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Soul Travelling 

Channelled Meditation


Group Session

Journey with the moon, coming into the Light!  The meditation will begin an activation of a particular "light" frequency, where memories are possibly held in the dimension of a soul's I Am Body.

Following a short introduction, there is a significant period of 'silence', allowing each participant to travel 'beyond the consciousness' of the mind! A "soul travelling" experience of self-empowerment!

The intention/s "put out" consciously by each participant, set the stage and the journey begins.  Doors open through several etheric bodies, opening doors of the mental, emotional, spiritual, feminine, masculine & other multi-dimensional bodies.  

Through "The Mother" consciousness of the 'water, starry and earth' realms a soul travels, shfting through several vibrational frequencies or pathways of "light", including the Songlines, Lei Lines, Spheres & Crystal Grids of The Creation Web.

"Channeled guidance" is offered to each particpant in the final grounding & integrating stage of the meditation, also information to assist over the following days.  

 The CrystaLoveLight Process is "reconnecting" the spirit (light) through the heart (love). Therefore, a soul is in balance & alignment.  

Birthing through the Crystal Heart of The Mother and anchoring All That I Am in the One Heart.  Understanding the group or "collective" conscious stories held through family, friends and beyond.  

Remembering the potential of the I Am body as each gift or door opens, therefore seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling more 'love'! 

Finally, the Meditation or 'soul travelling' experience is an opportunity of simply 'sitting' in the vibration & dimension held by Gossamer in this Sacred Space, thus allowing all to unfold that is unique for
each soul present! 


New & Full Moon Meditations

Available upon request for individuls
and groups. 

     ****** ****** ***** ***** ***** ***** 

                 Roxanne’s ‘channelled’ message    after attending her final weekly  “Soul Travelling” meditation group for 2013.     
The freedom within your space ......
to journey individually,
     without the verbal guidance,  has allowed the flow of  energy between us....and now growth'!

Permission has been granted to share these reflections and other stories
over the years, assisting the understanding of the CrystaLoveLight Process.  





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