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HongKong - Lamma Island


Hong Kong - Lamma Island - Po Toi Shaman Retreat ~ August 2007

The first sign of a disruption to my schedule in facilitating a Shaman Retreat on the island of Po Toi came the day I was to leave for Hong Kong. I had been working for two weeks in Bangkok, Thailand with individual, group sessions and a Sacred Crystal Ceremony. Sitting at the computer checking my emails and waiting for a visit from a woman who wished to meet and speak with me, I received the message from Odette who had just spoken with Phil, my contact and organizer in Hong Kong. Odette, who I had been staying with for the past weeks had organized my visit to Bangkok, was out and about on business so she gave me Phil’s number and spoke of a typhoon warning. The typhoon was heading towards Hong Kong and possibly all the ferries would be canceled. My accommodation that night was on the island of Lamma at Phil’s place. This required me to catch the ferry but if the ferry was not running, this could mean plan B, which meant possibly having to stay on the mainland of Hong Kong. So, with my appointment meeting concluded I immediately checked the emails quickly and found this message from Phil: “there is a possibility the Typhoon no. T8 Signal will be raised, later tonight and remain in place tomorrow. What this means is ... All ferries to and from po toi will be cancelled at T3. Possible cancellation of flights at T8, please call me if possible”.

I was driven to the airport with the view that I would let the airline decide if I would be flying into Hong Kong or not and booked in with no indication that my flight was, in any way, being canceled. After checking my backpack through I rang Phil who told me that the ferry to his island was still running and that he would still be in the city to meet me. His concern was the following day, Thursday, when six of us were heading over to Po Toi to begin the Shaman Retreat on one of the regular ferries. In one way I was relieved that I did not need to spend the night finding accommodation in the city. Plan B as we had discussed on the phone from the Bangkok airport was to find another venue for the retreat but most places needed advanced bookings and many of the other retreat participants were not joining the core group until the Friday or Saturday.

As I walked around the airport, in Bangkok after I had spoken with Phil, I felt my legs get heavier as if they were made of stone. A sign which I have come to recognise that something needs my attention, so felt it best to sit down and tune in to it. I made my way to the gate from which my flight was leaving and was able to lay down for half an hour and allow the energy to move through me. I had a fear come up that I would not be able to do my work, my mission on the earth, and began to work with this. I called in Quan Yin and all the higher councils of etheric beings to assist me and soul travel to wherever I was holding this. Once on the plane, the captain announced that the weather in Hong Kong was not the best and that we would have a rough landing, also that it was raining on the ground. I began to put it out asking for, and seeing, the opposite. Part of me was pleased and relieved that we were even going to attempt to fly to Hong Kong and land. After having a meal on the plane, I was completely knocked out and felt that I was being worked on as I was not asleep but traveling deeply through the 'inner planes' of the subconscious. Next thing we were flying over Hong Kong, the lights were shining brightly, the sky was clear and the landing smooth.

Just over an hour from landing I was greeted by Phil who said we had some time before the next ferry so enjoyed a hot chocolate and a chance to catch up. Over the hot drink I suggested that the group, heading to Po Toi the following day, make their way to his place on Lamma Island instead. There, we could begin to activate and anchor the work without losing a day then see how the typhoon was progressing which, at that stage, was to pass over Hong Kong during the night and the early hours of the morning. Phil agreed, and then I discovered that he, while I was on my flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, had been at a meditation group in the New Age Shop and had invited as many of those who were to be involved with the retreat could possibly come. The energy of the group was profound! Phil and I then caught the ferry to Lamma Island. The typhoon did pass through the night and the wind and rain were indicators that it was indeed a powerful force within nature. A huge pot-plant on Phil’s balcony which held a tall tree of a meter to five feet tall was partly protected by an enclosed part of the verandah, this was knocked over by the force of the wind.

The following morning the regular ferry to Po Toi was not running but the ferry from the mainland to Lamma was, so messages were sent to the group who had previously committed to coming with me to Po Toi on the Thursday. The plan was that all could stay with either Phil or Greg on the Thursday evening, as they both lived on Lamma. We could hold at least three sessions that day and evening. This plan would also allow those in this core group to make the Friday morning travel to Po Toi easier as we would be altogether in making new arrangements. So Phil’s home, and in particular his living area, were re-arranged. Furniture was moved around and some even taken out to make space. His home was never to be the same again! Our first mid-morning session was held with five of us and the sixth came as we headed out for a Chinese lunch. The second session was after a late lunch which concluded with a walk down to the powerhouse station beach. The message I received on this beach was that we had the 'power within us' a symbol of the huge power station that dominates this particular area of the island. It was not raining at this stage and the typhoon' according to all weather reports' was on its way out, heading away from Hong Kong. Two other members of the retreat group, not coming over to Po Toi until Friday and Saturday, were able to join us for the evening session as they too lived on Lamma. So the group for the evening session numbered eight. This session was a guided meditation on 'how to work with crystals' as each member of the group had brought crystals with them.

