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        "Channel" for The CrystaLoveLight Process
      Soul Travels the Great Web of CrystaLoveLight
       Births through THE Great Mother and All That Is....
 “The true naturalist, (shaman or earth mother)  works to reconnect conscious human life with Nature and Spirit through totems and ritual. Awaking consciousness....” 
Ted Andrews.
Beginning with the consciousness and 'soul travelling' beyond the beyond can be compared to diving into the ocean.  Two thirds of the consciousness is below the surface, unable to be 'seen, known, heard or felt' unless one has the means to journey into the depths.  The deep subconsious journey requires certain tools or gifts to embrace the unknown. 

If one perceives “healing” to be activating, reconnecting, re-patterning and returning all parts of the "crystal body" which have become separate to the One Heart of All That Is, then Gossamer's work may assist you.  A soul ready to accept the mirror of reflection and stop pointing the finger at the world for the choices one has made throughout life, is ready to embrace 'The CrystaLoveLight Process'.   

Remembering and birthing all 'Gifts of the I Am', is a pathway to self empowerment.  Full of wonderful connections to the environment an
awakening which can become the 'ride of your life'.  New paths mapped for the soul who is able to 'go where required and needed'.  Conscious intentions are set, as the keys to unlocking the doors regarding 'health, relationships and career path' may bring someone to consider, "there is more" but where do I begin?        
An "awakening process" assists one remember all the "Gifts of the I Am" or CrystaLoveLightBody.  A discovery and restoration of a soul's power through all psychic gifts: Clairvoyance, (seeing) Clairsentience, (feeling), Clairaudience, (hearing), All Knowing (wisdom) and the combination of all four, fully in alignment, therefore, opening the 'Channel Gift'.   However, once activated, the stories and memories, not just on the earth but through the water consciousness as well as the starry realms, could fill a library. 

There are no physical boundaries of where the soul has 'travelled' since it birthed, hence the term 'parellel lifetimes', not past in etheric or non phyiscal worlds.  
While fears and beliefs from "old school" systems as well the traditions or teachings through earth cultures are of the 'earth', they are also known as 'separation stories'.  The heart and therefore the 'spirit' have become disconnected.  The Love from the Light - the Heart from the Spirit! 

Earth or 'shamanic' expressions may involve elements of superstition, being possessed, ritual practices of black magic and more are a continual source of disempowerment.  An element of 'evil', the 'separation from the Oneness' through All That Is, when basically it is simply, much lower vibrations.  Or the inability to turn the light on in a dark room.  Therefore, the spiritual body and more reflects the 'separation from MYSELF'.  

Gossamer assists one reconnect their heart and  spirit, re-aligning through the soul, the 'oneness of All That I Am'.  Traveling the Songlines, the vibrational pathways of LIGHT frequencies that ancient cultures mapped from the stars and brought the consciousness to the earth.   

The codes or songs of "light language", birthed and anchored in this incarnated lifetime which Gossamer awakened well over a decade ago with the assistance of three major mentors/teachers.  All 'channels' who brought new teachings to the earth in this lifetime.  Gossamers journey in this incarnated lifetime has brought a new consciousness to the planet, The CrystaLoveLight Process, assisting souls unlock the fears, beliefs and awareness of the 'collective' conscioious stories.  These stories or memories reflect the 'separation from the Oneness'.  
The empowerment for a soul begins with the ability to feel the Love, the power of the "Light", then the seeing, knowing, and hearing follow as stories or memories held in parallel life-times are "channelled" from the subconscious, thus becoming conscious.  The heart  opens and the spirit or "light" is able to flow, merging, braiding and aligning all gifts through the etheric crystal bodies.   It is this 'Light', becoming ONE with the 'Love' that is the healing gift within the phyiscal body.  However, the etheric doors or bodies, the feminine, masculine, mental, spiritual and emotional are often beyond the consciousness.     
The parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body, broken, shattered or crushed, represent  the wounded heart, separated spirit and therefore, a lost soul.  Conscious shamanic symbols or totems, of the water, starry and earth realms are the higher bodies, awakend from the 7th dimension.  Seen as whales, mermaids, butterflies, centaurs, eagles, unicorns, bear and more, are keys for unlocking the subconscious memories or stories of 'separation'.  They also assist one to 'travel' e.g. the dolphin, opening the gateway in the feet. A key for reconnecting with the  'spirit' and the ability to travel where needed. 

The choice becomes conscious but initially, is challening  due to the subconscious nature of these multi-dimensional bodies.  The
stories and memories they hold are both personal as well as 'collective'  The "bigger  picture"  story or memory may explain why some patterns regarding health, relationships and more can take years to shift, move or re-pattern.  In the 'Oneness of All That Is', we are not separate from family, friends, work associates or beyond the consciousness, even in this lifetime.   

