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Shared experiences of previous participants:

Mother Energy…..“Working with Gossamer and her energy is like working with your brothers and sisters. It’s a kindred energy that connects you back to the Heart of Mother Earth, linking you into your heart.”

Starry Energy….“You can feel that when Gossamer is in perpetual movement, that she is transmitting whatever is given to her. It’s a great banquet honouring the invisible worlds”.

Etheric Energy…”I felt a great energy coming through me as Gossamer placed her hands on my crown and third eye (only there’s a five minute delay to when I felt this energy come through). I am not surprised of how the meditation group works as it’s not the first time I’ve been to Gossamer’s workshop and I have always trusted the work she is doing.”

Soul Traveling ….“Started the day with feelings of sadness and anger. Being lost was there too. Traveled far and felt supported. Ended feeling lots of love and much lighter. Another wonderful retreat….Thank you”.

Spiritual Midwife...”I felt a definite shift after having birthed. I feel much more grounded and present. I appreciate this opportunity to share this journey of change and ascension with other like-hearted souls. Thank you very much for bringing us all together”.

Self Empowerment….“Everything is perfect! Great journeys! A wonderful experience and higher vibrations! Got some new codes, met some new animal creatures. Went to a lot of white light places and sorted out my sore throat.”

I Am Body…. “A beautiful magical day of Love and Light. I connected to myself, to my heart, to ALL THAT I AM. My eyes were opened on many different levels, my heart and my consciousness expanded. Thank you for this blessed day. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity for me to serve”.

Higher bodies/lower bodies….“A truly magical and amazing experience. A reminder of the changes that I need to make in my life and the path I must take to achieve who I want to be”.

Shaman…. “Close to the end of the second session, I felt more connected. When I heard the drum, I felt a kind of belonging to all this work. Some memories seemed to have come back to me, but I need some time to intergrate them. Thank you for holding this space for all of us!”

Retreats…… “Firstly, thank you for your presence in Sydney it was quite an experience. The energy was intoxicating so to speak from the moment you walked into the room...the energy was certainly strong. Thank you once again for facilitating the workshop, it’s amazing what you do and your trust and belief in what you do is truly inspiring.”

Crystal Consciousness… “Gossamer’s work with crystals needs to be seen to be believed. The matrix formed by the crystals in center of the room showed me how the vibration shifts energetically and how the placement of crystals within the Sacred Space continually changes throughout the sessions. A truly magical experience, thank you! P.s. Don’t forget your camera!”

Sacred Sound….. “Thank you for assisting me find and express my “heart tone”. Amazing! So many at the end of the sound session were singing from their heart and it was all in harmony!”

Spirit, Heart and Soul Experience….”Thank you so much. You are the first person who has told me that my spirit has been lost. This is true and I’ve always known it and I had confirmation today.”

Return to the One Heart of All That Is….“When you told me to ‘learn walking on the earth’, I just felt so touched and my tears started to come. I feel like it’s the first time for me to walk. Today is my birthday and I feel like I’m born again. This is the third or forth time that I can actually feel connected with people. When I put my hand on other’s shoulder and when another put their hand on mine I felt the connection of energy moving through us, among us. I feel I’m not alone on this earth”.

”To unite as one, remembering that we have chosen to be together here on this earth. To work and love so that the universal truth may once again be fully understood. Many of us have lost our way and it is by finding one another gain with the assistance of the incredible energy and soul journeys that Gossamer takes us on that the truth is revealed and the light will shine bright eternally.” 

 My son first saw Gossamer three years ago (2007) when she was holding a children's workshop. He loved the fun and happy workshop and the following year he did it again. The first time I took my son to see Gossamer she really understood what it was like for me to be his mum. It was a moment when I finally felt that someone understood what I was going through and that gave me a lot of strength in my journey of helping him to achieve his beautiful potential. With those two sessions spanning over two years, my son grew calmer, happier and more focused with each workshop. He bonded very quickly with Gossamer as he felt totally accepted by her, though the fact that she has a huge and loving open heart didn't hurt either.

This year (2010), my son had a two hour ear-candling and healing session with Gossamer. I was concerned as he doesn't find it easy to sit still for more than five minutes, but Gossamer assured me it would be fine and it was! I was in the room when she carried out this session and after a few minutes he became extremely calm and remained that way as Gossamer worked on him. Since that session his attention, his sense in dealing with situations and his ability to hold discussions has improved greatly. (April, 2010.  Name and contact available).

 “You  have helped to show me the way”. Sue (writer & earth mother) 

 When I was seventeen, I went through a bout of depression which left me feeling ungrounded, especially when I was in situations that made me feel uneasy. At the time I didn't even know what the word "ungrounded" meant and I didn't know what I could do to solve the problem. Being ungrounded made me feel as if part of my conscious mind was shut down, so when I went out socialising with people I wasn't familiar with I would become shy and quiet, which made going out with new people unenjoyable; I also sometimes felt this way when going out on my own. However, three years ago I had a two and a half hour session with Gossamer which changed all that for me. Now I feel grounded again, my confidence has gone up, I'm no longer nervous if I go out to meet new people and going out on my own isn't a problem. I feel that I can accomplish so much more now thanks to Gossamer.

 "I have known gossamer for about a year and I have experienced many realizations that I probably would not have been able to do alone. Anyone looking to heal themselves on all levels and be more of who they are in truth need to experience Gossamer’s workshops/retreats. They are terrific." Richard (July 2008)


 “Working with Gossamer has been a joy! I’m not sure where this is going to take me next but I feel whatever steps I take they will be made with more confidence, more love and a better understanding of how I need to interact with other people and my surroundings.” Jayne (shop assistant and sound healer)

 “The work I did with Gossamer included two sessions and a shaman retreat day in a park in London. It all felt extremely powerful at a very deep level. I have had all sorts of things coming up and emotional shifts and something in me feels very different. On a level somewhere deep inside I know this is a very positive good. I feel like meeting you may well have been life changing and it’s been a pleasure”. Kerry (Male shaman who has had M.E., chronic fatigue).  
“I'm assisting Gossamer (International Shaman) on her trip to the UK this summer. She's an outstanding lady who practices the Shamanic tool of Soul Travel to help us heal, reconnect and remember.   Her spiritual integrity and ability are totally mind-blowing and since attending her sessions I've seen amazing shifts and development in myself and those working with her.  She works with all people at all levels, from those addressing health issues through to those who are 'curious' and wish to learn more about themselves.  The most profound part of Gossamer's work is in assisting you to connect to your 5 higher conscious gifts, opening these up during soul travel sessions so you become more fully in your power.  I have seen an incredible difference in my own psychic and intuitive ability since attending Gossamer's group sessions.” Odette (has been working with Gossamer for two years ~ Reiki healer)
June 2011 - After a weekend retreat one participant discovered a Golden Orb spider at their family home which normally would have been removed, however, this time the spider lived out it natural life over the next few weeks. Not only did the retreat participant fall in love with the spider but so did the rest of the family. Sadly the spider died and was buried in the garden with some crystals. The whole family were very upset and each had received a message, the first thanked the spider for showing love instead of being scared of the creature as would have been the case in the past. Another thanked the spider for the reminder about how night time is beautiful as well while a third member thanked her for the knowledge and wisdom. Finally the fourth family member thanked her for being invisible as she moved her web every few days and it was fun trying to find her. Who would have thought that One Spider could teach so much!  Thank you to the family who shared this story....








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