Friday morning: Phil and Greg were trying desperately to find a boat that would take us to the island of Po Toi as this service only run with normal ferries on Thursday and Saturday. Six or eight others had previously planned to join us on the Friday afternoon after work and were hiring their own water transport. My initial core group had decided to go early as I needed time on the island before the other groups arrived. So six of us, three men and three women, headed off with backpacks, tents, food, water, a shovel, rake and a small axe. The ride over on the private boat, the size of the usual ferry, cost HK$2000. It was a rough ride, choppy and two members were a little sea sick. Three of us stood on the front of the boat - a bit like the image in the movie the Titanic. My vision or dream was that the dolphins would come out of water and guide us. The ocean was so rough that the dolphins were probably very deep, if around at all. There seemed to be a break in the sky and the light was shining on Po Toi, but after ten minutes, or so, I found I was getting wet from the waves breaking over the front of the boat so I headed back inside and stood behind the glass and spent another ten or fifteen minutes tuning into the whales and dolphins by singing.

Landing on Po Toi, Hong Kong August 2007
Photographer: Nicki Lan
View more photos here

The boat owners were anxious to get us off and head back, it was not until later that we discovered why! The typhoon had turned around and was heading back to Hong Kong, with very little warning. The boat would have just made it back to Hong Kong safely as it took an hour and a half to travel the distance. Finding out a few days later that many on the mainland were trying to get home, people were praying on the ferries as they traveled as it was so rough. With rain and wind manageable, our small group headed up to the shop that was officially closed on Fridays. We began cleaning up the shelter which had a solid concrete floor and a four foot (or a meter) of shelter around the outside in line with the roof. It was pretty good considering the battering it would have received the night before. We found long old tarps that needed cleaning and assisted with adding height to the shelter already in place as we attempted to gain protection from the wind and rain that was at times horizontal. We could see the ocean through the trees and it was "wild”. One of the island inhabitants came up to check the shop and was attempting to fix the roof when he broke the news to us that the typhoon warning had gone back up to T3 and to T8. I was still trying to get my head around the T1’s, T3’s and T8’s. T1 was the first warning and during my time at Phil’s we watched the weather report on the internet which showed the path of the typhoon. Now if you want to know the difference between tropical cyclone, typhoon, hurricane….I suggest you go and look it up yourself, for me they are all severe storms, with high winds and heavy rain but when one is near the water and the ocean, as we found ourselves, then they take on a whole new meaning when using phrases like “the power of nature” or “a force to be reckoned with”.

It was not until the next day that I began to reveal to the group that my shaman name, channeled in Feb. 2004, was Rainstorm. I told the stories of my experiences with the weather, in particular the elements of wind and rain through retreats where storms and rain depressions descended on campsites as though they had their own message for me. So, after an hour or so of thinking, “this is were we were going to ride out the typhoon”, I was beginning to tune into the space energetically. The other five headed over to one headland to have a look at the ocean from the beach where we were to work. It was not to be, we were guided to head down to the local fishing village where a total of twenty five people lived. A restaurant dominated this island as did a small temple which partly overlooked the expanse of the ocean as well as the bay. In this bay ferries and other craft could land a great number of tourists, in good weather, many of whom would come for the day or camp over. As we headed down to the restaurant and the possible community shelter that was being offered, we discovered a couple of men and an elderly woman trying to drag a small, but heavy, fishing boat up the beach with the rising swell, this was a dangerous and exhausting task. The sight of three tall, strong looking fellows must have been like Christmas, or any other celebration that spoke of great blessings. Thinking this was a man’s job, Nicki and I checked out the community centre which had been offered to us for accommodation. But on our return we soon discovered, with my other female companions, that getting the boats up the beach was everyone’s concern. Every little bit of strength helped the cause.

My thoughts were, after all the inner work with the three sessions the day before, this was not the way I had intended the group to integrate. But was very effective! Maybe a ride on a ferry and preparing campsites, but this was about, “going with the flow”. Being in the now! These people knew what they were doing and knew this ocean well in these conditions. We managed to get two up the beach and onto concrete platforms and the third was the heaviest. We were then treated to a feast of food that the restaurant is renowned for. They were anxious to get us out and into our shelter as the typhoon was building. We did not realize that the roof of the restaurant was to be removed as it would have blown off. We made our way to the community shelter. The shelter was built in 1973 by the British Air force, our building was a solid brick building, compared to others on the island made of less durable building materials but still able to withhold the on-force of winds and rain. I began to prepare the space for our first session while the other members of the group headed back to the restaurant to help with the dismantling of the roof and shifting of tables and chairs.

