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   The CrystaLoveLight Retreat Centre 

Mermaid Waters - Gold Coast

Teaching & Self Healing Days
are detailed on the Retreat Page


Remembering Your Spirit is beyond a "workshop" but is a lifelong journey! 

The flow of ‘energy’ or “channelled light” assists the physical connection for those guided to use their hands, also working consciously with crystals and the sounding of ‘light’ language.    

The CrystaLoveLight Process is about expanding ones vibration through several dimensions within the I Am Body. 

Stories or core memories held initially are personal also “collective” therefore, ‘the bigger picture’ is an essential ingredient for patterns that may take years to work through regarding:

-  health -  relationships  -  career path - 

Intentions are consciously set or “put out” by each participant in relation to one or all three.



Channel for:

 Teaching “The Gift of Channelling”
 The CrystaLoveLight Process in activating, re-patterning, and returning all parts of the crystal or I Am Body which have been “separated”
Soul Travelling the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight
The Sound Codes of the Mother through the starry, water & earth realms.   
Remembering, birthing and anchoring the Gifts of the I Am or psychic potential in seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the LoveLight both.
Restoring the Soul by reconnecting and merging the heart (Love) & spirit (Light) together.    

The Dolphin Gateway (held in the feet)


   Bookings required
Enquiries welcome by phone:

Landline (07) 5631 4310             Mobile:  0417 023 515









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