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Hong Kong - May 2009

 Gossamer’s Shaman Retreat Day

~ 24th May, 2009 ~
“Water Consciousness” was the focus for the group of adults and five children aged between eight and twelve years. The junk boat left central ferry pier at 9am on a wet and cool Sunday morning.  Destination,  an isolated island that would take around two hours to reach and the only instructions to the organisers were that the beach be isolated and that the water be clean enough to swim in. Speed boat in tow, this was certainly going to be an adventure as the  journey began to unfold as never before on any known shaman retreat day facilitated by Gossamer and her awesome group of organizers.
After just forty minutes into the trip out on the waters of Hong Kong, the etheric energy work began to be activated within the group  as the crystals that each person brought along were connected with more consciously. Some were to hold this crystal in their hands, others were guided to put the crystal between their feet or for others under a particular foot, depending on the physical form of the crystal.   
The steel pole on the lower back deck was draped with large pieces of material known to some as wraps or sarongs and was dark and light violet in colour. This feature symbolized and brought into the consciousness of all the “pillar of light” that would firstly assist individuals and then the group at large. As the work began, sound began to activate memories or stories from the water, starry and earth realms of consciousness. The sound of clap sticks, stones, rain stick and shakers hold the frequencies necessary to begin the activation  for what was to come through this session on the boat and in the later sessions on the beach. The clap sticks are made from hardwood and used in ritual from many cultures and hold the necessary vibration and activation for earth memories for some participants. The rain-stick has a sound that represents  water,  a significant activation for many as the rain itself kept falling out of the sky for most of the day. Finally the two small shakers would activate higher frequencies and for some a shift through various new dimensions holding the memories and stories of disempowerment through the starry realms. 
The work intensified when a member of the group was brought out to stand holding the pillar of light.  On many levels this assisted  one not  to be tossed about by the boat in trying to stand,  also the higher consciousness is being activated by the Light and the pathway necessary to travel to reconnect and begin a process of “remembering”! When the member was asked to “sing” a memory was triggered, not only with this individual but in several other members who in a subconscious lifetime of the soul, heart or spirit, found that they did not have a voice! Each time this individual was asked to sing, another memory was activated as the soul, spirit and heart were now beginning to remember. For those participants who carry etheric codes of sound throughout many lifetimes, this can be a key power tool, so too in many other lifetimes, both consciously and unconsciously, one may have chosen not to “remember” this gift for many, many reasons. 
Well over an hour into the journey the boat began to encounter some wild seas. By this time some members of the group began to feel sea sick. This feeling was a combination of etheric memories deep within and the ungroundedness that comes from these memories being activated. After two hours, the junk boat stopped close to an island in calm water. The group was able to eat lightly as the delay in being allowed to go ashore indicated to me that there was some work to be done with the island. Four women standing close by had work to do in tuning into the island. One saw and explosion, one suggested we get permission, another saw many water snakes and I myself worked with the higher conscious fears of the group members who were about to travel both physically and etherically where they had never been before. Within ten minutes five of us were on the small speed boat heading to land. The fact that we were going to be literally jumping into deep water and swimming to land was a huge element of “trust” for most of the group.
I was guided to take one huge sphere crystal to shore and the others were set up on the larger boat. An organizing member was left with gathering all the crystals that individuals had worked with in the first session, as well as any other crystals still sitting in bags. Now they were all to come out! A large sarong was the focus of holding the vibration necessary and connect with what had been activated in the first session with the sessions to follow on the beach over the next two hours. Getting this crystal to shore was indeed a challenge, for if  dropped it would have gone straight to the bottom in meters of water.  
Due to the small rocks and a couple of larger ones, the speed boat would not be able to drop us on the sand, instead I eventually was allowed into the water to swim where I could touch bottom to show the driver of the speed boat how close he could bring the participants. So soon realized that my guidance to people on the boat not to bring anything except themselves became apparent for each had to disembark the speed boat and swim a few meters before touching the bottom of the ocean. However, one managed to bring a camera and some raincoats! For non swimmers this was indeed a huge act of trust, courage and belief that we were looked after and guided, far beyond any other shaman retreat held in Hong Kong over the past two years. 
From the first group of four to several boat trips later a Sacred Circle was created on the beach. As children and adults came assure, they were guided to assist in collecting the rocks, clearing stones and rubbish and decorating the inner circle that was to be a portal for anchoring the Songlines, the pillar of light into the earth, through the water and starry realms of consciousness.   A physical doorway was found and created to activate the higher conscious of the doorways that were about to be opened yet again, not only through the earth and starry realms but the water consciousness as never experienced before by any member of the group.
As the sacred space was completed in the physical, the children did what they do best and played on the sand and in the water as the adults were asked to stand facing the ocean and “feel” the vibrational frequency more consciously and then as they felt this vibration move through their physical body to walk through the doorway of the large Sacred Circle.  During this time in the circle the group began a journey together of the one consciousness, holding the vibration for all that was about to unfold.  Then guiding the group to one end of the beach that  seemed to be the safest with few rocks and calmer water,  the group stood together on the beach and embraced the “water consciousness” more fully as the heaviest rain came out of the sky. For a brief minute, yet it all seemed a long time,  the heavens literally opened. 
The vibration began to shift and one individual was guided to float and travel through the water realms, remembering the higher gifts and power that comes through this realm of consciousness. Four members were chosen to support this individual in the water! Another individual was chosen and the vibration expanded within the water as four more supporters were asked to physically and etherically hold the individual in the water. With the third individual supported by a team, the vibration was now at the place needed and required to assist the final individual who was not only supported by small groups holding the vibration but the larger group who formed one large circle. The vibration allowed this member and all previous individuals to travel where they had never been before, through the frequencies and for some, through dimensions holding the power of their higher gifts within the water but unable to go it alone.   The group vibration being the key to taking all members of the group through newly mapped doorways that would begin a re-patterning of memories and stories, through the heart, soul and spirit of each participant. 
The immense and intense etheric energy  felt  was profound as it was powerful.  The water allows one to pass this profound etheric energy through the physical body with grace, ease and speed.  Individuals experienced traveling out through many voids, universes  and through several dimensions very quickly and returning just as fast.
The experience in the water also began a new activation that was now to be consciously taken back to land, to the earth memories that were now ready to be worked with on the beach. Being able to get out of the water, run, and move ones physical body was  a key to bringing in the next level of work back in the Sacred Circle as well for some to actually warm themselves after a rather teeth shattering experience. By physically moving the energy allowed the next level of work to take place immediately now bringing the children back to join the adults.  With the integrating almost completed, the vibration was now in a place for the children to join the adults back in the Sacred Circle. These children are born into the higher consciousness and were now ready to join in the vibration that the adult group were now bringing through. The children stood around the inner circle as the adults continued to integrate, align and ground their new vibration by walking and clapping around the children. The children also have their memories and stories and are mostly connecting through their parents and the collective consciousness of the group. Some have agreements to take on what the adults hold and at times require assistance in moving through their own disempowerment of not being able to “feel” loved, “know this, see this or even be able to hear this”. But they are beings of Light and this is where they come from and connect too through their higher consciousness. They “know” the light and by asking them to blow out a candle that would not be blown out was to assist their higher consciousness “remember” the Light that they are, that they “know” and can “see”. By asking them to physically blow an etheric candle out that would not be blown out was also a way of connecting them to their breath and grounding the etheric energy.   
The recognition of the Light that each of these children are and indeed all members participating assisted the reconnection with each other through the pathways of light as each child selected an adult to connect with and in turn the adult returned the LoveLight to the child. Simple yet profound is this understanding of the channeled guidance that comes through the Songlines, the pathways of Light that each adult and child were now fully connecting through. These pathways of Light were being anchored through the inner circle and assisting many in the group to ‘birth’ their gifts through new vibrational frequencies and some through new dimensions. “Remembering” where we come from and why we are here on this earth. Returning to “The Mother” of All That Is who birthed our soul as a CrystaLoveLight Being.
While many moved into the water at the end of this session for a swim, relaxing and waiting for the speed boat to take them back to the junk boat,  the energy work was still taking place in the Sacred Circle and three members still present we asked  to hold the vibration.   The memories of being totally disempowered through all water bodies, represented in our higher consciousness through dolphins, whales, mermaids, mermen, water serpents, water dragons, and turtles, the doorkeepers that hold the higher gifts,  had begun a new journey in returning to the One Heart of All That Is, the Source, The Mother from which they were birthed. 
Back on the junk boat, people were able to change into dry clothes, many were eating lunch and some had chosen to have some fun with the speed boat and wakeboarding.   In the calm waters the time had come for each to share their stories and experiences of the day so far. This was a time of integrating as the vibration began to shift yet again and for some participants doors were opening yet again and  Soul Traveling began in a new gear change.   For those who were moving through new doorways yet again, the work was to assist these members with allowing this etheric travel to happen with grace and ease over the two hour journey back to central. Some were knocked out by the vibration and slept for a good part of the journey, others found their sound codes and began to shift the physical pain in their body and others connected with various shaman totems that would allow them to connect more fully to their power, integrating this more fully through their CrystaLoveLight body.   Others simply enjoyed the company!


