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                  The              CrystaLoveLight




A LIVE-IN ‘process’ or program to remember and reconnect the ‘spirit through the heart’, therefore discovering a soul's mission or purpose on the earth.  Assisting each soul 'go where needed' on a journey 'beyond the consciousness'.

Several etheric doors necessary in activting what is essential, assisting the spiritual, emotional, mental or disempowered masculine and feminine bodies begin a journey through  Love to the Light.  The higher dimensional bodies are beyond the consciouness and  reconnected with consciously as 'animal spirit' totems or mythical beings.  Not just of the earth but the water and starry realms. 

Each etheric body has an impact on the physical and the conscious symptoms display an inability to move forward in three significant areas: HEALTH - RELATIONSHIPS - CAREER PATH.  Whatever the concern or issue that has manifested in the physical will impact and influence the other areas.  These categories are not separate but if concerning all three significantly, the ability to unlock these doors can be an enormous task.  The multi-dimensional nature of 'soul journey' is a 'life long process' and to be empowered through the tools or gifts once remembered.  Awakening a potential beyond belief of what can be possible.      


The path to self-empowerment assists a soul unlock the door, (heart) and hold it open for the spirit (light) to merge.  Thus enabling one to walk through and begin a 'soul travelling' journey.  The re-patterning or shifting through all etheric bodies necessary.  The power of LoveLight comes when the gifts, also doors that awaken what has been ‘lost’ in the past is now ‘found’.  Seeing what was not possible before and with the knowledge that ‘love’ is the ‘light’.  The power of LoveLight is felt in new vibrations, as well as a journey into higher dimensions, beyond the consciousness.  The gifts open when the ‘heart’ braids, merging and reconnecting with the ‘spirit’.  The soul can begin to believe once the ability to hear the 'Love' and that one can BE the ‘Light’.

The four gifts of the I Am Body have the potential for self-empowerment.  Like the four cylinders of our vehicle or CrystaLoveLight Body, when opened fully and in their full power, “The Gift of the Channel” is birthed. 

Program:  A personal plan is adapted for each souls individual needs.  These would include work and family.

Assisting the following:

  • Life threating and long term addictions – alcohol, drugs (prescribed or social), eating disorders and smoking.
  • Those affected and disempowered by domestic violence.
  •  Children/adults living with present or past trauma, resulting from sexual, psychological and emotional abuse.
  • Souls who have been living in cult groups and the family members or friends, immediately affected through the experiences.
  • Children within family relationships when parents have separated.
  • Children with anti-social tendencies with no obvious reason for the behaviour.
  • Those with depression leading to suicidal thoughts, have attempted or have a pattern of self-harm. 
Sessions over the days and weeks are a 'soul travelling' experience:  
  • Water healing therapy
  • Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Creative artistic learning through sound and colour therapy, aligning with an individual’s gift and interest of expression.
  • Academic studies developing ‘life skills’ in areas required for those with special learning needs.
Parents welcome with participants over eighteen years of age, with their consent.  Children under eighteen years of age are required to have in all sessions a trusted parent, grandparent or other significant adult relationship.

Retreat days may take place over two or more days.   

The CrystaLoveLight Program payment:  
A LIVE-IN two-month program or eight weeks.  Payment for five days a week @ $200 a day. 
Cost:  $1000.00 per week.  Seven week’s payment - $7,000 (the eighth week - a bonus, no fee). 

Payment plans are negotiable.  Live-in arrangements remain in place over the duration, both short and long term.  Assessments will be determined by the individual and team assisting throughout the ‘process’.    
“Channel” for the CrystaLoveLight Process.
Founder and facilitator since 2003.
 Several titles or roles best describing Gossamer’s gifts include:   

Water Priestess - Child Whisperer - Sound & Colour Therapist - Shaman -  Soul Traveller - Earth Mother - Keeper of the Keys -   Weaver of the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight....                                      


                    Full Moon Retreats - Australia

    Amamoor - Queensland (Qld)
Monday 12th - Friday 16th August, 2019

               Arrival date (on or before 11th Aug) 
             Departure  Date (on or after the 17th Aug)

Fee:  HK$5,000.00  


 Mooloolaba  Qld

Thursday 13th – 17th September, 2018

Arrival date (on or before) 12th Sept
Departure date (on or after) 18th Sept)

Fee:  HK$5,000.00

 Minnie Water - NSW
(New South Wales)

10th - 16th October, 2019

Check in date:  Thursday 10th October
Check out:   Wednesday 16th October

 A ‘water conscious’ soul travelling experience over five days…..

Minnie Water is an untouched haven, natural and an idyllic space for reconnecting through the ‘water, earth and starry realms’.  The gift of ‘soul travel’ enables one to go ‘where needed’ throughout the Great Web of CrystaLoveLight.

Cost: $5,000.00HK   -  $900.00 AUD

Further details available upon request
or bookings.


Hong Kong

Small Group (two people)
Saturday 20th & Monday 22nd April, 2019 (Easter Weekend)
Half day retreat from 9.30am – 1.30 pm  OR  2.30 – 6.30 pm
Please bring a crystal or two, water, notebook/journal/pen, pillow and sarong
$800.00 (per person if a first time participant)
Discount: $600.00 per person for return visit or participated in any previous session/retreat. 
Kwun Tong (larger group sessions)

Saturday 11th May, Sunday 12th & 19th May, Saturday 1st June, 2019

Pool Session - Tsuen Wan

Monday 13th May, 2019

Dolphin Junk Boat Journey

Sunday 9th June, 2019

Private/individual sessions $2,500.00 (allow three to three and a half hours)


Retreat dates lead up to and incude the New Moon
or Full Moon of each month. 

The New Moon begins a journey into the greatest potential possible for each soul, assisting to activate and embrace the Light.
 The Full Moon has an energy that is of the Light and the ability to 'hold' the LoveLight through All That I Am and All That Is....

Soul Travelling retreats are a journey through the water consciousness, reconnecting the starry and earth realms. 
Remembering, birthing and returning to where the
soul birthed in LoveLight through
The Great Mother.

       Opening the Gift of I Am Body

        Channel in the 9th Dimension

Soul Travelling 'channelled' sessions may include indoor and outdoor journey's: 

Whale Watching journey

Fire session
Water consciousness awakening
(pool &/or ocean)      
Sacred Fire & Earth Gifting Ceremonies
(if an invitation is requested and a property available for such energy work). 

Teaching’s of The CrystaLoveLight Process
assists with tools to a
ctivate and reconnect the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body gifts: 

hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing’ what others cannot, remembering the psychic gifts, the doors to opening the 'channel' through the I Am Body.  

Soul Travel: 'beyond the beyond', going where needed, reconnecting and merging the spirit through the heart.  Consciously awakening the 'core soul memories' of separation.  

Enquiries welcome!
Bookings essential!

Contact:  Gossamer - mobile (What's App) +61 417 023 515




A child,
A child, "soul travelling"!
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Flower Code by Belinda
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Goldern Orb Spider



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