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Self Empowerment
(in the 9th dimension)

The CrystaLoveLight Process has various stages of birthing and in sharing these may assist one understand the enormity of a conscious connection to ‘The Great Mother’.  The inner work activates a conscious awakening when connecting with all four gifts, the first doors to open and the journey begins in reaching a soul’s full potential, the ‘I Am Body’.  
The second stage, opening The Gift of the Channel, takes a soul to another place or stage as the memories of disempowerment or the abuse of power as a ‘channel’ through one or more gifts and will again activate a new consciousness as the soul travels, bringing forth much learning. Moving beyond the beyond, into the subconscious realms requires trusting fully what is not only seen, felt, known, also what is unheard and the higher dimensional connection to Source, the power within, not outside!    
The final stage, the Keepership, activated through intense inner work, the CrystaLoveLight Process, offering email assistance or live-in retreats where the opportunity to access the tools including “sounding, drawing codes and ‘channelled’ writing”, all soul travelling experiences.  Travelling the pathways beyond the beyond, mapped by an individual which is possible in the 6th dimension and lower.   However, there is much more to a crystal body or the I Am Body when working from the 7th to the 9th dimensions, the potential is much greater to ‘BE’ All That I Am through All That Is.  The Keeper ‘channels’ a new consciousness or teachings for the planet that no other soul has yet to birth in this incarnated life time. 
The CrystaLoveLight Process REMEMBERS the Love, the Light, the sounds of the Great Mother and births a unique soul gift.  The blueprint or the soul’s signature is unique, similar to a fingerprint and through all etheric bodies, (non-physical) opening the heart to the Light in the physical body.  The physical body is the final door and therefore a soul continually strives to ‘BE ONE’ with All That I Am
The ‘channel’ of LoveLight connects fully into the Earth and through the Crystal Heart of the Mother.   The place where all crystals are birthed, formed and grow.  The experiences shared by mothers who have birthed in this lifetime acknowledge that in birthing more than one baby, each experience is very different.  Hence, the unique birthing experiences and life commitment for a soul, bringing their Keepership to the earth through their Crystal Body in this lifetime. 
The path chosen is confirmed when shifts in health issues or concerns, relationships in friendship or further intimate marriage commitments and the career path, change patterns of disempowerment.  The three areas mentioned, when not separate, or embraced as one will sustain an individual soul or family, assisting those unable to ‘go where needed’ and reconnecting with parts of the crystal body lost or broken.  Returning to where the soul initially birthed, in LoveLight together, the Oneness through the mother/father consciousness, the empowerment of both masculine and feminine, within an individual.  Restoring the alignment or union of both the ‘heart and spirit’. 
The journey through this consciousness and at times, not so conscious, is mirrored or reflected through a soul’s separation story from All That Is, ultimately the separation from All That I Am (myself).  Constantly striving to ‘BE the Love and hold the Light’ at all times, in every situation.  A constant challenge and mothers with children will testify to this, whatever the age.  If a memory is to be triggered and the soul is ready, the consciousness will be awakened.  The level of activation, grief or anger manifests in health, a particular relationship or the unsuccessful career path.    
Self-empowerment, on many occasions does not indicate that ‘everyone else is to blame’.  Hence, the sense of being at war, an energy that deems to disempower another through total control.  The ability to re-pattern involves letting go of fears and ‘old school’ belief systems.  A slow exercise, assisting one chip away the stone block to reveal the beauty within.  The feeling of being ONE with and through All That Is, will eventually be also seen, heard as well as known.   The enormous energy possible for an individual, if believed, that the CrystaLoveLight Body or the I Am Body is the God/god/Source energy of LoveLight both. 
Awaking & Remembering the Four Power Gifts…. 
The inability to ‘see, know, hear and feel the Love’ is due to a closed or locked heart within a particular dimension.  How to ‘open’ or unlock the door can be a conscious search, however in the higher dimensions, even more so, the stories are held deep in the subconscious.  The ability for an individual to ‘own’ the separation stories and work through these on a daily basis is not everyone soul’s path in this lifetime.  Soul travel through several vibrational frequencies is not easily chosen but can be activated through sound for this tool by-passes the mind or mental body and when the singing or speaking is the true vibration of an individual, eventually a door will open.  Enabling a soul to
travel beyond the consciousness.  Until this can occur, the exercise in trying to work it all out remains conscious and logical.  Hence the possibility of the mental body going into overdrive and a sense of being overwhelmed.     
The memory or story of ‘disempowerment’ maybe locked away in another etheric body, the emotional, masculine, feminine or spiritual, requiring a huge shift through several vibrational frequencies and within a higher dimension.  The ‘Process’ of consciously travelling and reconnecting with higher dimensional crystal bodies, from the 7th to the 9th is the ability to see these bodies.  A term, Cosmic Shaman, described the connection to animal or spirit totems and mythical creatures.  Therefore, shamanic teachings that a person will have just one animal totem is not relevant to The CrystaLoveLight Process!  The 9th dimension has a sense of completion through the connection to All That Is, including the entire animal kingdom and more.  We are connected to all!
