, crushed and shattered in the 7th , 8th and 9th dimensions. Through the "separation" of all or parts of these bodies, I understood they symbolised the gifts of "knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling", unable to hold the "love, light" or both. Parts of the crystal body were dead!

Each totem also became a conscious "doorkeeper" for a particular gift, for example, "feeling", and once opened, the "soul travelling" journey began. A soul has no physical boundaries in "soul travelling", therefore, the consciousness is beyond the realms, universes, solar systems, moons, suns and galaxies. The Creation Web CrystaLoveLight, may be viewed as "eternity", infinite and the soul will choose through conscious intention where to 'travel'. The rest is about "trusting"!

Understanding more fully the disempowerment of the soul, through the heart, spirit or both is in relation to the "psychic" gifts, therefore, beyond the conscious reach of many who have not been able to see, hear and know. A 'sense or intuitive' feeling comes first, but often doubted, nor able to be believed, therefore, unable to be 'trusted'. How is the term or phrase "a lost soul" explained in etheric terms or the "psychic" world? The crystal bodies, beyond the physical, seen as dolphins, eagles, a bear, unicorns and more have become "separated"! The reason they are not seen, I believe is due to the vibrational frequency, a particular colour that is holding the story and unable to be moved through. Also, the dimension is beyond where a soul is ready to travel, embrace the part and continue with the "process" that follows, primarily through the physical.

The 'process' is a conscious birthing through the heart of "The Mother", the "Love", then through the "Light", to Source! Activated by stories in relation to "the mother", possibly reflected or mirrored, therefore, may not be conscious in the connection or disconnection with the biological mother. However, beyond the earth consciousness one can 'travel' through the consciousness of the 'water - the Golden Mother Whale - the songlines, the crystal water pathways of LoveLight! Through these "sound frequencies" a soul activates the parts and the journey begins. Travelling the spheres of the starry realms as the Great Grandmother Spider, weaves LoveLight, connecting through the 'inner etheric earth realms' of Andromeda, Atlantis, Lemuria, Venus, Syrian, Orion, Pleiades and beyond!

During a 'soul travelling' experience, the journey over three or more hours maybe conscious, but mostly is deep with the subconscious. During 'sleep time', a soul travels and the learning may be recalled through dreams as one returns to consciousness, able to interpret the learning that is coming through the subconscious. Therefore, another journey is required! The final doorway with "feet", placed firmly on the earth, in meditation! Simply honouring all parts connecting through the "Light", giving oneself time to bring all that has been sitting "out there" in the etheric water, starry and inner earth realms, an opportunity to return through the most conscious door of all, the physical body. The body that is of solid matter in the cells, organs and systems, requiring real time to be re-patterned while sitting in the vibration, until all is grounded and integrated! Otherwise it is too easy to be pulled out of alignment through various other energies of vibration and dimensions.

Hence, the "channel" the LoveLight is anchored and birthed through the Heart of Gaia, our Earth Mother, through the feet! An earth consciousness and through the "dolphin gateway", etheric! A key for 'soul travelling' multi-dimensionally, connecting to Gaia through a serpent, and like each of the etheric mother energies of the earth, water and starry realms, each weaves the LoveLight and become "one" as the I Am Body births in a particular dimension, the 7th , 8th or 9th ! In the end, the consciousness of travelling through all mothers is a journey into the "Oneness" as they too merge together in one tube of "Light".

Being grounded is simply all That I Am within All That Is, coming into alignment, beginning above the physical head, feeling the Love, the power of the Light as the "channel" opens through the gifts held in the eyes and ears. Moving through what could be considered a small physical doorway, etherically one of the larger and significant areas, the throat. To be able to move through the memories held in this gift of 'sounding and speaking' Light language opens the door to the chest, the heart. As the "light" returns, so does the "love"!

A soul understands more fully through their gifts in trusting and believing, or, if there is more "inner soul travelling" required. In particular, knowing, wisdom/knowledge and seeing. A significant key is feeling and for many this 'energy' is interpreted as "overwhelming" with a sense of panic instead of focusing on the breath. Or, some "think" they feel the experience of LoveLight coming into together, when it maybe simply a shift in a particular vibrational frequency and not the frequency of the I Am Body.

The expansion of a soul occurs when the "heart" (love) and the "spirit" (light) merge, braid and align through all etheric bodies coming into a place and space of "Oneness" through the physical body. Some 'feel' this like never before and therefore believe it is the I Am when in fact it is just one door opening, either the emotional, spiritual, masculine or feminine body and therefore the mental body "thinks" or believes that they are truly connecting to All That Is. "Feelings" that have never been felt before in this way, due to the expansion coming into and through the physical body has to be understood for what it is in 'energy' terms, a "flood gate opening". Taking time to adjust with the incoming LoveLight requires equal "inner meditation" time with a balance of physical movement that pushes the heart rate, bringing through the necessary conscious breath work.

