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Introduction!  The following "channelled articles" are a combination of both stories and teachings for the CrystaLoveLight Process.

The writings come from stories regarding family experiences and those from around the world who have "travelled" with me over the years.

In the Kitchen! - [read]
15th October 2015
A beautiful story with a profound message regarding The Mother as Teacher! The learning indeed has many levels and stages!
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Remembering "The Mother" on Mother's Day! - [read]
11th May 2014
Australia officially celebrates "Mother's Day" this weekend! The reflections I share with you may not be all that new, but more of a reminder and possibly activating as on previous occasions through these "channelled articles'! The various layers of consciousness, the teachings of The CrystaLoveLight Process have been part of my life for more than a decade now. Awakening more and more, the 'Soul Travelling' experience!
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Susie's Story - [read]
21st August 2015
Story telling is a wonderful gift! However, the living of the story is equally so and much more. In memory of the life and passing of Susan Jane Cooke!
1951........ August 12, 2015

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Shannon's Story - [read]
11th March 2015
Determination, courage and a will to live is Shannon's story as she shares in great detail her life changing year in 2007.
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Rite of Passage - [read]
21st May 2015
Based on the theme "Beginnings and Ends", the "Rite of Passage" is a journey of the soul called,"life"!
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Mother & Child - [read]
5th March 2015
The stories shared continue to reflect the "journey with the mother"! The year is 2013 and the consciousness of The CrystaLoveLight Children is truly awakening with this story and others regarding a very unique "process".
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Butterflies, Flowers & Trees - [read]
6th May 2013
Over a period of three days I recently facilitated a retreat with an amazing woman, a dear friend since 2003. When we met, on a two week Mystery School retreat, Jannine had already been an alternative healing therapist for fifteen years. Jannine has worked with assisting others and still continues mainly through the gift of clairvoyance, readings, and mediumship. A few hours before Jannine arrived and the retreat would officially begin, I drove to the supermarket to buy some supplies necessary to sustain us during the days and nights. The intense soul travelling experience usually has no time frame in regard to the hours required for a morning, afternoon or evening session.
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The Spider's Touch - [read]
17th April 2013
Early in 2013 I was watching the local TV news when part of Dame Shirley Bassey's performance at the Oscars was briefly shown. The Academy Award show was celebrating fifty years of the James Bond movies and she sang the theme song from 'Goldfinger'. A number one hit in the mid 1960's!
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Caring for Life's Journey's - [read]
27th August 2014
The title for this "channelled" article came out of the park in Hong Kong, opposite where I was living and holding private sessions for over fifteen people during the month long stay in Sai Ying Pun. While most sessions were three hours in duration, several returned on more than once occasion over a four week period. Others however participated in "back to back" schedules, lasting six hours, reflecting the "retreat" style of The CrystaLoveLight Process and "Soul Travelling The Creation Web". Assisting souls move through all that is possible with an integration period in between.
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One Voice - One Sound! - [read]
28th February 2013
Throughout my previous career I lived and breathed 'music', an influence that had come from my mother who played the piano and other family members. A significant influence also came from my childhood teachers, Catholic Sisters who taught me the church organ as well as the piano. Playing for church masses began in my teenage years and continued until I was almost fifty. Over the years, while teaching individuals, groups, primary and secondary students, I also had been a member of a brass band in a small country town, playing the tenor horn, equally enjoying the cello, enabling me to be part of a small orchestra. Over twenty years I gained much experience and developed skills as a teacher and professional musician.
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The Cycle of Life - [read]
1st January 2014
My service to the people of Cairns, in far north Queensland, opened a door for writing articles for the Connect Magazine.
The following reflections were "channelled" for the February edition. The theme - "Education"!

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Teaching The Gift of "Channelling" - [read]
22nd February 2014
Since 2007 I have been consciously working with children, through all stages from birth onwards and while mostly with the mother on board, there have been occasions with both parents 'soul travelling' together. However, for the first time recently, I had the new experience and learning when a dad brought his seven year old daughter for an overnight "live-in" retreat. The sense of responsibility on my part with souls of any age is enormous, also is the total trust for all participating as necessary activations begin the "soul travelling" journey.
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A Shamanic Journey - [read]
30th April 2014
Ten years ago, I discovered my gift as a "shaman" while participating with thirty other people over a two week retreat, facilitated by my second significant teacher and mentor. I began working with the consciousness of the earth and water, so my office moved outdoors, in the bush, on the beach and public swimming pools.
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The CrystaLoveLight Children - [read]
27th April 2014
Over the years, various terms have described the Children of Light including "indigo, rainbow and crystal" children. These terms have attempted to assist adults, in particular, parents, understand more fully the new consciousness in souls arriving on this planet. Some indigo children are said to be as old as thirty or thirty five years, however, this article began to take shape several years ago, so now sense and from my experience believe that many are possibly in their early forties. Those of you in this age bracket simply need to ask, then 'feel' and 'know' if this consciousness resonates with you. These younger adults were even considered to be the "scouts" for the children birthing at the time.
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