The gift of being able to see, know and feel why the ‘spirit’, the Light has become disconnected or separated from the Love within a heart, is consciously understanding the woundedness.  A proven understanding, as a ‘wild life carer’, knowing that any animal injured has little chance of being free to fully regain life as once known prior to injury.  Often kept in captivity as the chance of full recovery is not a high statistic.  The four gifts hold two components, the Love, the Light and each has an animal totem of the earth, the water as well as the starry connection.  Conscious keys, sometimes with the physical animals who are in our living space or parks and may get our attention for a more subconscious reason in unlocking the doors to self-empowerment.
Initially an individual strives to re-pattern, only to be followed by a journey to where the soul birthed and then to anchor the LoveLight through the physical body.  The meridians, the etheric or non-physical pathways, along with the chakras are present in the physical body.  The inner work is a ‘process’ but taking or having the time to sit and breath in the breath of life, the Spirit, the Light is a commitment for it all to become automatic.
A door, locked for one or more reasons, begins to awaken and therefore requires a soul travelling to reach the parts lost, broken or even shattered in the higher dimensions.  A place where there is often no light for the choice or circumstances of life make it impossible to “to see or know the Light” and held within a particular vibration or further, a particular dimension.  By travelling through the necessary doors or bodies into a higher dimension, makes it possible to begin understanding the memory and bigger picture, for the higher the floor of a multi-storey building, the more one can see!   The LoveLight energy becomes more expanded!
The gift of feeling is the most conscious clue to ‘pain’ either in the physical body or emotional and both are connected.  Emotional pain may be recognised as sadness, grief or despair and can be connected to frustrations or anger.  Eventually if not re-patterned may become ‘rage’.  Parallel lifetimes, not ‘past’, hold memories in the NOW through various vibrational frequencies and dimensions.  Hence the nature of The CrystaLoveLight Process is multi-dimensional and energy that has an aggressive nature towards another soul or animal will be held in a lower dimension.
A memory of grief, for example, has so many layers and bodies to move through, ultimately when awakened in the higher dimension, eventually mirrors the ‘collective’.  In the 9th dimension, it is mostly a memory associated with the ‘separation from the Oneness’.  An individual’s story if connecting to the ‘mass consciousness’ and requires re-patterning will activate a strong feeling from a partner, family member, a colleague through work or associate.  “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who reflects me most of all”.  Is the reflection or mirror from another soul showing disempowerment or unconditional love? The soul travelling journey from one to the other, enables the awakening of all gifts, seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the Love.    
Awakening and Remembering the Gift of the Channel…
The birth of a ‘channel’ in the 9th dimension is not only about one gift, e.g. seeing or hearing being dominant in delivering the messages for myself or another but all four.  The first being, feeling (clairsentience) and can lead to knowing (knowledge/wisdom) through the movement of the hands.  Also head and eventually through the entire body, therefore physical movement is necessary if this is a dominant gift for a soul.  Compared to a huge dam, holding a great water storage with one of the gates being opened, only to be followed by three more for the fullest benefit and potential possible. 
The amount of LoveLight energy flowing through the physical must be released without restriction and an extreme athlete would not be asked to compete in a major competition just by thinking about competing.  Those who ‘channel’ energy in sport or as an artist, for the majority of the population, would not be possible if unable to manifest through the physical.  The etheric nature, eventually being allowed to express in the physical, a journey from the non-conscious worlds into the conscious.
The responsibility of any facilitator in delivering huge amounts of information may lead to an overwhelming deluge, not ready to be received by an individual soul.  The memories being activated as a client or patient not ready to connect with consciously will ‘flood their emotional body’.  Too much information given if all the ‘gates open’ at once, but will depend greatly on the vibration of LoveLight and the dimension reached by the facilitator.  The ability as a facilitator in holding the LoveLight in the highest potential of the 9th dimension, may take a soul where needed and open the gates necessary in assisting a soul choosing to ‘travel’ where previously not possible. 
The gift of the ‘channel’ knows when to speak and when to be silent! 
The gift of the ‘channel’ knows and feels when to wait, to be patient. 
The gift of the ‘channel’ feels compassion and empathy without being ‘hooked’ into the drama or the emotional ‘roller-coaster ride’ of a lost or needy soul.
The gift of the ‘channel’ can hear what is being said beyond the consciousness. 
The ability to soul travel is essential in reconnecting through all realms of consciousness and the not so conscious.  The starry, water and earth realms where a soul has travelled since birthing, continues to journey in spirit, similar to very deep subconscious sleep periods.  Beyond the boundaries of the physical world, through pathways of light in the stars known as crystal spheres, a soul can travel.  The spheres are seen as balls, globes, orbs or a huge bubble, all depending on the expansion of the energy of one’s crystal body.