"This is a wonderful experience, even though I do not know how to swim. I enjoyed floating in the sea after the session. I feel that my consciousness has expanded and my awareness has risen. I love joining the retreats organized by Gossamer for every one of these events helps me in shifting my consciousness. I do recommend that all who are interested in Lightwork to join".  Rosanna
"It was all great, even the scary parts! Thank you".  Yolanda
"Gossamer is a most amazing guide for working with the Earth and all the other elementals. 
Thank You".  Caroline
"Always profound deep healing! Not always pleasant!  Never boring! Not for the faint hearted, then again probably perfect for the faint hearted! 
Deep love and gratitude always".  Jennifer
"It was a day full of adventure, fun that brought my inner child back. The heavy rain, coldness, thunder and lightening were all fun.
 It was also for me a journey from fear of swimming to joy in the water".  Ellen
"A unique experience of embracing healing and cleansing energies. A bit crazy but lots of fun".  Dallas
"Well, this is one of the toughest days I ever have experienced. So cold and wet, I prefer cold and dry! The sea journey started with loads of water animals, lights and sounds. My usual aura color has gone from purple and blue to navy blue from the work on the island. Also I guess I might have received a gift from the greeny alien with big glassy eyes. I'll work on this and see what and who it is. Wonderful experience! 
Thanks Gossamer".  Mindy
"Go where no one has gone. Do what no one has done. Be the all that you are.  With wisdom and compassion, strength and humour,
Gossamer created a safe and sacred place for everyone to journey out to all the realms and return anew."  Bronwyn
"It was my first retreat day and I have really enjoyed the experience. I felt strong energy throughout and a powerful vibration.
 I would definitely come to the next retreat".  Karolina
"I knew I needed to come on this day and I was right. The boat trip, the rain and Gossamer! It was a privilege to be part of this day and to receive the guidance of Gossamer. The experiences I had will help me on my road. Thank you!"  Cathy
"If you want a trip of life I recommend a day with Gossamer. Never mind the 1000 places you should go to because this journey is even better. Dimensions, portals, water, starry realms, earthly paradises are just part of your soul journey with lovely likeminded people. 
Gossamer is always in full control with your connection to All That Is".  Ingrid





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