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Part 1

  Shaman Retreat, Jiggi, NSW, Australia,

February 2009 

  By Jean-Marc Maissin
The morning sun light starts to bite as we place ourselves around the fire site from the evening before. The aboriginal people begin to join us, coming from all directions, standing at the periphery of the sacred circle that was created by Gossamer. They tell me these are the tribes that have lived on this sacred soil from time immemorial. There are four specific tribes from different times, with the first ancient guardians being a white tribe. They stand in the respective four directions, north, south, east and west. The medicine woman from the tribes sits on the ground, with the male elders standing close by. Their presence is undeniable, I immediately feel very emotional.
The group now stands around the fire, while I am told of my native name. I am Nwagalla. I am lying on the ground, with a torrent of tears as they proceed to share the sacred names given to the other members of the group. Rachelle is Maniburra, Kelly is Yalingu, Natali is Burubiri, Nikki is Warugunna, Gossamer is Noorigunna, Ida is Waru, and Dalia is Yoshewe. It is not time for me to share this yet.
Each one of us at this time stands in honour of the land, while a few offerings are made for burial. Rachelle offers a beautiful large rose quartz sphere that was gifted to her by an inspirational 13 year old boy who visited John of God. He had some 8 cancers removed from his body yet remained optimistic and was inspiring to others. Flowers and other gifts were also buried. As we cover the offerings with the sacred ash from the fire ceremony the evening before. The Aboriginal people of the lands offered their gratitude. The group got to experience the emotions, joy, pain, elation, gratitude, history and connection of the people. This was one very powerful ceremony.
We now commence a chant, where I reveal the names given to me by the ancients in the respective sounds of this powerful mantra. As the sound builds, so does the energy of the circle. We create a portal that rises from within the earth encircled by us, to the heavens. This allows the light to come to us in a torrent of force, like a massive bolt of lightning powerful enough to strike down the largest of trees. 
As our hearts were being flooded with love from the ancients, the experiences of the individual group members started to intensify. There was the recall of previous lives, journeying out to higher dimensions, accessing higher vibrational light and sound.
As we released and experienced what we had to, each of us left the space honouring this very ceremony and the facilitation that made it possible by Gossamer. As the sacred circle emptied, so did the ancients, entering their own respective dimension.


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Jiggi Retreat,  NSW, February 2009



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