The earth energy pathways are called lei-lines, running from north to south and east to west, also forming crystal grids in the earth.  The water consciousness is a song-line connecting from the stars to the earth and as the name suggests, activating the soul travelling journey through ‘sound’.  The Weaver of the Web, (the Great Mother Spider), has the gift to map the pathways for a soul to travel.  While instruments, especially percussive sounds may assist, the most profound shifts for each coloured pathway will come through the voice.  The facilitator who holds the LoveLight in the 9th dimension will ‘channel’ sounds relevant for each soul.  Hence, the sounds of ‘The Great Mother’ that connect a child (whatever their age) to All That Is. 
Awakening and Remembering the Keepership
The word ‘keepership’, while used by various facilitators and Channel’s, was not fully understood in a simply explanation in 2003/4.  In the following years the learning unfolded because of intensive ‘inner work’ through sounding, drawing codes and journal writing.  The CrystaLoveLight Process is a whole different language.  The inventor who has created a product to assist a particular function, knows what has been necessary in the creating process, yet the information is not necessary for all to know or understand.  Simply making a task more efficient in time and completion.  On another level, to move forward quickly and bring through their own unique keepership, how one will understand their own gifts or ‘channel’.  Hence, the ‘gift of service’ and is as varied as a job searching site for those looking for a career path. 
The ‘Keeper of the Keys’ is similar to being a zoo keeper!  One who holds a number of keys, possibly to the main gate but more so to each cage where animals are kept for their own safety and more so, for the general public.  The ability to hold a key, possibly unlocking doors for a soul, releasing the spirit to a new freedom and assisting one to go where needed is a profound gift.  The unique path in reaching this potential through the four gifts, the ‘channel’ and now for those who feel they are living their dream job in understanding more fully, their Keepership.  More than a job but indeed, a way of life!
A life commitment indeed and the ability to make a difference in the world, outside what may be considered a ‘normal life’.  Often determined or possibly stuck in a time zone for example, the inner child consciousness is still operating from birth and through the early childhood years.  Totally trusting the path when we know the inner work is ‘hand in hand’ with all that is being searched for on the outside.  The possibility of the LoveLight being fully birthed and anchored enables one to go with the flow because all that does not serve at this time is able to be let go.  Allowing the tools to become as simple or automatic as turning the key on in the car and going where needed.  Knowing and feeling when blocked, the vehicle (The Crystal Body) is unable to start or may break down along the way.     
The Collective or Mass Consciousness
The ultimate test of being able to fully hold the LoveLight energy through all those who one finds challenging, presents the conscious door that reflects the separation from the Oneness in the 9th dimension.  The dimension that also the ultimate memory of being totally at ‘One’ with myself, in alignment with the I Am Body.  The challenges in our world when most stories of conflict and more are shown around the world in an instant. 
The fears have many souls believe and have that there is no possible way the souls on the earth can be “One” through All That Is.  The physical world is not safe, our children cannot be protected from technology and more.  Any heart felt fears or beliefs will be activated every time any story is seen or heard and an individual is holding a similar memory deep within the subconscious. 
Held within various teachings and traditions of indigenous cultures, fear elements from church/religious teachings or government policies may hold superstition, voodoo, evil, being possessed and more, all from lower dimensions.  Whatever part or period of history created these energies, they no longer serve the higher consciousness of children or younger adults.  Yet, through the ‘collective or mass consciousness’ keeping people disempowered through fear!         
Story Telling
Shamanic teachings come through ‘story telling’ and following the events over the Australian summer, may assist with a more conscious understanding of “being in the zone or going with the flow”.  One official Retreat for Children and the other for adults on the Sunshine Coast.  Other stories reflect on the serious injury sustained to my left arm just over five weeks ago and the death of Rosie, one of the horses, the mother of her baby, six month old Frosty. 
The children’s retreat was also joined by three mothers and two grandmothers.  While movie makers say, ‘never work with children or animals’, there have been many stories told and presented on the big screen to say this is not necessarily the case.  The activities for children who ranged from five to twelve years of age included working with sound activations (instruments, voice and clapping games).  Colouring-in, (soul travelling through various vibrational frequencies of light).  Ear candling session (opening the gift of hearing and soul travel).  Crystal wand making (connecting to the Crystal Heart of the Mother). 
The innocence and purity of children when in the ‘zone’ where the LoveLight is held is obvious.  Their ability to move through all that is needed is quick compared to adults who can easily be locked into working it all out mentally.  It just is with children and animals, with no hidden agendas or an analysis of logical explanation connecting to deep subconscious memories.
Therefore, their ‘channel’ is clear, their words profound and true. Adults, truly ‘hearing’ what their children are trying to teach them will be reflecting through a mirror.  The question, “is the reflection one of disempowerment or totally love, unconditional love”? 