The self empowerment of this "process" is about learning the "lessons", through their own "knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing" regarding one's physical abilities. What is relevant for a particular age and practice that has been embraced over the years is unique and maybe a form of yoga, tai chi, swimming or an intensive work out in a gym. Just like filling a balloon with air, the breath, (Light), is in the end not separate to the (Love), but if not grounded could go flying off! Dizziness or a lightheaded feeling may cause one to fall over, or bump into something, even be a concern if walking near traffic or driving a car.

A soul can simply, yet profoundly, "BE" in the stillness, allowing one to hear the guidance, learning and teachings that will come beyond the consciousness. The primary purpose for all activations is to enable a new stage of the journey through all three realms and once the 'process' has been completed, including an integration period of days, weeks or months, the activations will begin again. In between time, the confirmation of a particular memory may be shown and therefore, if other people or situations continue to be a 'trigger'. The confirmation may also show one's new ability to "let go"! A theme that could be an article in itself! Consciously, one can assess if more work is required, or ask "am I giving enough time to sit and simply, "BE" in the stillness. Not necessarily in a quiet room, but walking in the park, connecting to the trees, discovering and finding the "stillness" within! Allowing the 'heart' to open in all that I feel, know, see and hear in "love" also unlocks the doors for the 'light' to enter, merge and braid.

The power of these gifts in total, opens the "channel" and this Gift also has its own stories of disempowerment, another stage of working with all the fears, beliefs and doubts that require full trust when working with the "Sounds of The Mother'. The LoveLight language, coming from beyond the consciousness, assists the rediscovery of the keys and unlocking the etheric doors in remembering All That I Am. How can all this be confirmed in the day to day living, interactions in relationships, health and my choices in all that motivates as well as inspires me?

I may sense or feel uncomfortable when I hear something that does not resonate! Am I confident that I know I can hold the LoveLight both, firstly within myself than for any soul in any given situation? One gift may be the conscious power tool, eventually in combination with two or more. A full and open channel is trusting one gift totally, however, to believe and work with all four is "the gift of channelling"! Be conscious of all that is right there, if one can see the "divine" in all, including plants and animals. Coming to a place that I know and feel that all past hurts are able to be forgiven, then "let go". To be "free" from being "hooked" into gossip, negative thoughts coming from a soul who is lost, angry and holding karmic or genetic patterns of abuse for themselves as well as others. Understanding that all is possibly far beyond the consciousness of this lifetime!

The gift of hearing, clair audience, may be activated through the sounds of the birds, a gift of the "mother". Yet stories from children, as well as their parents expressed over and over by a soul, reflect the "separation" of the heart, (love), spirit (light) and can become tiresome, like a stuck or cracked record. The ability to hold the LoveLight for a soul to be able to come to a place in the telling of their own stories! Coming to a realisation that everyone has been listening to and hearing, therefore feeling their pain, over a period of years. Waiting with, than walking through the door with another soul is why the "inner soul travelling" is necessary, "raising the bar" so to speak, beyond the vibrational frequencies and dimension of where all has been held in the past.

The personal stories held in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions are assisted by many therapists and the ability to "be a mother" is possible. However, beyond the 6th dimension, is a consciousness that becomes "collective" as well as personal. The "bigger picture" comes from a more expanded CrystaLoveLight Body, unable to be connected too previously. The bigger the tree, the deeper the root system required that is able to support both the leaves, branches above, the solid trunk, (physical body) and below. The flow not only moves from the top of the tree down, but also comes up from the root and earth below. Soul travelling far below into the depths of the earth or diving into the subconscious realms of the etheric oceans is necessary for the reconnection with all 'mother' energies in the etheric and physical together. The Crystal Heart of the Mother, is the doorway for birthing the potential, therefore, to "BE" All That I Am! The 'Divine Universal, God' connection, however, seen, felt, heard and known reflects the consciousness of All That IS!  Indeed the ONENESS of all that begins within and then can flow out like a ripple across the water!

The Gifts of the I Am - The CrystaLoveLight Body

Walk gently and slowly among the flowers!
See and know their beauty, as Light!
Walk gently, slowly among the flowers!
Feel and hear their breath, as Love!
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers!
Remember from where they birthed……
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers then sit and honour "The Crystal Heart of the Mother"!
BE honoured as the "channel" to Source, the Oneness, opens.
"Because of All That Is - I Am All That I Am"!

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