The solid floor below us, as well as a feeling of safety and security in our new home for the next two nights, allowed us to have a session where the five members could lay down and travel through the 'inner planes'. A sacred space was created in the middle of the floor - gas cookers enabled us to have tea, coffee, noodles and soup on hand. We were offered the facilities of a shower and public toilets which were also close by. That evening we were sitting around talking and I began to recall my scheduled program that Phil had asked me for a few days before I left Bangkok. He had been asked by some members of the group if I could give him a detailed program of the retreat. This took me nearly twenty four hours to tune into, with my experience of other retreats I knew what some of the activities would be but the order in which they came depended on the group and the vibration that they brought through. So, I formulated a program with the channeled guidance of Mother Gaia and sent it off to Phil who made the comment of how amazing it was. As the six of us sat together on Friday night, when there could have been twice that number, I realized during the course of the discussion just how it was unfolding. This was exactly what I had put down for the session for that night; story telling and dream interpretation!

A wild and windy night followed but we were safe, secure and dry. I felt an energy moving through me all night and had a few hours sleep to find that the ocean swell had brought the water within several meters ( twenty feet) away from us. The boats that had been lifted out of the water sat on concrete slabs that were now being lapped by the water. Two boats, not rescued, were upside down in the water. Our Saturday morning session began with assisting the group align and ground their energy bodies. This was an awesome session to begin the day and then most of the group headed to the restaurant for breakfast but found that it was not operating for some time. After our first session; I felt the space in which we were staying needed to be reorganized with the possibility of others joining us later in the morning. Those joining us also needed to feel that there was plenty of room for all. The etheric vibration of the space was expanding as well I could see that it was time to match the physical space with the work that the group had been doing. Also, we were going to be possibly in this space for another day and a half so it all was shifting. By packing up the containers, chairs and steel trolleys owned by the community, we were able to make temporary clothes lines out of long bamboos, move the tables which expanded our area for eating, sleeping and group sessions. This exercise took just one hour!

By this stage messages were coming from family and friends on mobile phones that no one else who had planned to come to the island for the retreat would be able to get across the ocean. I realized on several occasions that it was rather a miracle, in itself, that we had managed to get over to the island when we did the day before. This core group would anchor the energy on the island; this was the retreat group for the weekend. I felt a shift in the group and could see that memories were being triggered by this news of those not coming to join us, so began yet another session to assist both the group present on Po Toi as well as the small group trying desperately to reach us from the mainland of Hong Kong. These groups were so connected even though they were physically miles and worlds apart. I could see memories of “separation”, “being alone”, “powerlessness” and “isolation” and “not being able to return to the Oneness, the crystal heart” coming up for both groups. After this session we were ready for breakfast but with, still, no sign of the restaurant being ready for us we headed into the next session which was a journey over to the area on the headland where the temple, recently constructed, was situated. It did not rain during the whole of this session considering at times that it was relentless. During the first session I saw the group working together in this space which was just a short five minute walk away. This would expand our work from the space that had become our own temple space, where all sessions had been conducted up to this time.

Once I reached the temple, I was guided to walk around to the other side looking out over the ocean with a very, very large rock on my right then I headed back down below the temple, close to the ocean but able to stand the group on a solid landing. This was where the session began which was to connect through and to the “power in the water”. The swell from the typhoon did indeed show the power within the water, consciously remembering our higher gifts through our “water bodies”. I was only guided to take one of the rose quartz crystals from our temple space in the community centre and this connected us to the other left behind. This was passed among the group each connecting to this power through the crystal energy. Then we headed to the first spot I was shown around the other side of the temple overlooking the vast ocean and standing on a very high peak, where we consciously connected to our starry bodies. At this point all etheric beings began to connect with us as we began to lift our vibration as a group, yet again. All sessions added to our vibrational frequencies being lifted, so each time more 'Love and Light' came as we connected consciously and unconsciously as we soul traveled. This time it was a physical experience as well as an etheric one as we connected to each point on the headland that represented the three conscious realms of water, stars and earth. Finally we made our way to connect physically with the temple. The huge tree standing outside was our third and final connection with Mother Earth. Entering this sacred space, big enough to hold the six standing, Quan Yin and all the Mothers from each of the realms came and we honoured the earth through the heart of Mother Gaia. As we made our way from this temple back to our first temple space, the knowing came that we were now expanding our 'Light and Love' over the island through all the guides that were traveling with us. The many councils of angelic, starry, ascended masters, elementals and shamanic beings were indeed looking after us as we continued to work together.