   Gossamer offers an experience that will touch the very core of your being, transforming as vibrational shifts occur with the re-patterning of the body's chemistry.  Taking place through the meridians, chakras and etheric, multi-dimensional bodies.  The physical body being the most conscious of all doorways. The CrystaLoveLight Body being the sum total of 'All That I Am' and the key for unlocking the LoveLight potential through the Gift of the Channel.



The birthing of the spirit, possibly known to many as the "spiritual path" through "The Great Mother" is a unique and profound gift.    

Gossamer's "outdoor office or work space" assists a soul connect more consciously in the physcial, "soul travelling" in the water, a pool, or the ocean and by walking the earth.  A facilitator of Sacred Fire and Earth Gifting ceremonies!  Assisting souls "remember the heart beat and sounds of the mother".  Therefore, truly re-birthing and become self-empowered through the potential of all "gifts". 

Gossamer's understanding of the 'separation story' is linked significantly to the "mother".  There are various levels of consciousness for many souls with this memory, yet is often held deep within the subconscious for the story is beyond and much bigger then the biological mother.   Also, many souls hold a memory of 'not being able to birth' and it is not just about women but for every soul, men women as well as children. 

Consciously revealing the soul's core memories held deep in the subconscious, is a unique gift of Gossamer.  Both personal and "collective", assists adults, including couples, family (work groups), in partiuclar, children.  The babies are being born in the vibration and dimension of the mother.  So, in the formative years it is through 'The Mother' that the I Am Body is able to reach fully the potential of LoveLight. 

The CrystaLoveLight Process, embraced fully by the mother, enables all souls, not just the physical babies born to the mother, but all 'children' ready to awaken and 'hold' the LoveLight in whatever choicies made in life.     

The retreats Gossamer offers, from two to eight inclusive, are intensive, yet subtle and profound.   Gossamer's understanding of the "inner channelled" journey has been experienced first hand  as her own stories have been revealed throughout the years of dedication to the 'process'.  Some are shared on the "Channelled Articles" page of this website.  Also the "Link" page has a number of presentations to view, reflecting many years of service with those who have 'walked' the earth with Gossamer on this amazing journey we call 'life'.  

Personal Profile  

Born into a large extended family, Gossamer spent all her childhood in a country rural area.  Throughout her primary and secondary school years, Gossamer was educated by the Sisters of Mercy, an Australian & international Catholic Religious Order of women, established in Ireland. 

Life as a child and teenager combined activities regarding school, study, also including piano practice, leading to exams which continued into her young adult life.  A self taught guitarist, Gossamer also studied the organ and throughout her teenage years and later served as a 'church organist'.       

The 'birthing of the Gift of the Channel in the I Am Body, through All That Is', beyond the consciousness, is possible if it is the souls 'divine plan' for this lifetime.  The gift of the 'channel' will open but is a 'soul travelling' journey beyond the conscious mental body.   A 'process' in 'divine time and order', depending on what the soul's journey is through the choices made both consciously and not so conscious.  

However, Gossamer was very much at home on the earth and in the water.  Fishing, swimming, riding horses, assisting the family business on a  dairy/milking farm then became  beef producing industry.  

During thirteen of her young adult years, Gossamer became a member of the order of religious women who educated her, taking vows which symbolised her dedication to the life chosen.  However, the lessons had been learnt!  Gossamer's desire to reach her full potential in "service" within the Catholic traditions and teachings led her to make a conscious choice, "to be responsible for her own spiritual path".  Annually, for another ten years, she also partipated in a  personal eight day silent and directed retreat during the school spring vacation.   

The disempowerment of women, the feminine and the mother, became obvious in Church authority.  The dominance of the masculine in all areas of life was learnt in the thirteen years, a life committment that was meant to be a 'spiritual path'.  The "woundedness" was reflected in Gossamer's own separation story and the anger was obvious, embraced with the assistance of her first major mentor/teacher.  

However, all was not conscious or 'known' fully at the time, nor would it become evident for another sixteen years.  Therefore, Gossamer continued to teach in Catholic and State/Government School systems.  Her work included facilitating sacred ritual and ceremonies within the Catholic liturgy.  Drawn to Sacred Ritual, Gossamer also became a registered Civil Marriage for a number of years and continues to facilitate 'Naming Ceremonies and Funeral Services.  

Throughout Gossamer's life, music was a major study in all areas, school and university.   The knowledge and skills continue in assiting souls 'find their voice'.  An empowerment that is yet another key in activations necessary for one to 'travel'.  Following two years of intense initial healing, and a ten day 'live-in' retreat in 2003 with her second major mentor/teacher, Gossamer's I Am Body Channel opened consciously. 

Gossamer acknowledges this first significant teacher, the two that followed and all who have shared their journey in bringing the CrystaLoveLight Process to the planet.  Including the supportive family, who also have assisted Gossamer understand the gift of being able to 'hold' the LoveLight fully in the celebrations as well the challenges in all families .  A 'life-long' process is - "the school of life" -
        The CrystaLoveLight Process.           






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