Jack & Frosty, photo taken - January, 2020

The challenging issue for most children assisted through The CrystaLoveLight Process is their connection to the ‘collective’, through parents, grandparents, teachers and their friends.  A much bigger picture indeed, way beyond the consciousness. 
The question to ask the other parent when there is conflict of interest around boundaries and rules in raising children together is, “can we do it another way”?  Not so much “can you” but “we”!  The sense of ‘oneness’ within families, immediate and extended is filled with separation stories and impact on everyone.
The CrystaLoveLight Retreat held for adults on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane was very much around the weather and going with the flow.  However, enough dry days and sunshine assisted all that was meant to be as two souls joined over five days.  Others participating on individual days before and after.  The intense falls of rain filling the backyard pool to levels that were not considered normal and contemplated informing the owner. 
While sitting with the crystals at 6am, reflecting on the pool situation, the task of emptying the pool message came and as there was no bucket, found a large saucepan in the kitchen cupboard.  The saucepan assisted the understanding of what it takes to shift all that is needed or necessary within myself to activate and expand the LoveLight fully through the physical.  Allowing all that is required to embrace ‘Love’ when unable to see, hear, know and feel this energy.  Awakening a new consciousness on the earth and through the water.    
Those participating in the retreat gathered in the crystal room at various times as the dawn broke and individually being directed to the pool.  Taking time to work with the consciousness of lowering the water level, but more so, through all four gifts, receiving the message through the physical exercise. 
The insights from the young man from Hong Kong, when asked if ok to add his messaged, he wrote in a text, “it is good to share with everyone, thank you”!    
When I used the saucepan and began taking water out of the pool, I had a deep feeling, “the water itself is love and the reflection of the sun in the saucepan is light. A way to spread LoveLight, like the water, the more we can hold in the pan, the more LoveLight we can spread on the ground, outside the pool.  The plants and grass are like the humans or animals in the world who are nourished from the energy of LoveLight.  The grass and the ground, not so close to the pool, but further away, represent those people who are not yet receiving the gift of LoveLight.  As long as we hold as much LoveLight possible in our hands, we also have the ability to nourish those plants some distance from the pool. 


As a human being, with great power comes great responsibility.  It seems we need to carry lots of responsibility and it begins with our family.  Also to friends and people we love, keeping an open mind.  Enjoy the path we must travel for we will never know what can be achieved. 
Exciting times!” 


