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The Songlines are rays of LoveLight that allow a soul transport to other realms of consciousness.  Beyond other earth realms, universes, voids and dimensions that are beyond the consciousness of many.  Ancient traditions have their own ways of understanding the Songlines and for those who see, know and work with them more consciously assist in bringing a new awakening and vibrational frequency to the earth.   Through the Songlines one experiences a powerful soul journey into several worlds, as the doorways open and connect one more fully to the pathways that the soul has traveled in the higher conscious.  

Many are unable to see the Songlines but some are more connected then they know. They can be seen as spiraling ribbons of colour, large bands of light. They travel large distances across the Earth and anchor again in another major creation portal that is formed through the interconnection of at least two Songlines or a song line and a major leiline. The Songline then travels back down through that Earth site and through the passages of the Earth kingdoms into Middle Earth and Inner Earth.

These Songlines assist one to connect and discover their mission on the earth, assisting the healing of their soul bodies. Re-activating, re-connecting and restoring through these doorkeepers or gate-keepers assists one re-discover more of who they are. Without these specific bodies one cannot connect fully to the spirit of who they are in the world. For example: if one wishes to receive their telepathy and they may not feel completely whole without it. The dolphin body is the key, for without ones dolphin body activated and anchored this gift is not part of the One Heart but in fact separate. Also without the dolphin body one cannot travel to the stars and into the Earth and throughout the water pathways into the water realms.

As the Songlines rise up from the Earth core through the Earth's surface and travel across the Earth down again through another portal into the Earth core they create the sound matrix of the Earth. This sound matrix is the matrix of creation and is one of the three major earth grids of Gaia. These Songlines rise up through specific sacred sites of the earth e.g. Uluru in Central Australia and The Grand Canyon (USA) and travel along the ridges of mountains, sometimes known as dragon lines. They are particularly connected to volcanic activity and ancient creation areas.

Through Sacred Fire Ceremony the Songlines are anchored through the portal that is prepared over at least two days. Through this ceremony lasting two to three hours, a soul is able to journey and reclaim their spirit. This journey throughout the universe assists one reconnect through the Angelic, Dolphin and other water and earth elementals, Star and Galactic Doorway Keepers, Crystal Beings, Ancient Earth and Water Doorkeepers.

Through group ceremony, a Songline merges through each individual which in turn assists the group reconnect to the One Heart or Consciousness. This high vibration of love assists the group to travel to the inner worlds and into the fire of Gaia. It is here that all soul extensions and aspects are transmuted as one's soul reconnects, returning to Source, God, to the One Heart, the void where one's soul first birthed as a ray of light.




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