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Soul Travelling The Creation Web of Etheric CrystaLoveLight is a journey into the subconscious. The memories held in a particular vibrational frequency are related to the soul or I Am gifts:  seeing, clarivoyance,  hearing, clair audience, knowing, wisdom and feeling, clair sentience.  Each gift holds the power of the light, also the love through the heart and spirit both.  Through etheric multi-dimensions, a soul is able to reconnect, merge and align with All That Is - Source - The Divine Creator of CrystaLoveLight. 

The ‘gossamer light’ pathways are seen and known as Songlines!  Soul Travelling the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight is a conscious "weaving" throughout the Spheres, Starry, Water and Inner Earth Crystal Grids of multi-dimensional realms, including the Leilines of this earth, Gaia.  All that is known as "eternity", enabling the soul reconnect  and embrace all that has been lost or separated from The CrystaLoveLight Body.  The 'big picture' includes the universes, voides, solar systems, moons, suns, galaxies, planets and beyond.

The ‘inner etheric earths’ or worlds holding several vibrational frequencies, are activated through Sacred Sound Codes.  Parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body, shattered, broken or crushed begin to journey 'home'.  The physical body holds all that is the 'separation story' and may manifest consciously in regards to health, relationships and career.  

By journeying ‘beyond the beyond’, the soul remembers the memories or stories of why the higher conscious gifts have been forgotten and shut down. Understanding is also comprehending the higher consciousness of the Web of CrystaLoveLight, a "process of remembering",  the gift of self empowerment and discovery of the potential within. Through the Heart of the Mother, Gaia, the Golden Whale and the Great or Grandmother Spider, one can truly connect to the Oneness of All That Is! 

The gift of "soul travelling" beyond the consciousness is the beginning of opening "The Gift of Channelling" ! 





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