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One Voice - One Sound! -
28th February 2013

Throughout my previous career I lived and breathed 'music', an influence that had come from my mother who played the piano and other family members. A significant influence also came from my childhood teachers, Catholic Sisters who taught me the church organ as well as the piano. Playing for church masses began in my teenage years and continued until I was almost fifty. Over the years, while teaching individuals, groups, primary and secondary students, I also had been a member of a brass band in a small country town, playing the tenor horn, equally enjoying the cello, enabling me to be part of a small orchestra. Over twenty years I gained much experience and developed skills as a teacher and professional musician.

My music skills and gift expanded through many AMEB exams. Certificates received from The Australian Music Examinations Board came as a result of years of dedication to practice in piano, cello and voice! Other instruments played included the guitar, trumpet, drums and flute. After four years at university, I moved from the role of private teacher, infants and primary stages of education into the secondary high school system. The path that was to open up in the years to follow certainly benefited greatly from my significant musical background.

I have described in some detail just how much 'music' was my life, a teaching career that began in the early seventies and lasted into the late nineties. However, all was about to change! In the year, 2000 I began to work with my first mentor, healer or therapist, a 'channel' who brought through her own modality. While she worked primarily with the gift of 'clair audience', as a clear 'channel', all other gifts including 'seeing, knowing and feeling' were very much birthed and anchored. By the end of 2001 I 'knew' I could not continue working in the Catholic Secondary School system and resigned. However, during the last three years, I studied with an amazing singing teacher, also a speech therapist. Initially I just wanted to restore my voice after years of teaching and avoid another operation. I also joined my teachers a capella group, performing in concerts and participating in competitions.

Over a two year period I was in transition from one career and moving into the next. After the first mentor came the second, then the third and at forty eight years of age, music would come to be known as 'sacred sound' with no relation to 'church music' as I had previously known. The term 'harmony' began to hold a new perception and understanding as a 'healer and therapist' as I embraced the initial purpose of working with my first mentor. 'Feelings' of frustration and anger' came out through three areas of my life; relationships, health and my career. 'Knowing' there was more and the choice to change the patterns, led me to understand the 'anger and deep core beliefs' held within.

Through much 'inner work' from 2003, my 'channel' opened and my 'soul travelling' brought an understanding of a memory called 'the separation story'. In the past I had lived a life that was to some degree, successful and secure. However, I felt alone, disconnected and 'separate' from family and the communities I had been associated with for many years.

Those who understand 'etheric energies' and work with 'sacred sound' in particular, will know that each unique instrument holds a particular vibrational frequency. Clairvoyance is being able to see this frequency as it is a particular coloured 'light'. The voice, however, holds the vibration as well as the dimension anchored and birthed through the I Am of the soul who is able to 'channel sound codes'. Depending on the 'inner work' which a soul has embraced, determines which dimension has actually birthed and anchored through the I Am Body. The physical body being the primary conscious door!

Like any orchestral player, sitting throughout a long performance, waiting patiently to play, so too I have found through my own work with 'sacred sound' that 'divine time' is a key for 'feeling' the shift of each vibrational frequency. Firstly, 'knowing' when it is time to play/sing or both is one part of the process; secondly, waiting for the sound to come through without the mind or mental body determining this is to fully 'channel' sound codes.

All individual and unique instruments within an orchestral family, come together to produce one sound from many sources, requiring much experience, knowledge and skill. The conductor assists the players produce the best performance, the leader brings their own experience, knowledge and skill as they all work together.
So too, all parts of the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body must be as 'one', in alignment, therefore, in 'harmony'. The uneasy 'feelings' of anger, frustration, despair and more, hold the story of 'separation'. By embracing these parts through 'soul travel', beyond the consciousness, I can embrace, reconnect and re-pattern all parts.

Due to the fears and beliefs, many of these parts or 'aspects' have been labeled as entities or other definitions which keep these parts even more separate and therefore unable to 'return to the oneness'. 'Sacred sound' is indeed a powerful tool for assisting a soul begin such a journey.

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