The saucepan is a physical tool, consciously used for cooking, certainly not considered as an object to empty a swimming pool!  After completing the exercise at the pool, sitting with the crystals, the vision and understanding of the level of work in shifting all that is possible, sometimes seems impossible.  Asking each soul to imagine connecting with a large water carrier (truck) on the beach and trying to fill it with ocean water using the same saucepan.  Understanding the ‘collective’, the enormous challenges of holding the LoveLight possible in the 9th dimension.    
Consider the ‘great responsibility’ involved when embracing a life commitment in assisting others through all the health issues and relationships, the separation stories where the light as gone out.  Souls who are unable or have chosen not to open the heart for it may have been broken many times over.  Those who believe their heart is open and speak of the light when it sits outside the physical body, may require one etheric door to open, the emotional, mental or spiritual.  To be accessing love outside the physical body in words only has a different ‘feeling’ when Love is ‘One’ with the Light. 
Health and relationships are challenges at various stages through life and the ability to become empowered through both is possible.  Initially shifting through chronic sinus when consciously sounding for hours every day and night for weeks at a time.  Not possible or necessary for every soul’s path, the year was 2002.  More than ten years later, when restoring a broken wrist while working in Hong Kong, activated a memory that “this is about healing myself”, once again through the physical body.  Five weeks ago, I fell again, but this time a softer ground and knew it was different.  Also being my left hand and thought “it is broken” but not wanting to alarm the three children concerned for my welfare. 
Immediately following the fall, sitting and turning into what was needed to be known with an icepack for the pain was certainly evident in what was being felt, indicating a serious injury.  Whether a bad strain or broken, the same message came as in Hong Kong, “this is about healing myself“, in the 9th dimension.  Not consulting a doctors diagnoses, but similar to the previous occasion, the soul travelling began on all levels and being on a remote island in Hong Kong, it began on a boat.  Followed by an ambulance then in the hospital with a dear friend and companion supporting, especially with translating.  Also asking her to hold my feet and ground me for the diagnoses at that time, ‘the bones were shattered’!   
Definitely not suggesting to anyone to follow the path that another has embraced in this lifetime.  There are many factors to consider and the power comes from feeling, also knowing the messages are clear for an individual’s path.  The learning that will come and the course of action relevant for the wisdom coming since 2003 when the ‘channel’ opened in the 7th dimension. 
However, the path to self-empowerment began in 2002, with my second teacher/mentor ‘channelled’ an exercise that was to take six months to complete.  Asked to draw more than seventy codes and indeed, was beyond my belief.  Strongly expressing “I was not an artist but a musician”.  Significant and life changing guidance, assisting to open the doors of the physical body.  Codes for every major chakra, meridian and the several systems, assisting the ‘cellular memory’ re-pattern.  
On this occasion, by not having the arm put in a cast, if it was the case of a broken arm, the inner soul travelling work was more conscious in dealing with what was physically possible, the feeling and level of pain.  Also the physical use or lack of ability determined the level of work required.   After five weeks, the work continues but at the time of the injury, it was more than a week before anyone became aware of the seriousness of the injury.  The awareness of the ‘collective conscious’ memories of disempowerment and disbelief that we cannot be powerful would have been challenging to deal with in the early stages.
Recently watching the movie, “Ride Like a Girl”, brought home to me the message of my approach to ‘self-empowerment’.  The true story of the first woman to win the ‘race that stops a nation’ in Melbourne in 2015, after one hundred and fifty years since the race began.  Prior to the race the odds to win were at ‘one hundred to one’.  A male dominated industry were her major challenges and the focus of the movie.  Her father had given her a life-time of training and knowledge, yet on the day was left to the trainer of the horse on how to proceed throughout the distance.  Her older brothers and sisters, also jockeys, offered advice yet had never won the race. 
In the end, Michelle was the one sitting on the horse and her task, to get past the finishing post first.  Her skills, knowledge of the track, the horse and more, enabled her to be confident that she could win.  Making a difference & history for all young women and following her dream.

                                                Remembering: “the power is within”! 

“Channel” for the CrystaLoveLight Process.
Founder and facilitator since 2003.
 Several titles or roles best describing Gossamer’s gifts include:    

Water Priestess - Child Whisperer - Sound & Colour Therapist - Shaman -  Soul Traveller - Earth Mother -
Keeper of the Keys - Weaver of the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight....

