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Shamanic Pre-Wedding Session 

An opportunity to "open the hearts" of all your wedding guests on or before your very special day.  

Shamans or Earth Mothers, assist in helping people remember that all is divine and through nature connect to the sacred knowledge of life. Every species and every aspect of our environment has the power to remind us of what we could manifest within our own life.

Shamans perform rituals in accordance with the natural rhythms of the seasons to awaken greater fertility and life. Rituals and sacred ceremonies are aids to bridge the natural world to the supernatural,  awakening the realities of both within the environs of our own lives.

Through rituals and behaviors that may seem primitive and even paganistic to the rational minds of modern society, they are none the less powerful and the laws which govern them both in the physical and spiritually, are no less viable.

Gossamer, a divine channel for the CrystaLoveLight Process, Soul Travels The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight, representing All That Is, Source and to some souls, God.  Therefore Gossamers's giftedness is in reconnecting a soul more fully to all parts of their I Am or Crystal Body.  As a shaman and earth mother, Gossamer not only weaves the Light that is anchored and birthed through our Earth Mother - Gaia and The Great Mother, but creates the pathways necessary for a soul to "go where needed" in remembering how to birth all four Gifts of the I Am Body.   

Facilitating as a celebrant of Sacred Ceremony may include the following: 

  • Preparation and opening the Portal or gateway for the couple with selected family & friends
  • Retreat (live-in) over two days 
  • Soul Traveling sessions both indoors and out in the bush or on the beach 
  • Channelled guideance for those open to receiving

    Fee:  basic prices can be viewed for a variety of seesions on the "Sessions" page.

      Funeral Celebrant

      Have you considered planning your own funeral? 

      What is involved in planning another's funeral service? 

  • For those seeking ritual /sacred ceremony planned and performed by family and friends desiring a much more active role
  • For those wishing to honour different beliefs but have no particular Church or religious connection.
  • For those who desire a meaningful and personal service with inexpensive options. Includes:
  • a 2 to 3 hour preliminary meeting
  • ceremony
  • on going grief healing/counselling 

Baby Naming, Renewal of Wedding Vows & Gay Commitment Ceremonies also available.     








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