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Birth-Day With the Whales & Dolphins

The story is set on the Gold Coast, just north of the most easterly point of Australia. 
My dear friend who just turned 50 years of age in June was taken out to share her birthday with the whales and the dolphins.
After considering for weeks what I would do to celebrate this significant milestone, there were many options that would have been equally exciting for both of us. From helicopter and hot air balloon rides to exploring the national parks of the hinterland.
I find it challenging to be a tourist, have tried it in Hong Kong and just get caught up in the energy.  I feel it firstly and it can stop me from even walking up the stairs as it did at the Big Buddha. The physical journey is the doorway to the higher conscious connection of the earth and water. This is great if the people or person with me understands this and works with me, so now we share this story with you. 
The day on the water was just a perfect winter day. Blue sky and water, just the slightest breeze on the ocean with not a wave in sight, there was no chance of sea sickness for the fifteen or so passengers.  
As we traveled along the Nerang River we received a running commentary of the million dollar mansions and who either lives in or owns them. Before leaving the dock we had our photo taken together and this was handed over to the developer who came along side our vessel just before heading out to sea. 
The captain of our vessel was in contact with other boats already in contact with the whales. We were four weeks into the migration season of the great humpback which lasts until November as these mammals travel north to mate or give birth, then travel back to the icy Southern Ocean around Antarctica where they feed. 
Our first view was not of the whales but a dolphin who came to meet us and took the lead as if a welcoming gesture and “follow me” at the same time. Then we saw the whales and for some reason the captain took us further out to sea. Maybe it was that another much larger vessel with a lot more people were already enjoying the spectacle and that space. So we headed out further and we began to wonder why we were not able to connect to the whales! We had heard earlier that a dead whale had been spotted not far south but at the time I did not think about it too much on first hearing this.     
Considering the distance now that we had traveled and were not in view of any whales yet we knew they were around, just not showing themselves. For the first time I began to tune into what was happening. This was rather unexpected as I had not considered working on this trip, just enjoying the day, friendship, the sunshine and the whales! 
I received a message that the whales were grieving and as I consciously connected with this I felt this deeply move through my emotional and physical body. Then we came upon a pod of dolphins and they were playing and traveling with us. A wonderful spectacle with a baby riding beside the mother! Still no real connection with the whales but only in the distance and when we approached they disappeared!  We then received word that the first whales we had seen earlier were breaching (where they leap out of the water)! So we headed back to where we almost began. 
By the time we arrived the show was almost over! The whales began traveling and the captain and the commentator were confused, not knowing on which side of the boat they were going to surface after their deep dive. So we had time to reflect as well as keep watching and guessing where they would come up again. What came into my consciousness was an etheric gateway that was between the mainland and Morton Island in the distance. We tuned into this and it was my friends job to open it!   After a couple of sightings I saw that the whales were heading towards this doorway but not in a straight line as they usually travel but in the infinity sign, the figure eight, the CrystaLoveLight Pathways, the Songlines.  My friend told me that the whales were apologizing! By the time we realized the pattern and the journey that the whales where undertaking, the Captain was really confused and it was soon time to return to the river.
As we stood on the bow of the boat for as long as we could before being advised to sit, much energy work was happening with the memory of “love”, both individually and collectively. The average humpback whale has a heart that weighs about 195 kilos (430 pounds) which roughly equals three adult human beings. The blue whale has a heart the size of a small car. Unconditional love came into our consciousness in a profound way through these creatures of the sea! However, despite their size, they can be lost in the vastness of the ocean deep!
 As we sat in the sunshine at the back of boat, work almost complete, we came to understand that the whales were apologizing for not stopping as they were on a mission, to take the soul of the dead whale, home through the gateway. Returning to where this soul had birthed!   By connecting through these mammals came the collective conscious memory of all those people who “cannot be love”, in particular all those mothers who feel they are not up to it. Also those who cannot “find and remember” the love!
This experience was indeed profound and we were not disappointed at all, after all we truly did travel with the whales on many levels.
As high etheric energy work does make one hungry so next stop, a café that had one amazing smorgasbord.
Remember the CrystaLoveLight Being that you are! 



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