Program:  A personal plan is adapted for each souls individual needs.  These would include work and family.

Assisting the following:

 - Life threating and long term addictions – alcohol, drugs (prescribed or social), eating disorders and smoking.

      - Those affected and disempowered by domestic violence.
 - Children/adults living with present or past trauma, resulting from sexual, psychological and emotional abuse.

    - Souls who have been living in cult groups and the family members  or friends, immediately affected through the experiences.
 - Children within family relationships where parents have separated.

     - Children with anti-social tendencies with no obvious reason for the  behaviour.

 - Those with depression leading to suicidal thoughts and have pattern of constant self-harm tendencies.   

Sessions over the days and weeks are a 'soul travelling' experience:  
   - Water healing therapy
   - Massage
   - Ear Candling
   - Crystal Wand making
   - Candle Making

Creative artistic learning through sound and colour therapy, aligning with an individual’s gift and interest of expression.

Academic studies developing ‘life skills’ in areas required for those with special learning needs.

Parents and families are welcome with participants, especially if under eighteen years of age.  A child will benefit greatly if the mother is able to be part of the 'process', otherwise a child is required to have in all sessions a trusted grandparent or other significant adult relationship.

Retreat days may take place over two or more days.   Longer and recommended for adults is five days and for long-term, one month is an option.  


The CrystaLoveLight Program payment:  

A LIVE-IN two-day and five day retreat - $200 a day. 

A LIVE-IN one month program is negotiable as part of the cost may be assisting with day-to-day activities e.g. cooking, cleaing and more. 





    Full Moon Retreats - Australia

 Minnie Water - NSW (New South Wales)

A conscious’ soul travelling experience over five days…..   

Dates to be confirmed for 2020!

Minnie Water is an untouched haven, natural and an idyllic space for reconnecting through the ‘water, earth and starry realms’.  The gift of ‘soul travel’ enables one to go ‘where needed’ throughout the Great Web of CrystaLoveLight.

Cost: $5,000.00HK   -  $900.00 AUD

Further details available upon request
or bookings.


Hong Kong 

Dates to be confirmed from May 2020

Small Group (two or three people)
                  October/November (dates to be confirmed)                   
Half day session from 9.00am – 1.00 pm  OR  1.30 - 5.30pm OR 6.00 - 10pm
Please bring a crystal or two, water, notebook/journal/pen, pillow and sarong
$800.00 (per person if a first time participant)
Discount: $600.00 per person for return visit or participated in any  previous session/retreat. 
Private/individual sessions $2,500.00 (allow four hours)


    Amamoor - Queensland (Qld)
New Moon Retreat
Dates to be confirmed for 2020

Fee:  HK$5,000.00  -  AUD$900.00  


Mooloolaba - Sunshine Coast Queensland (Qld)
Full Moon Retreat

Retreat dates lead up to and incude the New Moon
or Full Moon of each month. 

The New Moon begins a journey into the greatest potential possible for each soul, assisting to activate and embrace the Light.
 The Full Moon has an energy that is of the Light and the ability to 'hold' the LoveLight through All That I Am and All That Is....

Soul Travelling retreats are a journey through the water consciousness, reconnecting the starry and earth realms. 
Remembering, birthing and returning to where the
soul birthed in LoveLight through
The Great Mother.   


Soul Travelling 'channelled' sessions may include indoor and outdoor journey's: 

Whale Watching or Swimming with the Whales

Fire session
Water consciousness awakening
(pool &/or ocean)      
Sacred Fire & Earth Gifting Ceremonies (if an invitation is requested and a property available for such energy work). 

Teaching’s of The CrystaLoveLight Process
assists with tools to a
ctivate and reconnect the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body gifts: 

hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing’ what others cannot, remembering the psychic gifts, the doors to opening the 'channel' through the I Am Body.  

Soul Travel: 'beyond the beyond', going where needed, reconnecting and merging the spirit through the heart.  Consciously awakening the 'core soul memories' of separation.  

Enquiries welcome!
Bookings essential!

Contact:  Gossamer - mobile (What's App) +61 417 023 515




A child,
A child, "soul travelling"!
Flower Code by Belinda
Flower Code by Belinda
Goldern Orb Spider
Goldern Orb Spider



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