On my way back to our own temple space I noticed that with the water level receding from the beach where the boats had been dragged up the afternoon before. The swell that brought the water levels to a peak had dumped much rubbish across the entire beach. I wanted to clean it up as this often is the case when much energy work is completed, the physical aspect needs to be brought into balance. When we sat together in the group after we completed the session connecting the two temple spaces, I suggested about cleaning up the beach only to find that other members had the same discussion on the way back from the temple. Integration time was spent over food, and then a period of hours working with the incredible amount of rubbish that we removed from the beach. Phil, Greg and other friends on previous trips to the island had seen ahead that we would need garbage bags and gloves; he only thought at the time that it would be on the other side of the island down from the shop where I had thought that a Sacred Fire Ceremony would take place. Now it was to be main beach near the restaurant that we would be working with. The typhoon had given us a space to work energetically with the main tourist part of the island. The frustration of those who live on the island must be one of desperation with the amount of rubbish floating daily into their bay. I personally collected a basket of mostly small dead fish off the beach, two large fish, sea urchins and shell fish. Another collected all the tin or what seemed like aluminum, another a bucket of broken glass and the general rubbish including pieces of wood, lino, gloves, a flipper for snorkeling, all sorts of smaller rubbish from paper to plastics. Also four eagle feathers were found on the beach as these birds, the kites that belong to the raptor family, were flying over the water in the bay looking for their dinner. Several large bags of rubbish were collected that afternoon. It was a tremendous effort but much more was needed to be done.

After our own dinner we moved into what was to be the longest session so far. While the group was able to lie down after such an exhaustive afternoon, the session was intensive and lasted until 2am. We then had a discussion time and most were able to sleep afterwards. Around 9am on Sunday the first ferry came across from the mainland. I was preparing the space for our aligning and grounding session when it was discovered that the ferry had a great deal of trouble landing at the pier. It took around ten to fifteen minutes to tie up and secure the vessel. It was only a matter of minutes when we were confronted about leaving on this ferry as others would not come and attempt the same difficult situation. Up until that moment we believed that there would be several ferries during the day and we would leave later in the afternoon. My concern, and that of others, was leaving so quickly with what seemed so much packing up to do. I wanted to leave the place as we had found it but realized later nothing could be the same. It was as though the universe wanted us out of there as we had done the work for now! If we did not go we may not have been able to leave the island for another two days and members of the group had family and work commitments.

My concern as I made my way to the ferry was that I had not had an opportunity to assist each one with aligning and grounding after such an intensive session the previous night. As the trip across the water unfolded, it turned out that I had assisted with two of the group on the boat. One had hit their head when getting from the pier to the ferry as the condition was extremely rough. The other member was a little sea sick so I worked with aligning, anchoring and then grounding which helped the situation considerably. We headed to Aberdeen and had hot drinks from McDonalds as we could not find anything else and three parted company and headed home. Three others headed back to Lamma on yet another ferry and I felt that one more session in the comfort of Phil’s home, connecting energetically with the others who had parted company, would be enough to officially close and seal the work on Po Toi. This would give me an opportunity to work with two more of the group as well. After a shower and some food, the session lasted for four hours then Phil and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local vegetarian café.

The extreme conditions of the typhoon brought into a profound consciousness for all of us who were able to work on Po Toi. Firstly the intention of doing the work: once on the early morning ferry, the group were determined to get to Po Toi. Their determination was inspiring! The group effort to make the shop area comfortable and as clean as possible when we first landed on the island set this intention. Secondly, we were then well and truly “looked after” with the accommodation that was then offered to us so that we could continue with the work that was to follow over the next days and nights.

The typhoon kept anyone else from joining us on the island, our fellow retreat companions and the tourists. This allowed us to do the work of anchoring much Love and Light that opened twelve etheric gateways. The opening of these gateways through the Crystal Heart of Mother Gaia are to benefit all who travel to this island to see and feel the power of the Songlines. For many it will be a higher consciousness knowing for others who continue to go their and work energetically it will be very much in their consciousness! Water is the Light for all earth memories to be consciously able to travel and return the gifts that our spirit has chosen not to remember. The light pathways or Songlines return one to the Heart of I Am Who I Am.

Phil and I offered one more session for anyone connected to my work on the Monday night and I was asked if I had seen any whales while on Po Toi because a news report, in Chinese, told that whales had been spotted off Hong Kong. My reply was that I had only seen the etheric whales and dolphins, not to mention the mermaids and other water beings. This occurrence was not a common one in these waters apparently. I have not been able to track down this report so far to get the details.

Blessings to all who have read this story to the end………

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